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Monday, September 19, 2011

Requiem of a Dream

First off, AAARRRRRGH! It's National Talk like a Pirate Day!!! Did you know? Also, it's my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad! Love ya!

Hey there, my girls!!! How was your weekend??? I must admit, I didn't wanna go to church when I first woke up at 7:30 when my alarm went off. And that's SO not like me. I used to LOVE going to church. Hopefully when Captain America gets home off of deployment, I'll love it again. At this point, it's a HUGE stresser for me. And I wish it wasn't.

Anyway, by 8am, I was up and getting kids ready for school. I wiped the extra make up off from under my eyes, threw on a skirt and shirt, and called it good for the day. Nice, I know... And I went to get the kids ready. Jake told me that he couldn't find his Sunday shirt. Sigh. Seeing as how there was a HUGE laundry pile on the table, it's probably true that he couldn't find it... So I let him wear a tan colored button down shirt.

He and Tom were bickering all morning. And Jim was whiny. I don't know what it was! Everyone was on edge. Especially me. Looking back, I think it was PMS gone amok. I get that way the day before my period starts. EVERYTHING is annoying. Nothing you can do is good enough. hehe.

Anyway, we eventually headed out to church. And got there, and got our row. And Jake was bored, and didn''t wanna sit still. And was rude-ish. Just enough to be SUPER annoying, but not enough to ground him. It's a fine line, you know. Again, I think it was the PMS thing. I probably could have handled it any other day...

By the time Sacrament was over, I wanted to pull someones hair out. It was bad. I made an executive decision to skip Sunday School. hehe. I went to the truck, finished off my Diet Sun Drop soda, and headed back in to sit in the foyer. Luckily, my friends were there. So I got to chat with them. About 1/2 way through Sunday School, a primary lady brought Jim to me. Cause he was being disruptive. Sigh.

So, being the mean mom that I knew I was today, I gave him the choice to go back to Primary, or stand with his nose in the corner the REST of the hour. And he chose the corner...

After the hour was up (20 minutes, I think), his class started, and I sent him off to Primary again. And he did much better the next hour :P I got a new calling, too! Typically, we don't tell what our calling is until it's announced in Church. And that'll be next week. So, you'll have to wait till then to find out - hehe :)

I went to Relief Society, and was still agitated from hormones and kids. So I spent most of the time texting and Facebooking. I know, I know, that's NOT what I should have been doing, but I was 1/2 listening. It was a lesson about Family Responsibilities. And it was a good lesson.

Eventually, it was time to go home. We gathered up the kids, and headed out. And got home, changed clothes, made Bagel Sandwiches, and I had the kids do their chores. And told them that they could have popsicles and watch a movie once they were done.

And I hid in my room and watched some TV. Because it was one of those days - hehe. Soon, the kids had the house mostly cleaned, and I came out to supervise a bit. They watched some TV, and at 3:30pm, I decided that I needed to cook something for the potluck at 4. I had to drive 30 minutes to get to the lady's house. Um, yeah, we were gonna be late - hehe.

I whipped up a... salad? Pasta? yeah, I'm not sure what it was. But it made a lot - ROFL! It had beans and noodles and tomatoes and junk in it. And off we went. Jake opted to stay home and watch Star Trek episodes, but the rest of the kids came.

It was for the ladies at church with Deployed spouses. A chance to spend a Sunday afternoon together, eating, letting the kids play, and chatting. It was really quite nice. I met a few new girls, and had a fun time!

We stayed till around 7:15pm, and headed back home. And I had all the kids in bed by 8pm. Except Jake, who took Boxer on a walk :) He was in bed by 8:30pm. I started blogging, and here it is, 9:12pm. I'm gonna watch a little bit more TV, then call it a night.

Tomorrow at noon is my Pirate Party, and I'm SO excited! Should be a good time. Even if only a few of my friends show up, I don't care! We'll have fun :) Cause I have fun no matter what! Especially since my period started tonight, I should be feeling much more calm and happy now! No more PMS - Woohoo! hehe :)

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Love it, Sharon!!! The colors, the stitching, and especially the precious sleeping baby :)

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 11 post on Sep. 19, 2011. Thanks again.