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Monday, April 25, 2011

Time for a Refill

So after a long night of pizza and cake and miscellaneous junk foods, I was hurting. And yeah, I didn't go to church. Because I was hurting TOO bad to go. Well, the "going" was the problem. hehe. Wait, that's not funny... I SO wanted to escape from my kids for 3 hours, I mean, go to church! No really, I did wanna go to church. Sometimes that's the way it goes, though...

Anyway, we spent the morning at home. I was sleeping, and the kids were reading and watching a church movie and playing with toys. Well, it was kinda sleeping. Constant interruptions, but still. It counted.

At around 8:30, when we'd typically have a mad dash for shoes and color books, and be going out the door, Captain America called! We got to talk to him for about an hour, so really, it worked out ok :) It was really nice to talk with him on Easter :)

I had the kids do their chores, and we watched a show at 11am. Then had leftover pizza and cake for lunch, and watched a movie. And I held off until about 2pm, then started in on the cake again. crap! I was SURE that I was gonna stick to my diet. Tomorrow. I"m gonna do it tomorrow. And right now. LOL. Now and tomorrow :) When you're having troubles buttoning the biggest pair of pants that you own, you've got a problem.... :)

Anyway, here's how I looked most of the day :)

At around 3pm, Terra stopped by with a McDonalds Diet Coke and a present for me! This SUPER cute shirt :) Chillin' with my Peeps. I just LOVED it. And, of course, I had a bandana already to go with it - hehe.

My mom called around 4pm, and we chatted on the video phone with her and my dad and my Grandma Ida for about an hour. The kids didn't wanna be on it, and kept running away. But I chatted with them. Then it was time to make dinner.

Chicken nuggets and fries. The kids were SO excited. Not the typical foods that I buy. hehe. At 6:30pm, we went to the park for about an hour. Joe had been asking ALL day to go to the park. And since I'd promised him, I HAD to take him. Sigh. So off we went.

And we were there for about 30 minutes, and the wind was SO strong I thought I was gonna blow me away. Maybe it's good that I gained a little weight. hehe. Joe swung on the swing the whole time, and Jim played on the play equipment. Eme just sat around. I"m not sure why she wanted to come. hehe.
Jim found these COOL bunny glasses on the ground, and had to try them on :)

We headed home at 7pm, started another round of chores (it's amazing how fast 5 kids can trash an area), then I sent kids to bed. It's now 8:12pm, and the kids are all in their room. Probably not asleep, but I can't hear them. And I like it :)

I finished off my book today. Cassandra Claire's new book, City of Fallen Angels. And no one told me it was a CLIFF HANGER! It JUST came out. So how long am I gonna have to wait for some resolution, people? Not cool. Not cool at all. When I read the Twilight series, book 4 was JUST getting ready to come out. So I only had to wait for 2 weeks before reading it. That's what I'm talking about. hehe. I still haven't read Claire's other book, Clockwork something or another. Angel, isn't it? I have it, but hasn't started it. I hear it's good.... I just feel so unproductive when I read. I'm sure there's other things that I could be doing...

My rescheduled Therapy appointment is tomorrow. And I need to go grocery shopping. And I wanna hit savers and see if there is anything that I need. hehe. And bigger pants is NOT what I'm looking for. I'm back on my diet. I've GOTTA do something about this...

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Sharon, I LOVE this one, but you already know that. I grabbed it a while back and had it as my facebook profile picture! hehe :)


kitkate60 said...

Thanks for the great files you create. I am getting into digi scrapping and look forward to using some of your phrases. Also some for cards too I hope.

Stephanie said...

LOL! Great job Sharon, that is TOTALLY her! :D

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Apr. 25, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Super cute t-shirt from Terra!!! I hope you feel better soon. :)