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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9, 10, A Big Fat Hen

Hey girls :) I'm gonna make this brief :) It's almost 10pm, and CPT and I and the in-laws are sitting around chatting. It's been a good and long day. Wanna tie this up and get to bed. I didn't sleep well last night, for some reason.

Anyway, got up and got the kids to the bus. Dang, it was early. hehe. Was it always this early? ROFL! Daylight savings, that's right! LOL :)

So yeah, I got Tom, and Eme, and Joe and Jim off to the bus, then worked on Jake. And he just WOULDN'T wake up! I ended up pouring 3 glasses of water on him! Sigh. And it didn't even phase the child! I was getting frustrated, though... He eventually did get up and get moving. I kinda sat on the couch and vegged for a bit :)

Jake got on the bus at 8am, I got ready, and CPT left for work. I went to get gas, and picked up Kim at 8:15am. I went back and picked up Paul and Carol, then went to get Kari. And off to Savers we went. The Silver Tags were $0.99!!

I found a few things. Some Sunday pants for Jim, a pair of jammie pants for Joe, an Easter dress for Eme, a baby doll dress/shirt for Emeline. Not too much. Mostly, I just had fun looking around and goofing off.

After Savers, we paid and headed over to the Dollar Tree. Paul and Carol wanted a few things for their flight on Wednesday. And I wanted to look for bread and Easter decorations to go in place of my garland with Christmas Ornaments. Yes, i know... That is STILL up... hehe.

We paid there, and headed back to post. I dropped off Kim and Kari, then pulled into the driveway JUST as CPT was coming home for lunch. Carol rode with me, and Paul rode with CPT, and we headed to Carols and Mickey's for lunch. SUPER yum!

I got the chimichungas (or however you spell that) and they got the sombrero salads. I was ready for a change. I always get the sombrero salad. We had a great time eating and chatting at lunch. CPT had to run after her was doing eating, and headed back to work. We finished up eating, and paid, then headed back home.

Carol took a nap, and Paul and I hung. I designed for a while, and he and I did some chores and shared some caramel corn with Boxer. Shhh, don't tell! I took down the Christmas ornaments and put up the Easter decorations. I'll take a picture tomorrow if I remember :)

Tom came home at 3:15pm, and at 3:30ish, I went to get the little kids from the bus. I ended up staying and chatting with the girls for a while. The temperature had dropped again! It was super chilly outside! It had even hailed pretty hard earlier! Dang weather! hehe :)

We finally came back home, and I got everyone ready for the pool. I brought my laptop, and managed to get 2 WordArts designed before friends showed up. I hung with Nicky, and then Kari came too. The 3 of us had a ton of fun. At 6pm, we finally drug our kids out of the water and took them home. Funny, because they didn't really wanna go in the first place.

They were FREEZING cold, so we cranked the heat, and headed home. We stopped by the mailbox, and I was excited that CPT's all black Otterbox had came in. I got it from eBay for only $20. CPT was home, and Paul and Carol were both awake. Nice! Jake was playing video games (dad was ok with it).

I decided to make chicken and gnocci soup. I'd found potato gnocci at the Dollar Tree, and had left over whole milk and half and half from the ice cream in the fridge, so a creamy soup was PERFECT! Too bad it took FOREVER to cook - hehe.

Butter, onions, garlic, spices, chicken stock, half & half, milk, gnocci, canned chicken, bacon bits, and I can't remember what else. Flour.... carrots. Yeah, those didn't get all the way done. Should have pre-cooked them first... All sorts of stuff. Dang, it was SO good when it was done. Super creamy. Take that, Olive Garden! hehe :) And I had gnocci in EVERY bite.

After dinner, we had Family Home Evening.. Jake was being disrespectful, and was sent to his room for early bedtime. But everyone else participated. We watched a video about having a testimony of the Book of Mormon (from President Eyring - SUPER good). I'd never seen it before! CPT did a good job finding it. President Eyring delivered it with SUCH emotion and heart and feeling.

After Family Home Evening, we put the kids to bed, and the grown ups sat around and chatted. I worked on my blog as we chatted, and yeah, it's almost 11pm now. I didn't do a good job in being brief, OR focusing... hehe. I got distracted. But I'm going to bed now. Or maybe I'll watch the season finale of Walking Dead with headphones! ROFL! :)

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Mar. 20, 2012. Thanks again.

CrystalNVa said...

LOL THANK YOU ;~} for these because Im 45 yrs old and I always thought it was 3 4 SHUT THE DOOR !