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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Super Mom LIves Here

Oh my heavens. I think THIS day takes the cake for "longest day ever". Seriously. I woke up before my alarm, and stated getting kids ready. by 7:25, I was shooing them out the door. Then, Jake and I did the 1st workout video for Slim in Six. He thought it was much easier, since it's only 24 minutes long. And that's all the time I had this morning.

I hoped in the shower at 8am, and was ready and leaving out the door at 8:25am. Jimmy was dressed, Jake was all situated with school, my lunch was packed, I had water and sodas. I was ready.

I dropped Jimmy off at the CDC (Child Development Center - daycare/preschool) at 8:38am, and went to ACS (Army Community Services). I was the first one to show up for the class. It's the PEP class. Not sure what it stands for, but its the Welcome to El Paso and Ft Bliss class. Laurie took it with me.

We had a little orientation about the program, then a lot of different departments came to talk to us. We got a lot of free stuff, too. Like pens and little doodads and junk. The kids will LOVE it :) hehehe.

After that, we loaded up in an army van, and drove off post to Carlos and Mickeys. Mmmmmm, one of my favorites. I ate the diet salad again, and learned that on Tuesday, they offer at 10% military discount. Sweet!

After lunch, we finished up with a driving tour of Main Ft. Bliss. Since I live on post, I already knew most of the places, but I did learn a few new ones.

We headed back to ACS, and found our meeting location for the next day. I headed back home, went to the bathroom, and then went to pick up Jimmy from the CDC. He's had a TON of fun. He just LOVES his preschool - :)

Back to home, Jake was done with school, and playing. Andrea called about 15 minutes later, and wanted me to come and play at the school. Jake could meet Joe and Eme at the bus, and I could hang with Andrea and Veronica at the school while the bigger boys were doing AQ. Jimmy came with me, and we had fun playing outside in the sunshine.

We got home about 15 minutes after the bus dropped off the kids. They were all at home, eating a snack. While I was at the CDC picking up Jimmy, I noticed a flyer for Tackle Football that caught my eye. Jake had played Tackle Football last year, and enjoyed it. Tom played flag football, and LOVED it. I thought maybe we'd give it a try again.

So, at 4pm, I called the coach, and talked with him for a bit. Practice was on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-8pm. I explained how Jacob was 12, and had already signed up for the babysitting class for Tuesday nights, but that Tom was available that night. And Wednesday, we'd have to leave early from practice to get to Scouts. Thursday was Cub Scouts for Joe, but that we'd work something out...

The coach said to go ahead and come tonight before we officially signed up, and give it a look see. So we decided to go. We had to leave the house at 4:40pm to make it to Jakes class on time. AND, I had to load my store before we left. I had 20 minutes to do it in. Sigh. Good thing I'd done all the designing the night before.

AND, I realized that I hadn't done my blogging/posting for the March LDS blog train. Sigh. I got that out real quick, but did it wrong. I had to eventually go back and fix it after practice.

Anyway, we were on the road at 4:40pm, heading towards Babysitter 101. I dropped Jake off at the building with the teacher and 4 girls. Um, sorry Jake - hehehe. We drove for another 3 minutes, and found the park that they were doing football in. We were an hour early, but I figured that there wasn't really time to get back home and then back at 6pm. So we just hung out. Tom went and helped Coach put up cones, and Joe and Jim and Eme played at the playground. THANK YOU playground. That kept my kids entertained for a LONG time.

Andreas kids have piano lessons at the same building that Jake has BAbysitting 101 in, so after she dropped the kids off at 6pm for piano, she came over to football to hang with me. LOTS of kids starting showing up. There were about 9 in the 8-9 class, 17 in the 10-11 class, and 10 in the 12-13 class (with Jake, it'll be 11). The coach said that they needed 15 for a team. SO, we needed to recruit a few more people.

It started to get real cold around 6:30pm. I know that tomorrow, I'm bringing a warm coat, a blanket, a scarf, a sock hat, and gloves. And snacks. Yeah, snacks would be good. It drops down to 47 degrees, and I think that we're all gonna die - LOL! I know, you girls up in the frozen north are laughing at me. There's a reason that we moved to the desert, you know :) I was tired of the cold.

Andrea left at 6:55 to go back and pick up her kids, and I sat and watched Tom practice until 7:30pm. At that point, we were all sufficiently frozen, and retreated to the truck. We'd let it run for 5 minutes, heater blaring, then turn it off for 15 minutes. And repeat. Tom was done at 8pm, and we headed back to Jakes class to get him. We were the last parents to pick up. Oops.

Jake seemed to have a nice time, though. He said that more girls came, and that one boy was there. He spent a few minutes telling me stories from class, and stuff that he'd learned. I think it'll work out just fine. Tom told me stories from football, and we headed home.

Jim and Joe both fell asleep in the truck, and I carried Jim in, and made Joe walk. Yeah, carry the heaviest one - hehehe. He sits in a seat by a door, whereas Joe is WAY in the back. Poor kid.

They both went right to bed, and Jake, Tom, and Eme were sent upstairs to get ready for bed. Me? I was beat. I sat down on the computer and answered urgent emails for a bit, then went and took a nice, hot, relaxing bath. I sure needed it. Captain America got home at around 9pm, and I started blogging and designing.

I wanna go to bed tonight before 11pm. I have to get Jake to the East Side of El Paso tomorrow by 8:15am for his Texas State Assessment test. TAKS, it's called here. He's doing the writing portion of it. The homeschool place is doing it at Sylvan Learning Center. Then, after signing him in and junk, I have to get Jimmy to the CDC, and then me be at ACS before 9am. Yes, I am Super Woman.... We'll see....

In honor of my SUPER busy day yesterday, I created this WordArt. Because i thought it was funny, not because I'm super mom, and I live here - LOL!

Click HERE to go to Scrap Orchard to Download the zip file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks! (the fonts are listed in the download...)


Anne said...

Hi Bethany! Love your blog and your stories about life. You are one busy lady.

Question : I tried the download but got this message "You do not have permission to view the images in this category". Where am I going wrong.


Mom2mykids said...

Bethany, I'm having the same problem as Anne. Last time, I figured it out somehow ... it was very convoluted and now I don't remember what I did! Help please?

Thanks for all your stories and the word art you do every day! I've been remiss about saying thanks lately. Way too much stress in my life ... you probably know what I mean if you've read my Facebook postings at all. Anyway, thanks!

Madd said...

Go to the forum and search for Wordart Wednesday and then you will find it.

Tnx again for this wordart! :-)

Casey said...

Your word art makes me happy and your blog makes me smile :)
I love seeing your kiddo's happy faces! & I cant wait till mine get older so I can do allot of the same stuff with my kids :)
Thank you