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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gone with the Wind

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Hey there! Again, woke up with a headache. Didn't sleep well either. Sigh. But this time, when the alarm went off at 5:25am, I decided that I was just gonna have to "man up", and deal with it. So I got up, grabbed my pillow, and headed out to Seminary. In the truck, with Jake. And tried to sleep in the middle row. It was compfy, but I couldn't sleep. My head hurt too bad. Hmpf!

We drove back home, and Tom was ready for school. It was cowboy day. And he was all ready! hehe.
Jim and Joe were still in bed, so I had to hustle and get them ready. After medicating myself, of course. All the while, my head still hurting. Sigh. But we got to the bus on time. While there, Amanda dialed the appointment line, and passed me the phone, and made me get an appointment. Thanks, friend! I needed one! After 3 days of headaches, I think that it was time to go to the doctor.

They got me in at 2:20pm over at Biggs. Amanda got an appointment for herself at 1:40pm at Biggs for a bladder infection. We decided to go together. I headed back home, and got Jake off to the bus, and watched an episode of Prison Break and worked on some store stuff. And my drugs were finally starting to kick in. Thank goodness!

Amanda called, and she and I headed out for some errands. They had some nice stools at her house that they'd bought at Ashley furniture last year, and they'd broke. She'd called the warranty place, and got replacement cost, and needed to go and see some different ones in the store. We looked, but they didn't really have anything that she wanted, so off we went.

We headed Academy so she could take the Wrestling shoes back. Austin hated wrestling... And I wanted to get Jake another one of those shirts. But in white. And Eme a few more pairs of those capri's. Because it was SUCH a good price :)

She turned in the shoes, I grabbed the few items I wanted, we paid, and off we went. We headed back to post, and swung by the Youth Center on post to check about the Wrestling refund. Then to Burger King for lunch. And Captain America called! I was able to chat with him for about 15 minutes! By the time I was done chatting with him, we were back at Amanda's house.

I joined her inside for lunch, then we headed over to the TMC on Biggs. Yeah, we were early, but they ended up getting us in early too. She DID have a UTI, and got meds for that. And the CPT prescribed me Topomax for the headaches. We'll see how it goes! I'm hopeful that it'll work for me! Somethings gotta give, right? hehe.

We headed back home. She dropped me off at Kari's house, I picked up my car, took it home, and she picked me up again, and we headed to the bus stop. We only had to wait about 15 minutes for the bus to come. We got our kids, and each headed to our house. Jake and Tom had both rode the bus to the Youth Center at Biggs, so I just had Jim and Joe and Eme.

We headed home, and I took my Topomax. I'd texted the Achievement Day girls, and let them know that I wouldn't be there, because Amanda had told me that Topomax would probably make me a bit loopy the first day. And the bottle said it would make me drowsey. And that I shouldn't be driving with it.

But it didn't seem to affect me much. The kids and I cleaned the house from 4-4:30. And it looked pretty good when we were done. We did homework from 4:30-5:15, and then went to soccer practice. Joe and Leo and Eme practiced, and Josephine and Jim played. Kari and I visited. I'm SO glad we got our kids on the same teams!

Eme is WAY in the back with the white shirt, yellow shorts, and red socks. Joe is wearing the gray shirt/orange socks, and sitting on the bench. Leo is in the foreground with the red socks. I got all 3 kids in the same photo!

And here's what Jim and Josephine did! Color and dig for worms/bugs! hehe :)

They're cute, huh? After practice, we loaded up, and drove on out to the Youth center and picked up Jake and Tom, and headed back home. I put on Phineas and Ferb on my phone, and the kids watched it the whole way home. Yeah, it was a VERY quite ride home. I'm gonna have to remember that one! ha!

We got home, and I had the kids finish up Homework, and Jake and Tom got some dinner. Jim took a bath, and I put the kids to bed at 8pm. Jake took Boxer on a walk around that time too. And at 8:45pm, I caught Tom sitting on the kitchen floor watching Prison Break with me, when I'd sent him to bed about 45 minutes ago... NOT cool, Tom...

Now it's 9:38pm. I'm done blogging. I'm done watching TV. I'm gonna go to sleep early. I may even take a pill. I haven't slept well the past few nights. I really need a good, sound nights sleep.

My plan is to wake up in the morning and go hiking in the mountains with Kari! I SO miss that workout! It's always my favorite :) Here's hoping I feel good enough in the morning to do it!

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GREAT layout, Sharon! Love the gray/black and the pinks!


Buffy0214 said...

Thanks for the grab bag. Those are always fun!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Sep. 22, 2011. Thanks again.

VinGirl said...

I was on Topamax for about a year and a half I'd say, and it helped a ton. Just an FYI though, carbonated beverages taste like crap when you're on it, so be prepared for that. Like flat & nasty to the point that they are undrinkable. It will help you switch to water though! *lol*

Mats World said...

Thanx so much for the lovely Gone With the Wind wordart...this is my all time favorite movie :) Mat