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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Total Goofball

Ha, Ha, I know, you looked at the title, and thought TOTAL Bethany. hehe. So, ok, it fits! LOL :)

Typical morning, got kids ready for school and out the door and on the bus, and Jim and I totally went back to bed. And woke up around 8:30am. And got ready, and headed out to the store around 9:30am. To buy dog food. Poor Boxer had run out, and Jake had forgotten to tell me... Grrr... But, I'm always up for a shopping trip - ha! Big Lots is close, so we headed out to there.

And Jim and I had WAY too much fun just wandering around aimlessly in Big Lots. hehe. LOVE Big Lots. And, I have this Big Lots reward thingy, and with my purchases today, I got my 20% rebate!

See, there was this iPhone/iPod docking stereo thingy than I really wanted, but I didn't wanna pay $69 for it. BUT, when I realized that I would get 20% off, that would drop the price down to around $55, and I REALLY wanted one for the kitchen. See, we have a CD player in there, that no longer plays CD's... But we have an audio cable hooked up to it, and it kinda works. Anyway, YEAH for me :)

So, I paid, and headed out to the car. And realized that I'd been picking my thumb the whole time I paid, and it was bleeding. Crap!

Me, on the way home. Dude, I need some make-up. ha!
And Jimmy. And Boxer's new bed in the trunk...
So we got home, and I set up my new stereo thingy! Isn't it fabulous!

It even had a remote! WAY fancier than anything I've had before - hehe :)
I plugged in my iPhone, and Jim and I sang and danced and had a grand time with the music. And I got a text from Amanda, wanting to know if I had plans at lunchtime. Well, I had a therapist appointment at noon on the west side, but I was free after that! She wanted to go to lunch at Souper Salad. Yeah, I could TOTALLY do that at 1.... Sa-weet!

I dropped Jim off at the bus at 11am, and invited Terra and Laurie and Maggie to go too. Laurie had something else going on, Terra said she had too much homework, and Maggie said maybe she'd come. We chatted at the bus stop for a while. I headed back home, and spent the next 15 minutes putting on a fresh layer of make up. hehe :)

Then, loaded up in the car, and headed out to my therapy appointment. I got right outside the gate, and got a text from my therapist saying that he had a "crisis" come up with a patient, and that he wanted to push our time back to 1pm. Nope, not gonna work, because I already made plans with the girls. So we rescheduled for tomorrow at 1pm.

So no I had an hour and a half before lunch. I texted Terra to beg her to come to lunch with us, and she said she was at the Jaurez walmart. SWEET! SO I headed on over there, and hung with her for the hour before lunch. And since my appointment was postponed, we didn't have to go to the one on the West side, so we could go to the one by Walmart! Even better!

I got some Strawberries for $1.50, and a new bandana (yellow and zebra striped), and I found this shirt. I thought it could totally pass for a Country shirt like Kari needed. But this one was only $3. I thought I could pull it off!

We walked around for about an hour, then, after a lot of wearing her down, I convinced Terra to come to lunch! Her twins were at Daycare, so lunch with the girls would be great!

It was my first time to Souper Salad, and I was very pleased. Apparently, Tuesday was $5.99 buffet day. Sweet!

And Amanda, the sweetheart that she is, paid for us. Awe, thanks, my dear! You're awesome :)

Here's my salad. Doesn't it look yummy! I also got some chips with taco meat. Protein is good, right? I was pretty pleased with my food choices.

What's a lunch out without funny pictures of myself...
I'm wearing Amanda's son, Austin's hat. hehe .
This Diet Coke actually tasted pretty good. I had 3...
But maybe that was a bad idea, because by the time we left, I was SHIVERING!!!
We headed out, Terra to pick up her twins, Amanda and Austin to home, and me to go and get Jim from the bus. And yeah, I was there a bit early, but I found things to entertain myself.... hehe :)

I got Jim, and he and I headed to Jake's school to get the bus pass for the Teen Center. Because I promised that I"d do it. Pretty simple to do, just took time to drive there and back. And we headed back home, and had just enough time to make cupcakes for the library.

I made pink cupcakes, and white butter cream frosting, and red/pink tinted coconut, and sliced strawberries, and assembled it all together. But failed to take a picture of it. Dang! They sure smelled fantastic, though.

Jake came home at 3:15pm, and Tom and Eme and Joe at 3:35pm. And we loaded up in the truck, and headed to the library. The kids watched a movie about the sea, and I designed a few wordarts, and Amanda and I chatted. Kari is still in Tennessee at convention, and I'm not sure where Laurie was...

I thought this sign in the library was funny :)

Anyway, after the movie, we went and looked for book. I let each kid pick 2, we checked them up, and we headed home. We did chores, and I started on dinner. Eme and Tom helped. Mac N Cheese, and pigs in a blanket. Yeah, I went all out - hehe.

And I got a text from Christal, asking if I was going to GNO. Oops, I'd forgotten! It didn't start till 6:30, and was near by house. Sure, I'd go! So I gave Tom directions on what to do and bedtimes and such (only an hour without me before bed), and I headed out.

And got there a bit early, so, once again, entertained myself in the car with my phone - hehe :)

No body in this picture...

And no head in this one - LOL!

Finally, my friends all came, and we headed in the restaurant. It was called Kiki's restaurant, and apparently there was a thing about it on the Food Network that one of the girls had seen. So she wanted to check it out. Sounded good to me.

Nasty Diet Pepsi...

PAige and Summer
Brenda and Amy
Me and Lynette
Christal and, um, er, Sara maybe (can't remember he name) came a bit later. We really did have a nice dinner, chatting and eating. I'm back on my menu plan, and they didn't have a salad. So I got a steak, and asked for double salad instead of the fries. They brought double salad, and the fries too. So I took those home in a box to Tom as a babysitter bonus.

After dinner, we chatted in the parking lot for a bit, and tentatively decided that pedicures would be fun for next GNO. I liked mine SO much last time :) And I headed home. And totally should have peed before I left. I'd gone 30 minutes before I left, but the 6 sodas at dinner were killing me. I barely made it home - hehe.

And got home early enough, that Tom and Jake and I watched an episode of Chuck. I put the big kids to bed, and I started blogging, and watched something or another on TV. And here it is, almost 10pm. And this show is holding no interest for me at all.

Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day. I've meeting my Achievement day leader at the church after Exercise group to talk about our plans for the month (and Wednesday night). So, I might as well go to exercise group... MIght as well, right?

Then, I've gotta be home at 11 for Jim's bus, and then yoga at 11:15, then home for lunch, then to the west side by 1pm for therapy, then Jim AND little Jake from the bus at 2:30, my Jake is going to the Teen Center, I may or may not be watching Terra's twins in the evening, AND we have Scouts and Achievement days. How's that for busy!

Oh yeah, and I wanted to tell you about my "realization" I had the other night. See, I'm an "All or Nothing" approach person. For diet especially. I've had GREAT success by getting on my plan, and holding it it steadfastly. No deviations. BUT, if I do deviate, I crumble. And fall off PERFECTLY. All or nothing, you see.

And I know when I first started therapy, the therapist said something to me that made a lot of sense. I felt like my life was all out of whack, and I was choosing wrong things, and just getting myself deeper and deeper in "trouble". He said that life is like a series of steps. And with each little choice we make, we either go up or down. We'll, I'd been coming to those choices, and going down, and down, and down, and down.

ANd, since I was in the "All or Nothing" mindset, I didn't know how to get myself back to even. In a way, I thought that I had to be all good, all at once. Back to the steps. Each time I hit a challenge, choose something good. Just in that moment. So I get upset. Do I freak out? Or do I do something constructive. He taught me how to make those little choices that will eventually help me climb out of the "funk" that I'd found myself in.

And it really did work. I'm SO much better now than I was last fall. SO much better. Anyway, as I was praying the other night, the thought hit me, that I need to look at food the same way. I'm SO much all or nothing. Like the other day, when I made cookies, I didn't eat one cookie. I ate 1/2 the cookies. NOT good. And I can't keep doing that.

So, all day today, I took it ONE choice at a time. I didn't stress about staying on my diet all day long. I chose to eat the right things for Breakfast. Then. when I was in line at the grocery store, I chose NOT to buy the candy bar, but to grab an apple as soon as I got home. Good choice. Step up. Then, when we went to lunch, I chose to get the sugar free Jello INSTEAD of the ice cream. Good choice. Step up.

I made the cupcakes, and instead of eating them, I decided to design. Good choice. Step up. At dinner, I chose to order a steak and salad INSTEAD of the yummy carb loaded Mexican food that everyone else was ordering. Good choice. Step up.

Little steps. Not obsessing about the "big picture". I'm trying to take it in little steps. So, that if I do made a bad choice, and a step down, that NEXT time a choice is presented, I can make a good one, and step up. Break the pattern. Just like I did back in the fall.

Did any of that even make sense? hehe. Anyway, it kinda came at me like an epiphany, and I just wanted to share. Even if it didn't make sense, it made sense to me - hehe :)

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Nice, Sharon! Disney looks SOOO fun :)


The Hills said...

Wow. Thanks for explaining that "All or Nothing" mindset. The whole steps things actually made sense to me and I think I'll get that put into play for me.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Apr. 06, 2011. Thanks again.

Angelika said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful freebie!
from Angelika from Digidesignresort.com

Sherry Out Loud said...

Thank you for the wonderful word art, as usual! I really got a lot out of your words about the All or Nothing way of thinking. I fall prey to that myself, so I am going to try your way, see if it helps. You rock!

Marilou said...

Thank you for this cute WA!

semoharty said...

Great job on your steps. I'm glad the Spirit guided you to understand yourself a little better. Good stuff Babygirl...I'm proud of you!

Your doting husband...

Christina Hicks said...

I love your sentiments and thank you so much for them. I wanted to show you a card I just made with one of your sentiments.

Mary said...

Yes, it all made sense. I have been all or nothing almost all of my life. I had to learn to take baby steps and zi am thankful that it works for me now. :) Your doing great!

Thanks for sharing your awesome WA.


shiu jun said...