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Thursday, March 22, 2012

13, 14 Maids-a Courting

So it was an EARLy morning! 6am, and we were all awake and getting ready to take Paul and Carol to the airport! They had a 8am flight back home :( I was really sad to see them go! We'd had SUCH a great time together!

I threw on some clothes, and let the kids know that if they got dressed and ready for school, that they could come to the airport with us! Then I'd just drive them back home to the bus stop. EVERYONE wanted to come. But I couldn't wake up Jake. Go figure on that one.... His loss, right?

We were all loaded up in the suburban by 6:40am, and headed out to the airport. CPT had to hug his parents goodbye before leaving for PT, so he didn't get to come either. Tom helped with the luggage. We drove the 5 minutes to the airport, and Tom helped unload and carry the luggage to the curbside baggage check in. Then we waved goodbye, and they were gone! I hope that their flight was good! See you guys next time!!!

And we headed back to post. We drove straight to the bus stop, and the kids watched Astro boy until it was time for Tom's bus. They had fun. I just kinda vegged. I don't know why I was SO extremely tired!

Tom left, and we had about 5 minutes before the little kids left. We just stayed. Soon, they were gone too. I went home, and yelled up for Jake. He was mostly awake, and seemed disappointed/surprised that we'd left him. You snooze, you loose... I have no idea how to wake someone up if they don't wanna be woken up, you know...

He got up and got in the shower, and I was SO tired, that I went back to bed. And then CPT came back from PT and got ready for work, and Jake left for the bus, and I was still asleep. And CPT left for work, and I was still asleep. And yeah, I slept till 11am!!! I must not be feeling too well! I never do that! hehe.

When I woke up, I got some food, then called Aunt Sue to talk about Miche. I gave her some pointers, and answered any questions that she had. We chatted for about an hour. Then, after we were done talking, Kim and I went to the Dollar Tree and to Costco. Kim wanted a membership, and I needed a few basics.

I wanted to do dry/erase chore charts for my cub scouts, and I figured that I could get mirrors at the Dollar Tree and do that! Good idea, huh? I got all the stuff, and ended up getting Dry Erase markers at Costco, 16 for $10. Each of the boys could have one, and I'd still have some left overs. And I'd know that they would work for sure - LOL. Sometimes the Dollar Tree stuff doesn't work.

We got an ice cream on the way out the door, and headed home. We were a tad late, so we went straight to her school to pick up her kids. Then she dropped me off at home, and after unloading all of my crap, and my kids came home from the bus, I took Eme and Jim to piano. Kari took Joe to the library day downtown, and Tom and Jake (once he got off the bus) hung out at home.

Jim and I just hung in the suburban and watched Rocky and Bullwinkle. I designed. It was a quiet afternoon. Eme did her piano lessons, and I decided that I wasn't gonna continue with the lessons on post. Going thru post is costing me $60 a month for an hour of group lessons. And private lessons is gonna be $72 for only 30 minutes. I just don't have that in the budget. We were using free deployment dollars before, but that's all ran out!

Charlotte will do 30 minute lessons for Eme for $10 a week. $40 a month is SO much better... I texted her asking about starting that up in April. She said any day except Wednesday. Sounded good to me!

After lessons, we headed back home, and I told the kids that it was Cereal for dinner night. Everyone (except Jake, of course), hopped up, and grabbed some cereal. I got my junk together for Cub Scouts, and made a sample Chore Chart. They looked pretty good! I was sure the boys would like them :)

I also got some cheapo games for them to play before hand. A bowling game, some peg games, a tic tac toe game. Stuff to keep them interested while everyone gets there. Time fillers, you know. I got those organized too.

And soon, it was time to go. CPT was staying home tonight with Jim, and I was taking everyone else to their meetings. I told the kids to go and get in the suburban. Jake was like, Um, what was for dinner??? I told him that we had had cereal hours ago, and to go and get in the suburban. Whaaaat? he said. No one told me. Yes I did, I said. You just didn't listen. Sigh. Special needs are SO much fun to deal with...

After a bit, though, we were in the suburban, and on our way to the church. A tad late. And once we pulled up and unloaded the vehicle, I realized that I'd forgotten to pick up Kari's kid, Leo!!! Oh crap!!! I texted her to let her know. I'M SO SORRY!!!

We really did have a good meeting. We always have the same disruptive kids, but I always plan on them being disruptive. That's just how they are. One of them has a special need, and he's just that way. The other one isn't diagnosed with anything, so its either just not diagnosed yet, or who knows? Parenting (is that harsh? I'm sure people said that about Jake and us when he was that age...)

We did the games, then had the opening exercises, then talked about the chores, then made the chore chart, then had snacks. I chatted with Lane's mom after the meeting, and finally gathered up all of our stuff, gathered up the kids, and headed home. I had to stop and get some gas on the way home, though. We were running on an empty light. That's my sign to get more gas. hehe.

We dropped Leo off at his house, then came home. The kids went to bed, and I blogged. CPT was working on Scout Committee stuff, so we both working on our computer stuff together. It's now 9:45pm. I'm finishing up blogging, and he's ironing. We have therapy together tomorrow. And then he has a lunch thing at work, and I think the girls and I are gonna go to the movies. To the dollar one. Should be a good time.

Night, y'all! I'll see ya in the morning :)

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Mar. 22, 2012. Thanks again.