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Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Bash WordArt

Hey, you guys. So, yeah, um, MIA this weekend. Let me explain. It's been getting increasingly harder to blog over the weekends. CPT seems to like me around. hehe. And doesn't want me to disappear off to the ole computer or something like that. So here's the NEW an improved plan. Over the weekends, if I'm ahead of the curve, I've gonna pre-blog some WordArt. If I'm not, you'll just have to wait till Monday for a freebie. Can you all survive without me for a weekend? I think you can... hehe. Do it for CPT then. ha!

Anyway, it was his Birthday on Saturday!!! He had to wake up super extra early on Saturday morning (3am) for a youth temple trip! He and Tom and Jake were going to ABQ NM to the temple! Of course, Jake refused to wake up. Sigh. That child. CPT didn't mess with him. He took his, "I won't wake up" as a sign of insubordination, and left him. I'm not sure what's going on with Jake and the "I won't wake up", so I'm gonna ask the therapist next time we go...

Anyway, Tom and CPT were out of the house by 4am, and when the rest of the kids and I got up at 7:30am to get ready for ball games, I had 4 for the day. And Aspergers teen, and 4 kids that required adult supervision all day long. Oh the joy. Let the Saturday fun begin!

We had Joe's baseball game at 9, but had to be to the ball park at 8:30am. Kari and Julia (and Corby) were both there, and we all had fun chatting. I'd gotten a bit sunburned the day before, but it had already turned to tan! Oh yeah! Bring on the summer! Now, if I could just lose 30 lbs... hehe ;)

Julia took the little kids and Eme to the next game. It started at 10am. And this game didn't get over until 10:30. AND, I got my first call from my Miche magnet on my car! I was super excited! Yeah me!!!

After the boys' game (Astros), I took all the kids in my Suburban, and Kari and Corby went in her car, and we all headed to the little kids' game (Angels). We made the last 15 minutes of the game. They were adorable. A much different feel than the older kids. hehe. Kim was there, and we all said "hey", and visited for a bit.

I was slightly on edge from parenting Jake all morning long. He really didn't wanna be at the ball park. He was mostly being good. He was just bored. I THINK he had a lighter in his pocket. But he was denying it. And he's too big for me to pat him down if he doesn't want me to. I'd end up hurt. He said it was just a pointer light. He was trying to play catch with Joe and Leo and Corey and Alex. Which was fine and all, but when someone who weighs 230 (and doesn't know how to use their body the right way) tries to play catch with people who weigh 75 lbs, someone is gonna get hurt. It was stressful for me.

Anyway, what I wanted to do when the game got over was to go straight home and sleep. BUT, we didn't have food in the house. SO, we went to the commissary. And grocery shopped. With 4 children. OH yeah, totally living the dream! ha! And they were good, but naughty. And my nerves continued to be grated against. And about 1/2 way thru, the shopping cart was so full, I had to look for an additional one. By the time we checked out, it was $365 worth of groceries. Maybe I should shop for food more regularly.... ha!

We finally headed for home, then I remembered that I had to get a cake for CPT! He wanted a Dairy Queen cake. We've never bought one before, and we have one at the PX, so I ran in real fast. And bought the biggest one I could find. Oh yeah, those things are super spendy! And a box of dilly bars as a reward for kids for helping me carry in groceries. Because they WILL help carry in groceries. LOL.

We got home, and all ate some ice cream. It was hot in the suburban! hehe. Then started the daunting task of unloading and putting away all the groceries. And had about 45 minutes before we had to go to Hockey. Like I said, busy day!

I had just enough time for a part of a Vampire Diaries, then had to turn it off. I got Joe ready, and noticed that Jake had fallen asleep. Yeah, let sleeping dogs lie. We quietly left the house. hehe. I took everyone else, and went to pick up Kari and Leo. And off to hockey we went. We chatted, and the boys skated. And Jim played around in the stands. And the hour flew by. Then we headed back home.

I dropped Kari and Leo off at home, then Kim texted and said that she had some canned food that she didn't wanna take on her move. So I went over to pick it up. And we all went in. And I convinced her to come to Big Lots with me :) I left Eme and Joe and Jim at her house with her Middle schooler babysitter - oh yeah :) Jake was still sleeping :)

I found some Easter clearance stuff for my Miche parties for the ticket drawings, and a few other things that I just had to have. A toy for Boxer, and some cheap soap for the bathroom, and some shampoo that I like. Just typical Big Lots stuff. Oh yeah, and I earned my 20% reward! Score :)

We weren't there that long, really. Then we headed back. I collected my kids, and the canned food, then headed home. Jake had called while I was at Big Lots, wondering where everyone was. LOL. I said I was on my way home. We unloaded the stuff, and CPT called and said that he was almost home. Perfect timing!!!

We got the house straightened up just in time. We cooked Hamburgers for Dinner, then had the Ice Cream cake for dessert. It was a GLORIOUS birthday! And I don't remember the rest. LOL. See, this is why I like to blog each day. I did give all of the boy's (including Leo) hair cuts!

Sunday was a good day. Leo spent the night. And Kari's family and Kim's families came to church!!! That was super neat :)

After church, the power went out. I boiled some chicken and then we BBQ'd it. When the power finally came back on, we watched 2 episodes of Dr Who, then put kids to bed. I worked on cleaning the house for a few hours. I have a party on Tuesday at the house.

And yeah, that's all I can remember! So there, you are mostly caught up. hehe :)

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Sue said...

Family comes first! Don't sweat the weekends.

Thanks so much for all your fabulous free word art! :)

Nicole said...

Wow...and I thought my weekends were crazy!! ;) Hope CPT had a great birthday! Thanks for the WA! My stepdaughter just had a birthday so it'll definitely be put to use!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Apr. 24, 2012. Thanks again.

deb said...

Glad Capt had a great birthday. I totally understand not blogging on the weekends. :)

deb said...

Glad Capt had a great birthday. I totally understand not blogging on the weekends. :)