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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Calendar

Hey there, you guys :) My day started off bright and early, a few minutes before my alarm went off. I noticed a HUGE water beetle (they call them water beetles, but they're cock roaches to me!) climbing on my wall above my head.... Yeah, I was up! Ha!

I got dressed, read my scriptures, said prayers, and went out to see the kids. I even had time to cook waffles. Of course, no one wanted waffles. They'd all eaten or were gonna eat cereal or oatmeal. No biggie. Waffles for Dinner! hehe.

I got Jake out the door at 7am, and Joe, Eme, and Tom out the door at 7:30am. Jim and I watched a bit of TV, and I got dressed and applied a fresh coat of make up. Complete with cute brown hat :) And off we went for errands.

Aren't you proud of me, it's WATER!

First stop, post office. I taped up Captain Americas package, and sent it off overseas. Then Jim and I went back home to print out a form for camp for Tom and Eme that I'd forgotten to do before we left the house. Oops.

Oh well, it gave me a chance to switch out contacts. I swear, my right eye has HORRIBLE protein build up. And even with the fancy schmancy cleaner, it doesn't help. Even rubbing it with Baking Soda doesn't help... Drat!

I grabbed the computer, printed the forms, signed them, patted the dog, and off Jim and I were, to turn in the paperwork.
I met the woman at the office as she was locking it and getting ready to go to a meeting. I convinced her, begrudgingly, to take my paperwork, and call me if she needed anything else. Sure, it's not that far from my house, but I had plans for the rest of the day...

I texted Amanda and Terra to see if they wanted to go to the Dollar Tree with me (we needed new brooms), and Amanda said she wanted to go. So I swung by her house to pick her up. She and Jim and I headed to the Dollar Tree.

I found the broom,s and some decorations for the living room. Because we were still sporting St. Patricks day decorations. ROFL! It was time for a new holiday. They had some 4th of July stuff, so I grabbed a few things. Yeah, now I'm early. ROFL! It' good to be patriot, right?

We swung by Plato's Closet, the fancy thrift store that my friends just opened. But since I had Jim, and he had a Popsicle, my trip was VERY short. I'm gonna have to come back in that store, kid free, one of these days :)

We paid, and I realized that I didn't have time for another stop before I had to get Jim on the bus. So we headed back to post, and went to Terra's house. She was having a hard day. Some days are like that. With deployment. With kids. With twins, especially, I'm sure. We played with the girls for a few minutes, and then I took Jim to the bus, and Amanda went home.

And I undecorated, and re-decorated! Doesn't it look festive???

I left the house at 11:30pm, and headed for the west side. I had a therapy appointment. And I was meeting the girls afterwords for lunch at Souper Salad. Mmmm, good!

Oh yeah, if someone (not me) writes UPS on the back of a truck, do I get a point?
I made it to my appointment on time, and had a great session. We talked about how my eating has gotten out of control, and what I could do to reign it back in. And I think I have a good plan. I committed to 20 lbs in 6 weeks! I know I can do it. I'm enlisting all my friends for help and moral support!

I got done, and drove over to Souper Salad. Amanda and Terra were already there. And Austin and the twins. I ate a big salad, and went back for some sweeter salad (coconut mandarine oranges, walnuts, some sweet dressing), but once I got it on my plate, it wasn't as good as I thought it was gonna be. So I just had a few bites, and left the rest. See, I do have some control. LOL.

After lunch, Terra and the twins headed back to post for nap time (Terra was SO wishing she could take one too!), and Amanda and I headed to Big Lots (right next door). We looked around for a few minutes, then I realized how late it was and headed back to post. Have to get Jim by 2:35.

I got to the bus stop on time, got Jim, and headed home. And I SO wanted to nap the hour before the other kids got home. But I created a Facebook page for our weight loss group instead! Click HERE to give it a look see.

The big kids came home from the bus, and I picked them up, and we headed to the library. They watched the SHORT movie about cockroaches (ok, so it was about more than that,but that's all I took away from it), and I got them signed up for the summer reading program. They got cool free t-shirts, too! I'll take a picture of them wearing them tomorrow.

Eme lost a tooth while at the library. Nothing grosses me out faster and more thoroughly than teeth. NASTY. Just thinking about a lost tooth makes me gag. Gross! Anyway, she was pleased with herself :)

Amanda and I and Kari started on a preliminary schedule for the summer. We got a few bigger outings scheduled. And, if the pools really ARE gonna be closed like the rumor going around post says, then its gonna put a hitch in our rope... Drat!

I really need to transfer my paper calendar of camps into my phone. So that know what I"m doing. hehe.

We headed home after the library, and I had 30 minutes before Joe's practice. Again, SO wanted to take a nap. But didn't. Got the kids waffles for dinner, and I had a microwave dinner and an apple. So far, so good on the ole diet!

Joe and I headed off to practice, and Tom was left in charge. I visited with Joe's teammates mom, Louann, and had a GREAT visit :) She's thinking of going to the BIG water park this weekend, and if it happens, she want's Joe to come with them. He'd have SUCH a blast. He and Christian get along great :) AND, she used to be in the same battalion as Captain America, before she found out she was prego and had a baby. So they transferred her to a unit that wasn't deploying. Small world, huh?

After Baseball practice, we swung by the youth center to retrieve Jake. He seemed in a good mood. We drove home, had the kids do their chores, and when it became evident that no one was really doing them, I sent everyone to bed. My head hurt, so tonight was gonna be early bed time. I think it's the lack of sugar that's giving me the headache. Hopefully the withdraws will go away in a few days...

So here it is, 8:55pm. No cheats so far. I've drank 100 oz of water. TONS for me. I'm gonna go pop some Niquil, watch a few episodes of 24, and hit the sack. I'm sleepy. Tomorrow I have an awards ceremony for Joe in the morning, then we're free for a bit. But, you know me, and how I like to fill up my days with fun and excitement. hehe.

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Wow, LOVE this one, Sharon. Great peach/orangie colors!


Sarah said...

ewwww!!! I'd've been up pretty quick too. Sounds like you had a good day. Your room looks great as do you in that hat. Keep smiling cos it suits you.

Thanks for today's word art. Fab as always xx

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [01 Jun 10:15am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 10 post on Jun. 01, 2011. Thanks again.

sdwrdt said...

Gross about the bug! Glad it was a good day! Thanks for the wordart!

Shelly said...

The weight loss group is such a great idea!!! I'm cheering for all of you. I'm working on making some eating changes too - more to help my triglycerides and cholesterol than for weight loss. I have two months before my next Dr. appointment and she's wanting me to go on medication, if my blood work isn't better. I don't want that, so have to eat better and exercise more.

Thanks for the great word art. :)

randomhousewife said...

Thanks for all your work! I've figured out how to make these changable in the Creative memories program -- so fun!

Ella said...

this WA is really extra, I like it, thanks !

deb said...

Ok, I'm trying to figure out how I got a month behind here! Thanks for super word art. I really like the monthly one!