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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Too Much Togetherness?

Hey there people! What's up? How's the week going? Loving having the kids out of school? Or can't wait for them to go back? hehe. I'm enjoying sleeping in. 9am, baby! Or maybe it was 10am? I can't remember. It was late for me, though :)

Anyway, we'd decided that we wanted to go hiking in the mountains today. But first we needed to get a parks pass. And get everyone ready. And that takes FOREVER. hehe. But finally, we were ready. Here's the kids, waiting patiently. ha! I turned on a movie - ROFL!

I packed lunches, and we headed out around noon.

And we all got in the truck, and went to start it, and nothing. Completely dead. Sigh. So Captain America moved his truck, hooked it up, and after connecting it and letting it charge for 15 minutes, the suburban FINALLY started. Hmpf!

And then we were off. Just a slight delay to the day - hehe. We swung by the Kirby Vacuum store on the way to the Parks Pass office. Because I've been meaning to get over there for AGES now. You know, you can only dump the vacuum bag so many times before it completely falls apart - ROFL! And yes, I've really done that. If you take the bag and the trash can OUTSIDE, and pull all the nasties out, it kinda works. Yeah, I didn't tell the Kirby salesman that when we bought new bags - ha!

Then it was on to the Parks Pass place, up McKelligan canyon. And I was getting car sick ALL the way there. We stopped, Captain America bought the pass, and the kids and dog and I walked around for a bit. Eme and I went to find the bathroom, and I didn't even care that there were no doors on the stalls. I had to PEE! hehe.

We got our pass, loaded back up in the truck, and drove over Transmountain to Tom Mays unit of the Franklin Mountains State Park. And found a hiking trail by the bathrooms. Because I just KNEW that I'd need to pee again. Herbal tea is nice and all, but when you drink 44 oz at a time, you've REALLY gotta go - ha!

We got ready to hike, and noticed Joe in the backseat. Sick. Whaaaaat? Poor kid needed to speak up SO much sooner. He looked pretty puny. So we abbreviated out hike, and Jake volunteered to stay in the truck with Joe. It was in the 60's today, so it wasn't too cold or too hot for sitting in the car. And the trail we picked went up-ish and followed a ridge, so we could see the truck the whole time. Even better! Sorry, Joe and Jake. You can come next time, I promise!

Boxer LOVED the hike. He was SO excited to go on a walk. Hike. Whatever... I started off with him, but passed him off to Captain America before he pulled my arm out of joint - ROFL! He was excited to go faster than I could while supervising Jim. hehe.

We walked for about 15 minutes (VERY slowly), then turned around and came back. And this is by far my favorite picture from the day - ha!

If you look REAL close to the middle of this picture, you can see a car. TINY because it's so far away. Anyway, Boxer was going NUTS over the cars. Kinda like he acts when Jimmy rolls his Hot Wheels across the floor. Like how he acts with the pointer light. ROFL! Poor Captain America. He thought he was gonna get his arm ripped off too. Boxer is a strong dog - hehe. He SO wanted to run down the hill and "get" the cars :)

And we were back to the truck in about 30 minutes. Jake had played with Joe in the truck, and he was feeling a little better. He doesn't look better in this picture, but he really was. Poor Joe Joe. It's not fun to be sick.

Jake brushed Boxer real good before he got back into the truck. Poor guy didn't wanna get back in the truck. The mountains were a TON of fun for him. hehe.

Tom was upset about something, but I can't remember now what it was...

And then we headed back to town. But stopped at Hondo Pass to pick up the trailer from Joe's house. Because Captain America wants to put the trailer in the garage and fill it with all of his garage stuff for the year he's gonna be gone. That'll be another project for this week :)

And, we finally got home. I made "chili bake" with the left over chili and refrigerator biscuits. The kids liked it good enough :) And we set up Gmail Chat with Video so that our family could talk with Captain America's family. And we tested it out between my TV computer and Captain America's laptop. THe kids thought it was AWESOME.

And we finally got online with Paul and Carol and Adrienne. It was pretty fun to let the kids talk with the grandparents, and for Captain America and I to talk with them too. It was a good time!

After chatting with the fam, we watched Jingle All the Way as a family, and then put the kids to bed. Well, the little kids. Jake and Tom and Eme and Captain America played a game of Battlefield on the computer, and I blogged and watched Gremlins. Yeah, great Christmas movie, huh? hehe.

ANd here it is, 9:30pm, and I'm finished with my blogging, and my designing, and I'm ready to concentrate on this WONDERFUL movie (hehe). And I almost had a perfect eating day today. Almost. That frozen banana bread in the freezer was calling out to me. And instead of chucking it down the garbage disposal, I ate it. Sigh. Well, it's not there for tomorrow, right? Stupid frozen banana bread. I'm gonna go make a HUGE amount of peppermint herbal tea and watch my show :) Night, girls!

Oh yeah, and before I forget, I've had a few of you ask about my storage bins in the garage. See, we started numbering them YEARS ago, and had a Master List. So we knew that #22 held the ice cream maker, and #64 had Christmas decorations, and that kind of thing. Then, you hang the master list near the bins, and viola! You can easily access whatever it is you need :) And instead of writing on the totes whats inside, you just change the master list and the numbers stay the same. Yeah, Captain Americadevised this method Years ago. Such a smart boy :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

4shared, I don't know why I keep trying, it's NEVER working....

Sharon, this is FABULOUS! Yeah, I'm SURE this is what Boxer was thinking - ROFL! Heck, I was thinking that a few times - hehe.


Marilou said...

Thank you.

debbie said...

5 children, you are blessed. this word art is just what i need for my trip to san diego & disneyland for 9 day next month with 4 of my grandchildren & one of my daughters. thanks for sharing with me.

Jessica said...

i love it! You're family is AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [30 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Wendy said...

Wondering if you could do some word art for a computer illiterate fan??? I am a girl who waited a long time to find the right man who would put up with me and in having to wait for the right man,I waitied a long to finally have my children. I am the Mama of twins- boy and girl, who are 13 months old. They along with my husband are my life and my joy! Our fav story is "I'll Love You Forever" but I change the words a little to say, "I'll love you forever, I'll love you in all ways, forever and ever my baby you'll be!" I would love this saying to hang on their wzll to remind them how much their Mama loves them.

Thank you! Love yuour work!

deb said...

Thanks for the great word art. As for your hike, much more energetic than I've been for our Christmas break! LOL

Tammy said...

What a great retelling of your day. I guess I have the wrong idea of El Paso--that's so NOT what my part of Texas (San Antonio) looks like! The Suburban made me laugh...my dad had one, same model but burnt orange and white (he's a longhorn) and it's what I had to drive. Darn thing was ALWAYS waking up dead!!

BTW, Gremlins is one of our Christmas traditions around here, too. It makes good sense!! Almost as much as naming your boxer...Boxer! Thanks for sharing!