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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Be Happy Mask

Another day done :) Started off a little earlier than normal, but still good. Because it's getting lighter earlier, the little kids are up sooner. So they come in to see my sooner. So I'm awake sooner. BUT, there's a time change coming up soon, so it'll be dark again, right?

I got the kids dressed and fed and presentable for school, then sent them to the bus stop. I got ready to exercise, and texted Andrea to see what time we were gonna be doing it. No response. I figured that either she was sleeping, or there was someone sick. I took some time to read :) Cause I like reading :)

I got Jake started with school, and finally heard from Andrea. She'd been up late coughing, and her hubby let her sleep in. But we made plans to go to lunch with the girls. SO, I hopped in the shower, and got all ready.

I still had an hour or so before time to go, so I cleaned up a bit, and hung for a while. I got the kids all ready for their lunch, then left with Andrea. Captain America had wanted me to get a few things from the store, and wanted me to drop off his Laptop at Fedex (it's still broke).

Andrea and I headed for Olive Garden, and met Veronica there. Laurie and Hillary joined us later. We had a bunch of fun, eating and visiting and being silly. Girls always have a GREAT time :)

After lunch, Andrea and I went to the Dollar Tree, looking for decorations for the St Patricks day party. We found a few things that would work as decorations, then headed to the Fedex Store. It was a super fast trip.

Next, she dropped me off at home, and I picked up Jimmy, and we headed to the commissary. They were out of a few things when I'd shopped last week, and today was the day to get them :) Less than 30 minutes later, I was heading to the bus stop. I got the kids from the bus, even though I was a few minutes late, and took them home.

We got chores started, and homework started, and snack and such, and headed off to Football/Babysitting class. I dropped Jake off at the SKIES building at 5pm, then took the other kids to the football field to wait for Football to start. Eme had gone with Bella (Veronicas daughter) and her family to their sports practices, to play with Bella. I'm SO glad that she's found a girl friend!

Jimmy fell asleep on the way, so when Tom went to help the coaches set up before practice (we had an hour to kill), I designed on my laptop in the truck, and read. Joe was back and forth to the play equipment, and finally came back to the truck. It was SUPER El Paso windy outside. Andrea dropped her kids off at the SKIES building for piano at 6pm, and joined me at the Football park. She and Luke came and hung out in my truck, and we chatted for about an hour.

At 7pm, she left to get her kids, and I left for home. Captain America was home, so I figured that I could leave the little boys with him, and go back to get Jake at 9pm. Kayley was picking up her son Joseph and my son Tom at 8pm for the Football field.

I uploaded all my new products to my store between 7:15pm and 7:45pm, then headed to the SKIES building. I got Jake just as his class was ending, and headed home. Tom beat me home by about 5 minutes. Emeline came about 20 minutes later. She'd had a TON of fun with Bella.

All the kids are in bed now, and I'm working on the MONSTROUS pile of laundry in the laundry room. I watched a movie and folded laundry at the same time. I think there's probably still about 5 loads still in there. I have 6 baskets full out here that I need to either put away, or give to the people who belong to the clothes. Sigh. Laundry is never ending, you know...

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Ness said...

Cute. I love Masks. thanks