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Monday, March 19, 2012

7, 8, Lay Them Straight

So when we went to bed last night, we'd talked about getting up early and going to White Sands, Ruidoso, and Cloudcroft for sight seeing. And skipping church. But yeah. We had 2 pukers overnight. And CPT didn't feel so well either. So we decided to scrap that plan. I let CPT sleep in, and we decided to just take the others to church.

We had a a relaxing morning at home, then were ready to go to Sacrament meeting at noon-ish. We sent the kids off to class, and Carol and I went off to Relief Society. It was a good meeting. From the Teachings of the Prophets book. Good lesson. They said that they were gonna have a 10 days before Easter thing coming up, with quotes and stories and scriptures and stuff to read, and I thought that I'd share that with y'all when I get it. Not sure when they'll pass it out.

We couldn't find 3 seats together in Sunday School, so we sat out in the hall together. ROFL! And soon, it was time for Sacrament meeting. Jake passed Sacrament, and then we had the missionaries speak, and then the High Counselor spoke. And he was FABULOUS. He told the best stories.

I was paying SUCH close attention, that after Sacrament, I looked over, and to my left and right, I had SUCH reverent children.... Um, yeah.... kind of...
Jake and Jim had BOTH fallen asleep..... Nice. We gathered up our troops, and headed home. It was SUPER windy today. Gusts of 65 MPH at least the weather said. We got to the gate, and our guard had the BEST solution! I took a picture of him in my side mirror - hehe :)
At least I had good hair gel in - not a hair out of place - hehe :) My big earrings were gonna beat me to death, though! And my dress was gonna end up over my head!!!

Eme and I - I have an Eme mustache!
I thought I was cute-ish today, so I snapped a few pictures after church :)

SUPER big earrings
After church, I made homemade chili from scratch, and CPT continued to make homemade ice cream in the ice cream maker. He'd been working on that while we were at church. We ended up having 3 batches. SO stinkin' good!!!

We had chili, and cornbread muffins, and homemade ice cream. SO yummy! In the evening, we watched the war movie Patton. We put the little kids to bed at 7:45pm (yeah, they didn't go to bed, I could totally hear them upstairs...), and let the big kids stay up till the end of the movie. It's now 9pm, and the movie JUST got over.

Time for bed, y'all! Going to go to Savers in the morning, and shop for a little while, and run some errands. 2 more day with the in-laws. I'm still THOROUGHLY enjoying having them here! I'll be sad to see them go!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Mar. 19, 2012. Thanks again.

Jennifer said...

Bethany, you are fabulous. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for everything you are: beautiful, strong, caring, and talented.