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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Hey there guys. Yeah, late blog.. And late freebie. I know, I know. I had SUCH a bad migraine last night that I just went to bed. I could hardly even "help" Santa. It was bad...

Anyway, I slept in for a SUPER long time. hehe. Jake came in around 9:30 or 10am, and he and I went back to sleep. Until around 11:30 or noon. Aren't we cute! hehe :)
It was still super cold outside, and was lightly snowing. So the kids and I decided to go outside and play in the snow. So we bundled up and headed to the park. There was still a little bit of snow left.

Jake made a snowman, and wanted me to come and see it. But as I was walking over to take a picture of it, Joe threw a star ornament at it. He was using it as a throwing star... And it wedged itself into the snowmans head. And Tom tried to help out, and pulled the star out. And the snowman crumpbled. Here's a photo right before the snowman fell.

It was more than Jake could handle. He got mad, kicked people and the snowman, and took his dog and went home. He's been having some problems as of late. With his anger control. And his mouth...

The kids had a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids, and after they were sufficiently cold, we came back inside. I think we were outside for about an hour. Check out the cute picture of Leo and Eme and Jim. Awe...

This is their snow chair they made - hehe.
I started baking when we got back home. I wanted to make some of those SUPER soft and yummy cookies like they make in the bakery. And I found a great recipe on Pinterest. You can find it HERE. And some pumpkin pie. I made the pie first. I got 3 pies out of my recipe! Score it! And I started on the dough for the cookies as the pie was cooking. As I was making the cookie dough, Terra texted and asked if I wanted some grown up time and wanted to go to the commissary. Sounded good to me! I said that I could go after my cookie dough was done. I didn't know it, but it needed to chill for 2 hours. So it worked out perfectly.

Terra and I headed out, and had a nice little break at the commissary. It wasn't even that busy. We grabbed the stuff that we needed, and paid, and headed back home. Even just that short little trip last about an hour. hehe. Could be the time we sat in my driveway chatting too, though - ha!

When I got home, my mom called to say that they were going to Aunt Sue's, and that we should open the presents from Grandparents and Aunt Sue and Grandma Ida on the video phone! We had about 30 minutes. Sounded good to me!

I made some appetizers for the evening, then it was time. The kids were SO excited! Here's Tom with the Video recorder watch from Grandma Ida/Grandma Lyn/Papa Steve.
Jake got a fuzzy sweatshirt hoodie from Grandma Ida. Yeah, it may have been subsidized. hehe.
Joe with his Video camera and blanket from Grandma Lyn and Papa Steve.
Jim with his toy from Grandma Lyn
Eme's watch from Aunt Sue. The boys got Headlights that clipped on their hat brims. They were really excited :)
Joe and Jim with their Watches. I can't remember who got them or where I pulled the money from. Maybe it was from Grandma Ida - ha!
Before Amanda moved, she told me that she wanted Jake to have her paper shredder. He's ALWAYS wanted one. hehe. Look at the pure joy on his face. ROFL!

Eme with the Video Camera from Grandma Lyn and Papa Steve.
After opening presents, we watched some Christmas movies, and baked cookies and spent the rest of the night at home. And those cookies? Oh yeah, TOTALLY recommend the recipe!!! They turned out JUST like the ones from Walmart!!! Especially the next day! Right out of the oven and frosted, maybe not so much. Give it a day to set! PERFECTION!

And as the evening progressed, I started feeling worse and worse. My head started hurting, and I started feeling nauseous. Great. Just what I needed. This is where I needed the other 1/2 of the parenting team.

Jim and I laid down in my bed to take a nap, and he promptly fell asleep. Look how sweet he is.

Jake went to bed at 8:30pm, because he thought that morning would come faster that way. Ha! Tom and Joe stayed up later. Eme went to bed too. And I SO didn't wanna get out of bed. But I needed to help Santa. I really did.

So I had Joe clean up the living room, then sent him to bed. And moved Jim into his room. And then had to go and puke in the bathroom. It was just too much for me. I managed to find the stocking in the garage after only 2 boxes, and grabbed them down. And pulled all of the stuff out of my closet in my bedroom. There was a lot - ha!

I divided it up, and set it in piles. And puked a few more times. OK, then I stuffed the stockings. Its a good thing they were stretchy. LOL.

I was really feeling icky. I found a few used Birthday bags from Joe's birthday, and put some presents in there. And taped the top shut. And wrapped what REALLy needed wrapped. Then called it good. The headphones didn't need wrapped. And a few things didn't need wrapped. I transferred the stockings and the presents from my room into the living room, and called it good. I wished I could have done more. Oh well. I did my best. I really did. I was dying...

I went to bed, and slept with the door open so that I could listen for "intruders". AKA little kids trying to get into their stockings. ROFL! Even with a headache, I'm trying to out think those kids! hehe :)
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This one is FABULOUS, my dear, Sharon!!! Loving it!!! Thanks!!!


deb said...

Glad your Christmas went well. I'm glad Captain America will be home soon. :)

sdwrdt said...

Thank you so very much for this wordart! Sorry you weren't feeling well Christmas Eve night! Hope that's all better by now.

I love the Christmas ball ornament. Am hoping to put a picture into that - possibly next year's letter or card!