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Friday, April 8, 2011

Be Our Guest

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Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon
Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon
OK, look at this face....
That's what I felt like when I woke up this morning. SO not good. Head hurt, pressure in my sinus. Yeah, SO not good. I tried to get up, but it wasn't happening. I left the door open to my room, and could hear kids getting ready. And then Jake came in at 6:55am, clearly having just woken up. Crap. His bus comes at 7:05am. He was darting around, and I heard the door shut at 7:03. I'm guessing he made it, since he never came back. Plus, he'd just realized that he'd left his backpack at the youth center the night before. Ooops...

Anyway, I conned Tom into bringing me a Howdys cup full of ice water, and an apple. And I took an Imitrex, an Excedrine migraine, and a decongestant. One of those things was bound to help. And I laid back down. Jim was with me, since he'd come in to snuggle at 6:30am when the other kids woke up.

At around 8am, I decided that I wasn't well enough to hike. The drugs weren't working fast enough. And, honestly, if I have to medicate myself, I probably shouldn't be exercising anyway, right? So I texted Kari to cancel, my friend Tammy, who was gonna come with us, had to cancel, I called the Main Post CDC where Jim goes to child care, an canceled my appointment, and turned on my neck massager, and went back to "sleep". And finally was able to get out of bed at 9:30am. And felt a lot better. Able to function. I had breakfast, and sat at the computer and designed for a few hours. I got 2 WordArt packs done, and a Store Project for SBG. Pretty productive morning.

At 10:50am, I threw on some slightly better clothes, got Jim in the car, and headed to the bus stop. And then headed over to the Northeast side. I was meeting my "New to Be" friend, Lesa, for lunch! McDonalds playland with her kids. I was excited to make a new friend!

She's pretty cool, too! About my age, and from Oregon too! We had fun chatting, and getting to know each other. Her kids were Jim's age, and then about 2 years younger than Jim. She has another in Kindergarten, or is it 1st grade... Anyway, we had a nice lunch. I brought my cheese sandwich from home, and ordered a big soda and 2 side salads.

Her little boy trying on my glasses. He was adorable! And he thought I was funny, so he can DEFINITELY be my friend...

They had to leave at 12:30ish to make it to a dentist appointment, and since Walmart was RIGHT across the street, I decided to go and look around. I texted Terra and Amanda to see if they needed anything, but they didn't. But Amanda said that her and Austin would come and keep me company. Sa-weet! So I shopped around for a little bit, then hung with Amanda at Walmart.

And for only needing Glueten free cereal and soy milk, yeah, I got WAY more than that... But things that we mostly needed...

Ever try the Sun Drop soda? I googled it, and it has more caffeine content that Mt Dew. OMHeavens.... So I got 2...

I headed home in time to get Jim from the bus, and sat back down at my computer for a bit. Then Jake came home from school, and then it was time for the rest of the kids to come home from school, and we were going to the ice rink.

And my headache was slightly starting to come back. But just barely... Jake asked if we could bring the neighbor kid, Zach (who he spent the night with the other night), and since I had 2 empty seats in the truck, I said ok.

Me and my diet Sun Drop. Not DDP by far, but not horrible... Better than Pepsi, that's for sure...

So off we went, down to the ice rink. Here's the kids playing with the Rhino... Nice, Tom...

That shorter boy standing by the kid in white (Jake) is Zach, the boy who is a little bit older than Jake... Wow, huh?

And by half way through the ice skating, my headache was definitely coming back. Ouch! Kari knows massage, so she rubbed my neck for me, since it was SO tight. I think it helped a little. Finally, skating was over (the kids had a BLAST this time), and we headed home. But first, we detoured over to the Teen Center for Jake to get his Backpack. And found out that it's opened till 9:00pm tomorrow. And that Zach's mom will pick them up. Sa-weet!

Anyway, headed back home, and I was dying. I had about enough energy to grab my pills, and lay down in bed. I left the door open, and told the kids that if they were quiet, and did their chores, they could play, and even have friends over. So the friends helped with chores, and everyone did whatever it was they were doing quietly. Before I knew it, an hour and a half had passed, kids had eaten Ramen for dinner (SO glad that I bought them as an afterthought today at Walmart when I was feeling good), and it was time to put the little kids to bed.

I came out of the room, and forced myself to eat dinner. Tuna sandwich. And about 30 minutes later, I was feeling MUCH better! Little kids were put to bed, and Jake and Tom and I watched Chuck. I loaded my store, and blogged. And here it is, almost 10pm, and my headache is mostly gone. I should probably just go to bed. I don't really feel like watching anything on Tv. Maybe I'll read. I bought the new book in "The Mortal INstruments" series by Cassandra Claire today (#4), and I should read that ... We'll see.

Tomorrow, I need to exercise in the morning (if I'm feeling good), and need to go grocery shopping. Then I'm hanging with Terra after I drop Jim off at the bus, and need to be back to get Jim at 2:30pm. And we're going out for Girls Night (I know, I do that a lot) to Applebees later that night, and maybe even a movie afterwords. Terra wants to see "Arthur". It looked pretty funny from the previews.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

What a cute picture, Sharon!!!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Apr. 08, 2011. Thanks again.

Marilou said...

Thank you for the cute WA

Sherry Out Loud said...

Thanks for the wonderful WA! You are a woman after my own heart, googling the soda that has the most caffeine! Why not get the most bang for the sip, right? LOL! Although I have to say, I am a Diet Pepsi woman myself - but at least if we were together we wouldn't touch each other's drinks! Thanks again Bethany!

Sandy_in_MD said...

I hope your headache is gone today - migraines are awful. I switched from Imitrex to Maxalt a few years ago - it seems to make the headache stay away much better than Imitrex. Anyway - feel better soon.

And thanks so much for today's wordart!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [09 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

deb said...

Awesome word art. And just in time for my friend and I to make our quick trip to disney!