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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So Long, Farewell

Dang, another day of not taking enough pictures. LOL! I promise, I'll try and take some more tomorrow :) OK, mom :) hehe.

I woke up today at 8:30am (early for me this vacation - LOL), and threw on some clothes. And went and whirwind cleaned the house. Leslie and family were stopping by shortly after 9am to say goodbye. Hmpf :( They're leaving for Hawaii in the next few days, and this was the time for goodbyes.

I'd cleaned some last night, so it looked pretty good (for my house) when they got here. hehe. The boys had fun playing, and Leslie and John and Captain America and I chatted for a while. They're pretty excited about Hawaii (duh!), and about getting back to normal life.

They were here for about 45 minutes to an hour, then off they went. Hopefully, someday, I'll see them again. So long, farewell, my friends! I hope your trip is FANTASTIC!!!

Captain America and I headed out for a very brief trip to Howdy's for a soda. I'm glad that there's one close to our house :) We grabbed a soda, and one for Jake, and headed back home. We hung with the kids for the rest of the morning, and got ready for our counseling session.

Oh yeah, check out the new scarf that I made last night. Isn't it cool!

And I finished off my headband thingy this morning, too. What do you think? It ended up being a little too tight and hurting my head 1/2 way through the day, so I took it off. I wonder if I could stretch it a bit, or make it bigger somehow?

After counseling, Captain America and I got some lunch at El Taco Tote, and brought home tortillas, chips, beans, and rice for the kids. And we headed to the Dollar Tree for Bread. Because Nature's Own Whole Wheat bread for a buck is a WONDERFUL price :)

And after Dollar Tree, we headed to Academy Sports so Captain America could get some shorts. We looked around there for a bit and saw what they had to see.

.After Academy Sports, we headed to Savers. I found a bunch of $0.99 tag stuff, and some non $0.99 stuff too. I find that when Captain America comes with me, I buy more non $0.99. hehe. He tries to spoil me - LOL! I'm not complaining, though! I got some cute things!

And then we headed home. I used the beans and rice, and added some ground turkey and a taco seasoning packet, and made taco filling for the kids. They LOVED it!

We all had dinner, and straightened up the house again. Captain America's other LT from the battery came over to pick up some things, and we visited with Justin for a bit. And then the boys played Battlefield with the Uncles again. This time, Uncle Dale, who lives in Massachusetts, was able to play. Captain America was pretty excited to play with him too.

I guess I did take this picture of one of my new shirts, and a new fuzzy zipper hoodie that I bought today :)

I'm blogging and designing, and gonna watch a show after the kids go to bed. It's almost 7:30pm, and I'm gonna put them to bed at 7:45pm. I think I'll let the big boys stay up till about 8:30pm and play with the uncles. We need to get back on a "school" schedule, you know :)

Captain America goes back to work tomorrow, and the kids go back to sleep. Life is gonna get back to normal-ish, until Captain America leaves. Then we'll have to iron out another "normal"

So, this WordArt is in honor of Leslie and family. I REALLY wish that I'd thought of snapping a few pics of us while she was here. Of her and I, and of the boys playing. Drat! I messed up on that one....

Sharon always does such a good job, doesn't she! I've really enjoyed working with her this past month or more. You're amazing, you know!!! Thanks, hon :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Bethany, thanks for once again a super WA!

I loooove the scarf you made :) Can you make one for me too? ;) LOL!

Take care sweetie!

XOXO from #1 Dutch fan ;)

Monica said...

Your WA is wonderful, Thank you! :D
I love reading about your day :)

Joy said...

Thank you for the great WA. Love the farewell page...would be great for a bookcover. Loving your scarf and headband...looks very cozy and warm.

kathymack56 said...

Hi there. Just a note to say thank you for the word art and send a bit of love. You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [05 Jan 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

deb said...

Thanks for the great word art! Farewells are always hard. But nowadays we have FB and blogs, and email to keep up with each other!

Sharon said...

Thank you very much! Your scarf looks great!

Stefaan said...

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Best regards,

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