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Friday, January 15, 2010

A Mother's Love

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TG(oodness)IF!!! Thursday was super long, and I'm SO glad it's over - LOL! Maybe Friday will hold less. Which will make it more. Because less is more, right?

Thursday dawned bright and early, before my alarm went off, to the joyous sounds of fighting. Eme and Joe were going at it in the kitchen. I had NO idea what about, but I could hear it from my peaceful sleeping. So I got up, stumbled to the bathroom, and finally went out to the dining room to see what was the issue.

There's Tom sitting at the table, reading a book. Eme and Joe have a TON of towels on the floor, trying to mop something up, and are YELLING at each other. The milk jug (remember, my expensive milk from the Shoppette (gas station)) is cracked and about 1/8 full, sitting on the table. Great.

I helped them continue to get all the milk up off the floor, and asked what happened. And the fight started again. I never did figure out what happened. Only that they were fighting, and the milk lost. Poor milk.

I poured the rest of the 1/8 of the jug into a container, and told Eme and Joe that they lost the privilege of eating Cereal for breakfast. They got peanut butter and jelly instead. I was gonna save it for Jimmy.

I remember telling the kids before I went to bed on Wednesday night, to wake up and take a shower. I looked at Eme, and it was TOTALLY obvious that she hadn't. Her hair still had "pony tail" marks in it. So I asked her if she'd showered, giving her the chance to say no.

"Yes, mom, I did" she repiled. Lied straight to my face.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes mom!"

"I can tell by your hair that you didn't".

*hangs head in shame*.

I sent her upstairs to take a shower. She didn't look to happy.

Next, I turned to Tom.

"Tom, you showered, right?"

"Yes, mom, I did".

"Then why do you still look dirty?"

"Well, because I woke up extra early to take my shower, then went outside to play".

I looked at his hands ,and they SEEMED clean. I looked at his clothes, and the SEEMED fine. I smelled his hair, and it was obvious that he hadn't showered. Another one lying to me. What th heck!

What do you do to kids when they lie? What's an appropriate punishment for that? I sent them both off to shower, then took them to school. I wasn't very happy about the whole lying situation. Not good, not good.

I came back home, and started to work on the "FRG Phone Tree". Sigh. There were 85 people in the unit. So I had to go through each name, and see who turned in a FRG info sheet, then decide where they were single with no kids, single with kids, married (dual military), or married.

Then decide whether they wanted contact with the FRG, and what kind. We had about 18 who wanted some kind of contact with the FRG. That's really not that many. How sad is that :( But I know that there's a TON of horror stories about bad FRG's out there. I wouldn't want to be involved in something like that, either.

I ended up working on it up until about 10:50am. I hurried and slapped on some clothes, and Jake and Jim and I headed up to the USO for free food. Fudruckers was coming to the USO to pass out free lunch! Score it!!!

Jake LOVES going to the USO because he can play X-Box. We got in line, and got our food, and went to a tiny little table to sit. Laurie and her friend were there with their kids too. One of the volunteers (one I'd never seen before) came over and told me that Jake wasn't allowed to play the gaming system unless he had a parent sitting with him. What? That was news to me. I was about 15 feet away, and in direct line of site. Still wasn't good enough. So I made him turn it off and come back with me.

OMGosh, he was upset. Looked like he wanted to slap someone. Or cry. It's hard to deal with disappointments when your 12, you know. He got a plate of food, and sat with us "old ladies" for about 30 minutes, and I put him out of his misery by going home. Without the bonus incentive of Jake being happy and occupied, the USO didn't really hold our attention long. That and there was a TON of people there, and our toddlers/preschoolers were becoming restless :)

I dropped the kids off at home, and headed out to my FRG planning meeting. I was meeting Angela (FRG leader) and a soldier at the coffee shop. We even got the compfy chairs this time! I thought that we were gonna go over the phone tree, but it turned out that we were planning a "Haiti Relief Drive" for the unit.

They'd contacted Red Cross, and found out what they needed. Mostly money at this point. But they said that in a few weeks, they'd need stuff like toilietries, bedding, non-perishable foods, clothes, that kind of stuff. So, we're gonna start collecting that stuff, then have it shipped down when they need it.

We figured out the exact working for the flier, and I was put in charge of making it. We'd need to get commanders approval, also. We did work on getting the phone tree organized, and I went through the list of "contact me" people, and gave it to our Key Caller volunteer. I'm SO glad that we got one of those. Latoya was her name. Seemed like a nice lady. I just met her for the first time today.

I loathe making phone calls. Really, it stresses me out. Big time. So having someone designated to make ALL the reminder phone calls makes me feel SO much better. Pfew!

We headed over to the battery to see commander, and ended up in the day room for quiet some time waiting. We finally got in to see him, and he gave us a bit more direction about what to do, and sent us on our way.

We stopped by Housing, and asked if we could put up fliers around the housing areas for our "refief drive". They said it was great! That we could even put a donation box inside the housing office. Sweet!

I got a text from one of my friends saying that the gate to school was going to be open this afternoon. Thank goodness! I left to pick up the kids from school at around 2:45 from the housing office.

I swung by Andreas house to see if she wanted to drive with me to get the kids. She did, so we headed up there together. Apparently, the Post Commander heard about the mess with the gate and the kids and the school and all, and opened the gate again between now and the 29th. On the 30th (of Jan), it will be closed, but hopefully they'll have a bus in place for the Ft Bliss students. THANK GOODNESS!!! I was pretty excited about it.

When I got home from dropping off Andrea at her house, I got a call from the school, and it was an automated message about the gate from the school. See, that's how you do it. Send a message to all of the families. Perfect! I was very pleased.

Tom got home a little after us, since he walked from his "extra PE" class. The kids played for a while, and I went to my room to "hide" for a bit. It'd been a busy crazy day, and I just needed to sit down and breath and read for a little while.

I made dinner for the kids, and we headed out the door at 5:55pm for Scouts. We were only about 4 minutes late - hehehe. The leader was a bit late in getting there, but it was ok. We got most of the meeting. I brought all of the kids, because after scouts, we were gonna go to the movie theater (1 building away) and see New Moon. The kids had been BEGGING to go and see it, since they hadn't yet.

Andrea and I hung out at Scouts, and the big kids (and little kids) played with toys and such. Joe had a great time with his Den.

We left a few minutes early, loaded up in the truck, and headed to the theater. 2 minutes later, we were there. hehehe. Tickets were only $0.99 (and Jimmy was free because he's young), and we got double stamps towards our free popcorn. Since I bought 6 tickets (well, 5, but it was 6 people), we got 12 stamps. And it only took 10 to get a free med popcorn and med soda. The kids were SO excited!

We sat a girl form school in line, and waved and found out where she was sitting. We sat a few rows back from her. And then my friend Jessi from church (she came to the last New Moon movie with us) and her friend came and sat directly behind us! Yeah for friends to visit with!!! She was Toms Sunday school teacher for a few weeks last year, and she's Eme's Activity Days leader at church.

Eme went back and sat with Jessi and her friend, and the boys and I in the next row. Jake, Tom, Joe, Me, and Jim. Well, if there was a scary part, it was 2 little boys vying for my lap. That was fun. ROFL! I decided that New Moon was designed to be watched Kid free for your maximum viewing pleasure. hehehe. BUT, I think the kids enjoyed it. They seemed pleased, anyway.

With about 20 minutes to go, Captain America finally got off work and joined us. It was a very nice surprise! I don't even know if he had to pay to get in, since it was almost over. Either way, $0.99 is a good price to pay for almost 30 minutes snuggle time in the movie with your husband (and 2 little boys).

We came home, and put the kids to bed. Everyone was tired. I felt bad that they're gonna be sleepy in the morning, but know it was worth it for our family date night. Captain America will get to sleep in in the morning, since he has the day off. But he's gotta work a little bit. Apparently they have inspections at work, which I don't know what that means, but he's been stressing about it for the past few days. Poor guy. I love you, sweetie!!!

It's 11:30 already (HOW did that happen), and I need to design a freebee real quick and I'm off to bed. I wanna be to sleep before midnight. That would give me 7 hours, and I think I can survive on 7 hours....

This WordArt request is from Chelsea. What a great quote, girl! I LOVE it :) Hope you like the WordArt! Click on the llinks below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Kim said...

Wow Bethany, another gorgeous release. I really love your collab too. I hope someday you will make (and sell) SVG files to cut vinyl on the Cricut - your work is just amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Jan. 15, 2010. Thanks again.

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Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

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Thank you so much Bethany on "A Mother's Love"!!! It looks great. I love your new releases too. You must have so much fun making these creations!

Tami said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie.

Emily said...

So cute and true! Thank you :)

clubiani said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful talent!