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Friday, July 1, 2011

July Calendar

Well, I woke up again this morning with a headache. Not as bad as the day before, but still, it was hurting. Joe woke up early and was hacking and coughing, and came and slept on my couch for a few hours before we all got up, too. I got up at 7:30am, and got Eme to Volleyball camp.

I totally went in my jammies. And PT sweats. hehe.

I came back home, and slept for a little while. My head was still hurting. I took some meds, and decided that I didn't have time to be sick or to have a headache. I had stuff to do. I could either sit home and hurt, or be out and about sick. So Jim and I packed up, and headed to the commissary. I needed some cash, and some groceries.

The new Commissary on Ft Bliss opened yesterday. And apparently there were crazy long lines JUST to get in. And I needed food yesterday, but SO wasn't gonna wait in long lines outside. I hoped that today wouldn't be as bad.

We got to the parking lot, and there were a TON of vendors outside. Tents and food and all sorts of stuff. Jim LOVED the race car!

It ad a video game inside, and spaces for 2 kids to play. Cool, huh?

Here's the Brawt truck. It had BIG grills all along the side.
We wandered around a bit, looking for the entrance. So many vendors outside! I found the ATM and got out some cash (Tom kept reminding me that I owed him babysitting $$$ for June. hehe), had to wait in line to get a cart, got a free ticket to the drawing, and started shopping. We LOVED this watermelon display. The top part of the tank spun around. And the watermelons were only $1.99 a piece!

I wanted Jimmy to get his picture taken with Mustard Man, but he didn't want to. So I took my picture with mustard man instead... hehe.
I found all sorts of deals there. Yoplait yogurt for $0.30 a container, corn for $0.15 an ear, chicken nuggets for $3.99 a big bag, chicken breasts for $1.19 a lb, Johnsonville Brawts for $1.99 a package, just to name a few. We were there for about an hour, fighting our way through the crowds, then paid, and headed home.

Here's me in the truck, hot and ready to be done with shopping.

I had the kids help me carry in groceries, put them away, and we got ready for the pool and free lunch. I wanted Jake to get up and go with us, then go to the Youth Center. We needed a bit of "space"... We like each other better if we're not all cooped up together all the time. hehe.

Anyway, he did NOT wanna get up. And fought me every step of the way. The rudeness was never ending, it seemed. At one point, he couldn't find his flip flops. And that was my fault, apparently. Then, he couldn't find socks to wear with his tennis shoes. So he literally TORE apart his room looking for them. Finally found them, then blamed me for making him mess up his room. Sigh...

Anyway, we got to free lunch, a bit late, but we still got there. Chili and cornbread and broccoli/califlour (or white broccoli, as Jim calls it - raw), and strawberries and milk. Kids ate, and we headed to the pool. We stopped and picked up Eme from Volleyball camp, then on to the pool. And met Amanda and Kari there. Terra was there too, and our new friend, Liz.

We were at the pool from about 1230-300. And had a lot of fun. Playing on the slide, eating snacks, chatting with the girls, having a grand old time. Liz has a boy the same exactly age as Tom, and the two of them got along GREAT! Jake even had fun. Sure, he was annoying the other kids, but I know he was enjoying himself a little bit.

My head was really starting to hurt at the pool, so Kari (trained massage therapist) came over and rubbed my neck a bit. OMHeavens, she's good. And after 15 minutes, my head felt TONS better. I'm gonna have to work out a trade with Kari. I have WAY too many knots...

We headed out at 3pm, and I dropped Jake off at the youth center. He was warming up to the idea of going there. Thank goodness! I needed a break. LOL.

The rest of us got home, and started on chores. We turned on a Glee soundtrack, and started cleaning/dancing/singing. hehe. The kids did their chores, and I rearranged the living room. And re-hung pictures. And swept under furniture. I can't believe the amount of STUFF that was under there. Sigh. Messy kids! Hopefully once they go back to school, the house will stay cleaner!

Terra dropped off her extra chili, and I re-heated it for dinner. And I helped Eme make chocolate chip cookies. Then I took a nice little nap. I woke up, finally changed out of my swim clothes (hehe), and Amanda and I went to Walmart around 7pm. I was sick and tired of kids snitching food out of the fridge/freezer, and wanted to get a baby lock. Besides, night time Walmart runs are ALWAYS fun with friends!

We found these in the dog isle. Really???
I bought some training bells to hang on the backdoor, so that we know when Boxer needs to go out. Any tricks on getting him to use it???

We found these in the toy department. SUPER tiny Disney's Cars stuff. Cute, huh? My kids would TOTALLY lose it within 10 minutes. hehe.

Amanda wanted a grilling thingy for Ribs (well, her hubby did), but we couldn't find what she was looking for. But did find these in the garden section. LOL!

We looked at the baby section, but the baby locks aren't designed for older kids. Jim could totally figure out the "lock". So we went to hardware, and found a combination bike lock. That might work. And I found a keyed lock that would be PERFECT, and was on sale. I got both, and decided that I'd keep the one that worked better.

And we went to the quick check out to pay, and I snagged a Diet Mt Dew. Hello, soda! hehe. Then we loaded up, and headed back to post. Singing loudly to Glee songs the whole way home.
We stopped by the Youth Center and picked up Jake, then tried to stop by the PX, but it was closed, and headed home. It was a little after 9pm. The on-sale bike lock worked PERFECTLY. Here's Jim when he discovered it!
No more popsicle thieving at my house! hehe. I'm gonna have to lock all the good stuff in here, and keep all the "non-tempting" stuff in the unlocked fridge. Like milk and veggies and junk.

Tom got the little kids to bed, and I told Jake and Tom that if they had the house cleaned before I got back from my evening walk, that we'd watch a movie together. I changed, and headed out. Kari met me at the park, and we started walking.

And about 15 minutes into the walk, I started feeling really bad. I tried to push past it, but eventually it got SO bad that I had to tell Kari. I was feeling like I was gonna puke.

And before we got to the end of the trail, I had to turn back. She was very nice, and came with me, and stopped when I needed to stop to rest. But I felt bad that I messed up her walk. But I was hurting. We weren't even walking that fast, and I was sweating SO much. The whole back of my shirt was drenched. I was trying SO hard not to barf all over the place.

After what seemed like HOURS, we were back at my house, and I instantly went to the bathroom. And puked a few times, and felt mildly better. Jake and Tom had gotten the kitchen and living room cleaned, and it looked pretty good! I grabbed my laptop, and the boys helped me to the couch with a pillow and blanket. Jake and Tom and I watched a movie, and I blogged. I feel a tad bit better, but no sudden movements for me...

No definite plans for Friday yet. Hopefully I'll feel better when I wake up in the morning. No more puking for me!! We made plans to go to the Fireworks on post on Sunday with our friends. That should be a lot of fun :)

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Sharon, my dear, this is PERFECT! Love the patriotic colors and the cutie patootie little girl! :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 12 post on Jul. 01, 2011. Thanks again.

sdwrdt said...

Thank you so very much for sharing - I really love your monthly wordarts!

Mickymunchkin's little space said...

hope you're feeling better soon... maybe you need some time off? I mean, the "no kids aroud"-type of thing, and get looked after... sending you hugs!

Browntigger said...

Lovely word art, thanks sooo much! Hope you feel better soon! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [02 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

love2learn said...

Thank you! :)

Shelly said...

I'm sorry you're still feeling so bad, Bethany. Hugs!!!

I'd take picture of my little dog in the doggie bikini, if I could get it on sale for about $3. roflol

Thank you for the terrific word art, sweetie.

Jitka, Most said...

Thank you for your beautiful freebie!

deb said...

Thanks for the word art! :)