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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Star is Born

OK, so my family has been getting on me for my lack of photos. So, the rest of you, just bear with me here. I'm posting a TON of photos, so these should give my family the "fix" they were looking for - hehehe.

So first, on the way to church last Sunday for Stake Conference (30 minutes away or so), I saw the COOLEST thing ever. A Wal-Mart, that was only the grocery store part. WHO KNEW??? What a brilliant idea - hehehe. Miracles will never cease!

Here's me in the truck on the way to (or from, can't remember) church.

Here's our Stake Center, Mom. Isn't it pretty!

Here's some scenery pics from the way back home.

This is the view from the road the church sits on.

The view of the city from the Franklin Mountains.

Then, we drove up to Wiler Tramway, where Captain America had a morning PT one day. It was seriously, like STRAIGHT up in the air. Well, not really, because we drove up it, but it was pretty steep. You'll have to take my word for it :) Here's the view from the top parking lot.

And here's the tram. Captain America said he wanted to take me on it for a date, and I was like "there's no way in heck you'll get me in that death trap". Not my idea of a romantic date. More like torture. Ha! A case for knowing your audience - hehehe.

Ok, fast forward to Wednesday. Here's pictures from the Blue and Gold banquet. You remember, the one that was at 6:30, but we thought it was at 7:00. Yeah, that one. Here's the entertainment. It was pretty cool, I must say. They had a group who did Indian dancing come and perform. Here's the singers.

And the dancers. Jim and Eme are in this picture, having the Indian dancers teach them a dance.

And Tom is on the other side.

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon. Captain America, Jimmy, and I went to El Taco Tote and the Boy Scout shop between his morning and afternoon check-in. It was pretty fun. I LOVE the guacamole salsa they have there. And I hate avacados. Go figure on that one :) It's perfect for dipping chips and cucumbers :) Here's Captain America and Jim. Jim was TOTALLY loaded up on sugar. we'd gone to the doctor in the morning, and he'd gotten a big tootsie roll from the nurse. Then, at Captain America's Battery officer, one of the SGT's gave him a GIANT chocolate cookie. Then, at the Scout office, he got MORE chocolate. He was literally bouncing off the walls. Poor kid :) Yep, here he is sucking down some orange soda. Luckily I realized what I'd done and re-filled it with some light lemonade. Much better. ha!And, here's me.

And, skip ahead to Friday. Here's me, after my attempted Well Woman's visit (who knew that if "Johnny" was visiting, you coudln't get a PAP)(rescheduled for Tuesday), Captain America, Jimmy, and I went to the commisary. We had to get some crackers and some more apples.

See, Mom, that's the commisary :)

Then, at 7pm, we loaded up in the truck and headed downtown to the El Paso Rhino's Hockey game. Woohoo!!! Did you know that military families get in FOR FREE!!! Talk about a deal! We just had to show current Military ID's. SWEET! We might be going more often. Here's the kids and Captain America standing in front of the Rhino statue in front of the stadium.

And Captain America and I (aren't we cute together!)

And me again :)

And the game :)

During one of the breaks, they had this fancy car drive out from a local car dealership. People were able to purchase pucks, and throw them out onto the ice, trying to make it into the sun room. If you made it in, you got $5000. Sound do-able, right? Long shot, but do-able.

Check out the hole they expected you to get it into. I don't think people knew it was like that! Dang!And, the Zamboni, our personal favorite :) hehehe. We were sitting RIGHT next to where it was parked. We were on a set of bleachers behind the goal line. Good seats, but I swear those bleachers weren't hooked down, and I just KNEW that they were gonna tip over backwards. We were all sitting on the top, and it could feel it every time someone shifted weight. Captain America assured me we were save, and that it wasn't gonna tip over, but I worried about it the whole time - pathetic, I know. But, I'm happy to report that it did NOT tip over - ha!

Me and my kiddos at the hockey game :)

We got them popcorn at one point, and they sat quietly for about 10 minutes. We should have thought of that LONG ago - hehehe.

As the night wore on, we started looking for other things to entertain the kids. Here's some FUN pics of us. Jimmy and me :)

This one was HILARIOUS! Tom wanted a silly picutre, so he tucked his head inside his vest. Well, it looks like Jacob has a shrunken head on Tom's boday. Ha!Joe Joe has the most GORGEOUS eyes ever!

Here they are again. Dang, boy! You've got some killer eyes :)

And, about 20 minutes before we left, both Jim and Joe fell asleep. Here's me holding Jimmy.

And check this out. Several of my kids do this. Sleep with their eyes part way open. It's so NASTY! hehehe. He's dead asleep here, but his eyes just won't stay shut. I kept closing them, and they'd pop back open again - LMBO!!!

So, Mom, there's some pictures from my week. We've been having a TON of fun, and I even remembered my camera (see, Cheri, I do bring it SOMETIMES!)

OK, on to WordArt. No request today, since I was feeling a bit tired last night, and just wanted to pick a quick and easy saying. I thought this would be perfect on a layout with a little kids "play acting", or singing, or just being an all around ham. I know I have pleanty of those kinds of pictures - hehehe. Would also be great for pictures of Guitar Hero, for any of you who have that game :)

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and remember, leave some love if you like and apprectiate my work :) THANKS!!!


Also, just wondering if having multiple download sites is working for ya'all? (see that, I'm fitting in just fine here in Texas - ha!)

All rest - Harting


Sarah Barton said...

I liked the pictures too:-)

Anonymous said...

I have one who sleeps with his eyes partially open, too. Freaky isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great Wordart!

Anonymous said...

As always, I love it. Thanks!

Sharon B. said...

Love the new header on your blog. Actually the whole new design is nice.

Dawn said...

Hey girlie- there's a little something for you on my blog!!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing such WONDERFUL photos AND your AWESOME wa too! :) i am always just so amazed at all you do! it is so much FUN to visit you and see what you are up to at the time! hehe HUGS to you and your SWEET family! :) Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

Pat in Houston said...

Love all the pic of El Paso! Actually makes me miss the place. But mostly I miss my son. We are going to try to head that way in a couple of weeks, I will email you before we come, I still would love to take you to lunch. I love that you have given us a choice of how we download your word art, I look forward to it, and reading your blog each day. (when you going to do something about the game? MW?)
P in H

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the WA--and you have a beautiful family by the way!

Michelle from MD, USA said...

Beautiful WA as usual. I love reading your blog. I just wonder where you find the time and the strength to do all you do! Wears me out just reading about all you do!! TFS

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Sounds like you are adjusting to Texas well. Not sure how others write it but down in south Texas we've always spelled it ya'll. Although spell check is trying to tell me it's y'all. However you spell it, it's a joy to read your blog and see how you are loving life.

Sue said...

Thank you very much! This is a fun quote. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are just amazing how you can put wa together.. Downloaded a few today.. Thanks.. Love the photos, keep smiling. Hugs from Sammi.

Anonymous said...

Great wordart. Thank-you

Anonymous said...

thank you!
very cute photos.

S said...

Thanks, this is a great one!

Anonymous said...

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Breeoxd said...

aww you guys are so cute and youre so pretty! lovin all the catch up pics, those are the fun posts! thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi ,
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Anonymous said...

Hehe, I sleep with my eyes open too. It came in handy growing up as I was often able to stay up by acting like I was asleep. I watched a lot of TV and present wrapping that way, hehe.


It is so much FUN to visit your photoblog and see what you are up to at the time!

Thank you so much for sharing such WONDERFUL photos AND your AWESOME snaps too! :) I have several party favors and planning ideas for you. Thanks.

trissie said...

Thanks a lot for using your creations .
I love it ; )