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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Morning, girls. I'd like to report that I had a WONDERFUL night last night, but I can't. I had food issues. I totally raided the cupboard, and lost me "bet" with Terra. I now owe her a manicure... Stupid food... I ate candy and chocolate chips and some left over tortilla stuff and a mini beef stick. I don't know why I do that... But, I vowed to make the next day a MUCH better food day...

And woke up in time to get the kids ready for the bus. And Jim came in to snuggle with me right before the alarm went off, so I snuck out so that he'd keep sleeping. Got the kids on the bus, and snuck back in to snuggle with Jimmy. And we woke up around 8am. And watched some Phineas and Ferb in my bed. I just love hanging with Jimmy. And yeah, when I finally got out of bed, and looked in the mirror, here's what I found. Someone had decorated me... Wonder when that was?

And I decided it was time for a shower. Yeah! 2 showers this week. Amazing, huh? hehe. Amanda texted after I was done with my shower and asked if I wanted to go and grab a Howdys with her. YES! But first, make up and hair. It took me about 20 minutes, then I was ready, and she came and picked up Jim and I, and off we went to Howdys.

And back to post we headed. It'd been a few days since I'd been to Howdys :)
And I took a few pictures of myself for Captain America. And had Jim take one of me with my skirt. hehe. Jim needs to work on his picture taking skills. (I took this one).

Jim took this one.
I got Jim on the bus at 10:50am, and canceled Yoga with Kari. My Texas Emissions Inspection sticker was getting ready to expire. And I needed to get it renewed. I was kinda sweating whether the Suburban would pass or not...

Anyway, there was NO wait when I got there (boo-ya!), so they pulled the Suburban right in! And they asked for my proof of insurance. Crap. I didn't have it. They said that I could print it out on their computer. Even better! So I printed out a copy of both the Saturn and the Suburban's insurance. And they did the test.

Here's me, sipping my Howdy's, waiting for the verdict.

Yes! It passed :) I paid, and headed out to the PX to get Eme's prescription inhaler.

And there was NO line at the pharmacy either! Today was my SUPER lucky day :) hehe. I had a few minutes, so I headed to the PX to look around. And found this:

When we lived with my parents in Oregon, my dad had one. And it was the MOST fabulous back massager EVER! I promised myself that if I EVER found one, that I'd buy it. So here it was, at the PX, and I just HAD to have it :)

I chatted with my mom on the phone for a bit, and she convinced me that yes, I DID need to go grocery shopping. Because we have NO food in the house. Really. It's getting bad. So off to the commissary I went.

And filled up my cart, and headed for the check out...

Here's my bags :)
Here's my bagger.
Thanks, Bagger Man. Even though you were SO slow that I wanted to rip the bags from your hands and do it myself. hehe. Mostly because I'd realized that I'd left my Greek Yogurt at the check out. Dang! I'd have to go back in and get it.

Some people came out, and the family came to let me know that I left my yogurt at the register. Yup, I knew. Just waiting for little bagger man to put my groceries away. Then, another bagger came out to tell me about it. Thanks!

FINALLY, he was done, I tipped him, and hurried back to the front door. And another bagger met me at the door, with my yogurt. Thanks, you guys! It was super fabulous. LOVE Greek Yogurt. With pomegranate at the bottom. Yummy!

And I headed back home. With all my groceries. I really wanted to go someone where, but yeah, frozen and fresh stuff that needed refrigerated...

I sang the whole way, which helped...
I got all the groceries put away, and finally got the garage freezer cleaned out and turned on. After loading up on bread at the Dollar Tree, I was running out of space on the inside freezer. Yeah for freezer space and groceries :)

I used my new back massager, and watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb (I know, I know), and an episode of V. Then it was time to go and get Jim. And we watched some more Phineas and Ferb. Then it was time for Jake to come home. And he didn't. Since I'd caught him with the laptop last night when he wasn't supposed to have it, he was grounded from the Teen Center. Crap. Now what?

Tom and Eme and Joe came home, and Tom asked to ride his bike to the library to turn in Jim's book that he forgot. Sure, Tom. That sounds like great exercise. So he put on his helmet, and off he went.

And I tried to decide what to do with Jake. He needed to lose a privilege, something that I did have control over. Because apparently I don't have control over whether or not he rides the bus to the teen center. I could control whether or not he got a ride home, right?

I mapquested it, and it's 7 miles. OK, so that's a bit far for him to walk. And the end of Haan is kinda dangerous. So, I called him, and asked him what was up. He'd said that he just TOTALLY forgot that he was grounded. And he sounded sincere. He's autistic, and they LOVE their routines. If he's used to going to the Teen center after school, then that's what he's gonna naturally do. Sigh.

I told him that I'd come and get him, and drive him part of the way home, but that he had to walk the rest of the way. And he agreed to that. He said that he was really sorry about forgetting.

So, I loaded everyone up in the truck, and we all headed across post.


Hello, DDP!
I dropped Jake off at the intersection of Haan and Jeb Stuart, and let him walk the rest of the way home. I kept his backpack, and off he walked. Natural consequences, right? hehe. Let the punishment fit the crime. LOL :) It wasn't overly hot today. Mid 70's. And not much wind. So I didn't feel bad about letting him walk. I think it was about 3 miles home.
We all got home (minus Jake), and I threw some frozen pizzas in the oven. And made sack dinners for all of the kids. Carrots, and water bottles with flavoring packets, and oranges. And then the pizza when it was done. Tom and Jim both got ready for baseball/t-ball, and we loaded up in the truck. And JUST as we were pulling out of the driveway, Jake rounded the block. Perfect timing!

We picked him up, and headed to Kari's house. Her son has baseball practice on the SAME field that Jim has practice on, at the same time. SO, she volunteered to take him to practices. What a SWEETHEART! Thanks, my dear :)

So, I dropped Jim off at 5:25 (yeah, I was running late, should have been 5:10), and we headed off post. And got there about 10 minutes late. And Tom went off to practice. We tried just hanging out in the truck, but we were directly in the sunshine, and it was intense. The kids finished up their dinner, and then I decided to go to Big Lots. I wanted a chair to keep inside the truck...

I just love Big Lots. hehe. Check out the size of these Marshmallows!
And the Zebra stuff is SO cool!

The kids got Pringles for a snack, and I got this for my snack. ROFL!

We headed back to the field, and picked up Tom. He has his first game on Thursday. Crap. That's the night of GNO and the concert. Hmpf! Gonna have to figure something out... Both are important, you know :)

We got to the church a bit early, so cleaned out the truck, then went inside to hang out. Jake went to young mens, Tom went to 11 year old scouts, Joe found a boy to play with, and Eme played on her laptop, then found a friend to play with too.

I found another mom to chat with. Her son is 11 and autistic. So we had a lot to talk about :) And yes, I smuggled my Diet Mt Dew inside the church. LOL!

At 8:15pm, everyone was done with meetings. Jake came to hang out, and wanted his picture taken with me. Aaawwwwh!

We were back on post by 8:30pm, and went to pick up Jim. He was SO adorable! Kari said that he his coach said that he'd done well, and that they'd got uniforms. SO stinking cute! Well, the team that he joined wasn't actually his team, but they took him on as a player. Thank goodness. Kari said that there were 3 T-ball teams practicing there. The first said that Jim wasn't on their list. The second took him. And they had bigger kids on the team. The third one had tiny little 4 year olds on it. She figured that he'd like the team with the bigger kids anyway... Since he's so big. hehe.

We headed home, and I hung up this new dry erase calendar on the fridge. For the sports stuff. 3 boys. 3 fields. 1 mom. Yeah, scheduling is gonna be tricky...

June 3rd, all 3 kids have a game in 3 different (far away) locations at the SAME exact time. Sigh. I think there's only 2 or 3 conflicts in the month of May, though. That's not TOO bad, right?

I started to put the kids to bed, and Jim and Tom INSISTED in hair cuts. And I've been promising them FOREVER. So, we grabbed out the clippers, and went to work. Tom's was SUPER short, just the way he wanted it. Jim's was slightly less short.

Jake REALLY needed a hair cut, but he needed sleep more. He has a TAKS test tomorrow. And a therapy appointment. That oughta be fun to go and get him. I bet the school throws a fit.... We'll see...

Anyway, I eventually got ALL of the kids to bed. And started blogging. I used my back massager for about an hour, and it feels SO good right now :)

It's 10:51pm, and I'm JUST finishing this up. I'm gonna watch and episode of V then go to bed. Captain America said that he'd try and get a hold of me tonight. So I'm gonna leave skype on, and hope that he calls. Hoping to hear from you, my dear :)

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Awesome, Sharon! Those Zebra buttons are my FAV! You know, I like zebras.... hehe :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Apr. 28, 2011. Thanks again.

Brenda said...

Love your work! YOU are aspiring! Thank you!

deb said...

Thank you!