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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet C

Well, I made it through today without killing anyone. hehe. But it was close. Since I went to bed around 9pm with a migraine, I was up wide awake around 6am. I Facebooked for a while with my buddy Stephanie, then got up and got the kids ready for school.

And saw them off on the bus, then hung with CPT until he was ready to go to work. Then, I hopped in the shower and got ready. I'd already called around, and found out that the banks opened at 9am, and that I needed to go to a bank, open a checking account, deposit at least $7 (I had a check for $100 from my mom for Christmas that still needed deposited - oops), and THEN I could use their Cash Advance service for free with my USAA debit card. Otherwise, they wouldn't do it. Kinda a long process, but you just have to know what hoops to jump through, right?

I'd called USAA and had them raise my Cash Advance limit already too, so that I could get the cash for the Suburban. We'd texted the dude, and asked if he would prefer cash or check. Cash, he said, if that was possible. So we were trying for cash.

It was 9am by the time I was done with the shower, and 10:15am by the time I was done fixing my hair. Dude, it took WAY longer than I though.

Here I am, curls galore!!! I liked the finished result - hehe :)
After I was ready, I accessorized (orange today), and headed over to Kim's house. She was going to do errands with me before the "battery party". That still gets me.... Anyway, she had some papers to print, and by the time she got the printer to work, and by the time we got to the bank, it was 11am. And I had to be to the "party" at 11:30am. It was pushing it...

We waited in line for about 5 minutes, and it became evident that it was going no where. This wasn't going to be a quick process. So we cut our losses, and headed to the PX. CPT wanted me looking pretty and he got that. But he wasn't gonna get money before lunch. LOL :)

We went to the PX, and I brought in my 3 Miche classic shells that I didn't like. And I talked to the manager/supervisor dude. He looked a bit dubious about trading them out, but when I said that I would be willing to trade ALL 3 shells for the one big prima base, he seemed more inclined to "play ball". It was a good deal for him, because he could sell them for $30 a piece. I only paid $12.50 each. And it was a good deal for me, because the prima shell retails for about $50 and is HARD to find... And I've been looking! I was excited :) It was a win/win for both of us...

Isn't she pretty!!!We had to hurry out of there really fast, because I was quickly getting late for the "party". Kim dropped me off at the Battery headquarters, and I met CPT there. The room was packed with all of the soldiers. It was a mandatory meeting for them, and the spouses/families could come if they wanted. Some SGT was getting promoted, and a few spouses were getting awards. Apparently I was one of them. And THIS was the party that the commander and 1SG were making my hubby and the other 1LT's pay for... nice. SO not what the commander is supposed to do. That's what the Command or the FRG is supposed to do... Not MAKE/FORCE your 1LT's to do it... I was still mad, can you tell?

I caught up with one of CPT's buddies wife, and we hung. She felt EXACTLY the same way. So we hid in the XO's office and gripped about it the whole time. I LOVED it. hehe. CPT was glad that I was in there, because I wasn't gripping out lout and getting him in trouble. ROFL!

And here's a picture me getting my award for service. Now, those of you who have been with me during this deployment. WHEN did I ever blog about doing service for the FRG? Or service related to CPT's work? Cause I can't remember it.... So, basically, this award means nothing then, right? The commander just wants to feel like she has a lot of volunteers in her unit? I have no idea. Whatever. I'll accept your award. I hope that it doesn't lessen the award to those of you who actually EARNED it... (if you count the stuff that I did WAY before the guys deployed, like 2 years ago, well, then MAYBE...) Oh yeah, and whoever took this photo, um, you suck. Thanks for trying, though... (Bless his heart)
Me and CPT

It IS a pretty award...

So the awards were done, and everyone dug into the food. Subway sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, coblers, chips, sodas. It was a nice spread. After everyone had gone through the line, we went through, and got a plate too. And sat in the food room, and ate and talked. It was pretty enjoyable.

Then, the Commander and 1SG came in. And I could see CPT America look panicked. Like "Oh crap, I've keep them separated all this time, and she's gonna go all postal on them NOW!"....

1SG started to "tease" CPT about not paying enough money on the party. I didn't find it funny AT all. And then poke at us for having too many children. And I just had to get up and move. Because I was about to tell him off. I did the right thing.

And then, after almost all of the soldiers had left, Commander started to talk about where to put the leftover food, and about saving some of it for a future event. She was across the table, and I stepped up a little bit, and said "Oh, no, WE are dividing this food up between the 4 families here, and taking it home to our children. WE paid for it, so it is OURS". I think she got my point, because she backed down REAL fast.... And changed the subject. CPT turned a bit white there too. hehe. He's not used to the new aggressive me :)

But really? I paid for it, I'm totally talking how the leftovers! Not only did I pay for it, I was FORCED to have the party in the first place... Sigh. Don't get me started. This is the reason that I've had a migraine for the past 2 days.

While the guys took the stuff to the cars, I snapped a few pictures. hehe. I do that a lot, you know. Here's me and my new shell!!!

Luckily, that was the end of it, and everyone left. We cleaned it

Me and my new orange one. She came yesterday in the mail :)

After the "party" we headed straight to the bank. And waited FOREVER to open up a checking and savings account. But eventually got it all done. It's actually the credit union that our Stake President is the president of. Cool, huh! That's the reason that I picked it - hehe.

We signed papers, and did all the stuff that we needed to do, then got the cash advance. Oh yeah, $5000 in cash! That's a HUGE amount! Good thing it was in $100 and not in $20's, right? LOL :)
We had just enough time to head home, get the kids from the bus, leave them with Tom, then run on over and pay for the Suburban. Oh yeah, I was getting my new ride!!! We got there, and the dude said that he took it in for the emissions test, and that it had not passed because of an oxygen senson. If we drive for about 50 miles, it SHOULD reset. We'll see. He knocked $200 off the price, though. Sounded good to me :) We paid, and were on our way!!!!

The kids were SUPER excited when we brought it home! Our plan was to load everyone up in the truck, and head over to the movies, but Tom had let Eme go on a bike ride in the neighborhood, and she was MIA.... So much for the movies. grrrr. Kids! So we loaded up the kids we could find, and drove to the gas station instead and go get gas. Not as much fun as the movies... nope, not at all. But productive, and still a short ride in the new rig.

We had dinner (taco salad - with the lettuce and tomatoes from the "party"), and then watched an episode of Warehouse 13 with CPT. He'd never watched it before. Eme went to spend the night with Bella (Veronica's daughter). Jake had gone lifting at the gym with Justin (Kari's son). And came back at 7ish.

It was mostly a quiet Friday night. We put the kids to bed at 9pm. It's now 10pm. Not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow. You know us, though, we always find something to do :)

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marsie55 said...

Thanks for "C" .. gorgeous!! Well done for being so good at the party!! It is soooo hard to endure those things when you are not happy!! Ha ha ha, I love how you fixed the leftover food issue .. classic!!!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Feb. 04, 2012. Thanks again.

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