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Friday, September 23, 2011

Into the Wild

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Welcome to the morning! hehe. I woke up bright and early at 5:25am, and drove Jake to seminary. And tried to nap in the car, but it wasn't very successful. I must have drifted off at the end, though. It was funny, cause when I woke up, I didn't know where I was. I had to park in a different place, cause someone else was in my typical parking place, and I was SO confused. hehe.

We drove home, and I was busting a move to a song, and Jake had to snap a picture of me. hehe. He thinks I'm funny. At least he's not as embarrassed of me anymore. ha!
We get home, and this is how I find Joe and Jim. Still in bed. I flip on the light, throw off the lights, and wake them up. Come on, boys, 10 minutes till the bus!!! We really had to hustle!
I walked the kids to the bus, and came back home. And spent the rest of the morning watching TV and messing around on the computer. I designed a bit, and did laundry a bit.

I talked with my mom for a bit, and straightened my hair. Then texted Amanda to see if she wanted to go for a Howdys drink and a Walmart run. I needed a few groceries. And to see if all soda tasted funny with Topomax. hehe.

I picked her up, and we headed to Howdys on Dyer and Hondo Pass. Yup. Even the diet Dr Pepper was strange. No carbonation, except for in the back of my throat. But not horrible. I could get used to it. hehe.

And we continued on to the Transmountain Walmart. I got the groceries that I needed, and we ended up in the Halloween isle. Amanda joked that the hay bales and scare crows looked like a photo shoot, so I sat down and took a pic of myself. hehe.
We finished up, and headed to pay. And yeah, I had to get the chocolate bar to balance out the weight loss shakes. I'm still waiting for the Topomax's side effect of "not being hungry" to kick in. So far, nope...

Me waiting for Amanda to pay, drinking my nasty soda. OK, so it's not the soda's fault. hehe. Poor soda :)
We headed home after that. We both wanted to go to lunch, but we refrained. See, we have some self control. hehe. I dropped her off at home, and went home and made myself a turkey sandwich. And watched some more Prison Break. And did some more laundry.

It's amazing how fast laundry piles up, you know! Jake and Tom and Eme fold and put away their own laundry. I fold and sort Joe and Jim's, and then let them put it away. Anyway, I had them all washed and dried and sorted and folded and hung and stuff. They were waiting for kids to come home and put them away :)

Eventually, it was time for kids to get home from school. Tom got home at 3:10. And I went to pick up the little kids from the bus at 3:30pm. I chatted with the girls for a bit, then headed home.

My headache was mostly gone, but my neck was still feeling tight. So I wanted to go to the PX and pick up another massager. Because Captain America took mine back with him. So I left Tom in charge, and headed out.

It was a quick trip, since I totally knew where it was in the PX. hehe. I paid, and swung by the food court to pick up a few beefy cheesy nasties for the kids, and headed home. They were SUPER excited for the burritos.

I sat down for 30 minutes with the massager, and had Joe do his homework. Eme and Jim got ready for their games, and soon it was time to go. I was taking Eme to her game, and Kari was picking up Jim for his game. Jake was at the Youth Center, and Tom was watching Joe at the house.

Eme and I headed out, and I got to watch an episode of Prison Break on Netflix on my iPhone at the game. Because I'm such a great Soccer mom, you know. hehe. And after the game, Kari texted me and said that she'd picked up Joe too, and took him to play with Leo to Jim's game.

So Eme and I loaded up and headed over to catch the last part of Jim's game. It was at a new field that we hadn't been to yet. And the little man in charge of the field was SUPER anal about everything. He didn't want kids touching the gravel, or people sitting too close to the field, or breathing. Ok, so maybe not that, but it felt like that. He was annoying...

We had a lot of fun making fun of him. hehe. The other parents were getting quite annoyed with him too, so it wasn't just us!

Here's a pic of me with the soccer lights behind me. ha!
Jim's team. He got to be the goalie for a while. He was SO funny. He was dancing around and swaying his hips, and being SO goofy. I was cracking up the whole time :) He reminded me of the friend from Diary of a Wimpy kid!
Eme and I

After the game, Kari dropped Joe back off at the house, and I took Jim and Eme, and we headed out to pick up Jake from the Youth Center. And we were SO almost out of gas! We got Jake, and swung by the Biggs shoppette. Luckily, we made it! I grabbed a Diet Coke (although it sure didn't taste like it!), and we got the free candy with the 8 gallons of gas - the kids shared it), and headed back home.

Joe finished up his homework, and everyone else went to bed. I loaded up my store, and blogged, and it's now almost 10pm. I'm sleepy. And need to take my meds. And go to bed. And get Elmo out of the dryer. I washed him today! See, I really did do laundry, huh? hehe.

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GREAT layout, Sharon :) LOVE the purple flowers :) So soft and pretty!!!


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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 14 post on Sep. 23, 2011. Thanks again.