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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photoshop Family Take 2

OK, gonna blog about yesterday, finally. I'm feeling quite tired this morning. I think I may have a UTI...

Anyway, woke up yesterday am at 6:40am, hit snooze, and woke up 10 minutes later. Captain America was up and in the bathroom, and I read scriptures (1 chapter) and said prayers, and was done 10 minutes later. I went out and go the kids all ready for school (really, only Joe needed help) and got them breakfast. There wasn't really a lot of food left, so we kinda had to scrounge. hehe. Eggs and oatmeal, I think is what they decided on. Well, one of them DID get cereal, since they got the last of the milk. ROFL!

Anyway, they left for school at 7:30am, and Captain America left for work at 7:40am. And yeah, I admit it. I totally went back to bed. I was SO tired. hehe. Jake was starting on classes, and Jimmy was watching PBS cartoon. See, that's educational, right? Hey, at least it wasn't Wii or Computer...

Anyway, I woke up at 9am. And felt much better. I printed out a shopping list, decided what we needed, got Jim all ready for school, and Jim and I headed out to the commissary for grocery shopping. And I couldn't find my phone. I think I left it at home...

And yeah, I remember now why I usually leave him at home. We got one of those kid carts, and he didn't really fit in it, so he kept getting out, and trying to wander off. And the kid is almost 70 lbs, so it's hard for me to drag him back. hehe. It took longer than normal, but we got it done. And I guess he wasn't being a turd bucket the WHOLE time, just part of the time - hehe.

So we get home at 1040, and I had time to run to the bathroom (yeah, almost didn't make it - hehe) and throw on my swim suit, grab a towel, and hop back into the truck. I dropped Jimmy off at the bus, and realized that I still hadn't looked for my phone at home. Oops.

Anyway, after the bus left, I headed to the pool and met Kari there. I hadn't exercised in quite a while, and it as pretty difficult. But I did it. And I had to pee SO bad that knew I could have gone longer - ha! But I did 22 half laps, or 11 full laps. 16 full laps is a mile. Next time, I'll go further.

After swimming, I barely made it to the bathroom, but made it. At that point, I started to wonder if something was wrong. Kinda suspecting a UTI. Sigh. But I decided to drink more water/liquids, and hope for the best.

I hurried home, and Captain America was there for lunch for another 20 minutes. We hung out on the couch for a bit, I ate lunch, and he went back to work. And I took a shower. It felt SO good. Cause see, this is what I looked like before. hehe.

I was out of hair spray, and almost out of gel. And my makeup was the wrong color. And I was out of eyeliner (almost). So I needed to go to Walmart. AND, they didn't have Splenda at the commissary, and Jake needed some generic soda. So, After I got ready, we headed out. AND, I told him that if he didn't want a haircut, he needed to use gel. So we needed gel for him too.

Anywho, here's me all ready for walmart.

We decided to go to the Jaurez (not really Jaurez, we just call it that because more than 60% of the parking lot is filled with cars from Jaurez) Walmart. It sucks, but it's close, and I knew that I had to be back for Jim's bus in less than an hour.

I had a list, and Jake wanted to go off on his own and look. But did he bring the extra phone? No. So he had to stay by me. Hopefully he'll remember it next time - hehe. I look at boring stuff, apparently. Hmpf! I thought it was entertaining and exciting - hehe.

So I got the hair spray and gel for me and gel for him and shampoo for me and makeup (dang, that stuff's expensive!) and splenda and water bottles and generic soda for Jake and sugar free chocolates for me (yeah, NOT eating them all at once again - that sucked...) and we still had a few minutes left.

We hit the dog isle, and the electronics isle, and the book isle (I needed the newest book by Cassandra Clare in the Mortal Instruments series - a prequel, I think... clockwork something...), and then we were off. And we waited FOREVER in line, and finally paid and got out of there. And drove home, and the bus was already at the stop. Luckily it'd only been there for about 1 minute. We got Jim, and headed home.

And Jake put the gel in his hair, and looked SO good. I snapped a few pictures of him :)

Also, we figured out how to get Boxer to pose. The person taking the picture needs to hold a dog treat for me - ROFL! Look how still he's sitting :) LOL!

And here's a pic of Jim. I let him play on the computer for a few minutes and he was happy.

I had told Eme and Tom to skip AQ so that we could go to the Library right after school today. Because the movie starts at 3:30, and we hadn't been getting there till around 4pm. So I picked up the kids at the bus stop, and drove directly over there. Kari was already there with Leo and Josephine. It was a Roman Empire movie (Tom was THRILLED - favorite subject of his) about the Collesium. Pretty cool movie.

Kari worked on some business mail, and I started on a new crochet scarf. The people who worked at the library had forgot about the Tuesday movie thing, so the snacks were crappy today. LOL! 1 bag of popcorn for 7 kids. hehe. It was ok, though. I was glad that I'd brought bananas for my kids in the truck.

After the movie, we loaded up, and headed home. Kids did their chores, and I helped out a bit. And started on dinner. It was breakfast for dinner night. I was gonna do fruit and french toast. So I got all the stuff out.

Captain America got home around 4:45pm (yes!). But this is how he looked when he walked in the door. WHAT?? Last I heard they were going running. How do you possibly hurt yourself like this from RUNNING???

Commanders idea for PT was running, but she was sick yesterday. So the guys decided to do a game of Football. Yeah, Flag Football. Can you imagine what it would have been if it were tackle! hehe.

Apparently Captain America's head and some dude's teeth collided. Ouch! And there was blood everywhere. You know how head wounds bleed, right. He thought it was just sweat coming down. Yeah, no. NASTY!

Look how happy he is, though. Men are silly creatures...

I finished up dinner, and made extra French Toast with my diet bread for late, and enough for the kids for tonight AND some to put in the fridge for tomorrow. Works for me :)

The kids ate, and I cooked dinner for myself, Captain America cooked dinner for himself, and we both helped the kids with homework. Eme did spelling, and we helped Joe with his stuff. Joe read his AR book, and I helped him with his spelling words. I'd picked up a few books at Walmart form the $3 rack, and the kids decided who got to read what first. Tom was pretty excited about one of the books. Apparently I had picked a good one.... Yeah me!

Joe and Jim both wanted their pictures taken with the dog. Oh yeah, and see how clean my living room was? This is seconds after Eme did her chore. Yeah, it didn't last long, but it looks good in this picture, so I'll just pretend this is what it always looks like. hehe.

Joe's so weird. I told him to smile big - ROFL!
And then Captain America wanted to show the kids how he could spin a football. They were pretty impressed :) Well, maybe the dog was - hehe.
After kids were ready for bed, Captain America and I headed out to the store. He needed to run a few errands, and I was gonna take advantage of EVERY possible minute to hang out with him before he deploys. So off to Military Clothing supply we went. Yeah, there wasn't really anything there that interested me, but I had fun trying on things and taking pictures - hehe.

That's general to you!
Army face paint. hehe.

And then we headed to the alteration shop, cause he needed a few velcro name plates. Put in the order for that, got gas from the shoppette, and we headed off post. Where to? Howdys, of course! Here's a pic of us in the car.
And here's me with my DDP. He was like, Don't you ever get tired of taking the same picture over and over. Whaaaaat? I don't understand the question, sweetheart...

And then we headed to the East side and went to Academy Sports again. One of his pairs of pants he'd bought the night before didn't fit, and he wanted to see if the East side Academy had a different size. And they did! And we found a few other things that we just had to have.

This? Well, yeah, not so much. But it's sure bright!
And speaking of new things, I forgot to show you guys my new jackets! I got this leather-ish one the other days from Savers. Cute, huh?
And this one with the fluffies on it. LOVE it!
And I tried on some more hats at Adademy, but that's always fun.
Oh yeah, and I found this picture from Savers on my phone, too. ROFL! People used to wear stuff like this, you know - hehe.
And then I found the clearance slipper/boots. And I couldn't decide between the 3 pairs which to get. So I got all 3! For about $25 for all 3. Not bad, eh?

And then we headed home. And stopped at Walgreens on the way home to get butterfly bandaids for Captain Americas poor bite mark on his head - hehe. There we 3 distinct tooth marks up there. Dang!

And we found this retractable metal back scratcher at the check out. ROFL! We thought it was SO funny. I think we were both tired. LOL!
We got home, and the kids were all sleeping nicely. We popped in a Star Trek movie, and watched #4. The whale one. I remember that one from when I was a kid. hehe. My family didn't watch Star Trek episodes, but we saw some of the movies. And this was one of them.

I designed my part of the scrapbookgraphics monthly collaboration, and uploaded it to the store and sent previews to where they needed to go. And Captain America and I finished watching the end of the movie together.

And somehow, it got really really late. And I was tired. And it was starting to hurt when I peed. Well, really just uncomfortable. I was gonna have to call in the morning for an appointment. Because I didn't want a full blown UTI, or worse, Kidney Infection right before Captain America deployed. Yeah, that would be bad.

Anyhow, there ya go. Now you know the long version about my day. hehe. I'm sure your life is WAY more full. hehe.

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LOVE this layout, Sharon! PERFECT!


deb said...

Thank you! Hope Brent's head is ok. Nothing like a "bite" mark to the head.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [06 Jan 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Mary said...

Well you certainly had a very full and busy day. I enjoyed reading about your day and looking at the photos. I hope your husbands head will be better in the morning. I also hope that you are feeling better too.

I loved looking at the photos of you trying on all of the hats. You look awesome in hats......not everyone does. My favorite was of you with the dark hat that your husband had on first. What a great photo of you. Also I love the black and white scarf that you made it is awesome! Thanks again for sharing your day. It's always fun to see how you capture your day through your photos.:)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Jan. 06, 2011. Thanks again.

marsie55 said...

Hi, Just read this post, and thought I would pass on a little info .. I used to get UTI's all the time (I have 3 kidneys (2 on 1 side and 1 on the other. The side with 2 causes the valve into the bladder to malfunction & let in germs) Anyway, if you think you have a UTI, Cranberry Capsules help heaps (and if taken early can head it off altogether!) About 1000gm per capsule, and you take about 4 the first dose, but ask at the pharmacy or health shop to double check!! I always keep some in my handbag and at home, in the car etc etc!! Hope the above is of some help to you .. I love reading your blog!! Hi from Australia!