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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Children of God

Another busy day at the Harty Household... I heard the kids at about 7:30am, but ignored them, and went back to sleep. Hehehe. I woke up at around 8:30am, and went out to see what they all were doing. I turned on Saturday morning cartoons for them, ate some breakfast, and at 9am, went to wake up Captain America.

We had a Cub Scout activity at 10am, and I knew he wanted to come. It was a crazy hour as we got everyone ready to go. It was 26 degrees when I woke up, so we bundled up a lot. Hats and scarves and gloves and coats. The works. Everyone was sweating by the time we got to the truck. LOL!

We went to Old Fort Bliss for our Cub Scout Tiger's Go-See-It. It was pretty cool. I'd driven by it almost daily, but hadn't gone inside. It was pretty neat. The time period of the artifacts was just right before the Civil War. 1850's. Pretty cool stuff. The kids had fun picking out the stuff that they recgnized, or that we had. Tom saw a bugle very similar to his. We noticed the lanterns that looks just the same as our. And some things that we didn't have, that looked pretty cool. Like the clay pots, which were very cool. Tons of neat stuff there.

They had about 6 buildings set up on display. The Tiger cubs (1st grade) were kinda hard to keep focused, but the older siblings learned a lot - hehehe. My favorite part was when the boys would see a jack rabbit in the field, and all take off chasing it. There was no hope to catch it, but the boys didn't know that. TOO funny :)

The field trip was tying up at 11am, and Captain America and the Old Fort Bliss lady stood around and chatted about possible Civil War reenacting possibilities for about 45 minutes. The kids ran and played for part of the time, and sat in the truck for the last 10 minutes. We got out of there at about 10:45am. We went back home, changed out of our scout stuff, and headed out for lunch. We thought that we'd give El Taco Tote a try with the kids. It wasn't my idea of a good place to go (it's too spicy for me, so what will the kids think???), butCaptain America really wanted it, and I wanted him to be happy.

While driving, he got a call, saying that the Young Mens activity that he thought was at night, was actually at 1pm. Sigh. It was almost noon now. There wasn't time for both. SO, we headed to Big Lots to buy a gift for Joe's friends b-day party, picked up some Burgers from Burger King, and headed back home.

Joe was 10 minutes late for the party, but it was fine. He had a lot of fun. Captain America got ready and headed out for Ice Skating. I had about 35 minutes before I had to go to the next party :) Busy day, I know ;)

Jake and Tom opted to stay home and play Wii/computer, and I drove Eme and Jim over to Laurie's daughter Katya's party. The just live a few blocks away. Jake and Tom would be home for when Joe got home.

Jimmy and Eme had SUCH a good time at the party. There were a TON of people there. Lauire has 4 kids, plus herself, plus her mom and dad, plus her inlaws and sister in law, plus her sister, brother-in-law, and their kids, plus a friend from her husbands unit and her 2 kids, plus our friend Kayley and her 4 kids, plus me and my 2. Like I said, a house full. But it was fun!

They had hot dogs and chips and a veggie tray and some snacks. The kids had fun playing on the trampoline, and in and out of the house, and eating. They played a "pin the tail on the donkey" game, but without a tail or donkey. It was something with pawprints, I think. I wasn't paying that close attention - hehehe.

Around the time for cake, I called Jake and had him and the others walk over. That was around 4pm. They had a hot dog, and some ice cream, and watched Kayta open presents, and we headed home.

We got there at the same time Captain America was getting home from skating. He had to turn and go to a "Friends of Fort Seldon" meeting, his Civil War reenacting group. It was their annual meeting where they talked about the direction of the group and such. Captain America want's to see it be more "historically accurate". He asked me to come too, but I opted to say at home with the kids.

I gave Jake instructions to let the kids ONLY eat salad, since the rest of the day was filled with junk food, and went to take a nap. I was fried. I got to sleep from 4-5. At 5pm, I woke up, and helped the stragglers get some salad (sometimes the big kids are only helpful to themselves - hehe), and honestly, I don't remember what I did between 5 and 7. I think I was on the computer for a bit. Maybe it took me longer to wake up at 5pm. Maybe it was more like 5:30 before I went out. Who knows.

At 7pm, I told the kids to shut off all electronics, and start on their chores. In about an hour, the house looked MUCH better. I sent the big kids to their rooms to read, and helped the little kids clean their room. I helped them with their prayers, tucked them in, and turned out the light. I had to go back in about 5 minutes later for something, and realized that they were both awake. And sleeping in the same bed.

I heard Joe saying "We slept in my bed last night, so it's your beds turn tonight". ROFL! They were both squishing into a twin bed. SO, I rearranged the room, so that both twin mattresses (we don't have bed frames - I know, we're ghetto...) were side by side. Like one big bed. At least if they're gonna sleep in the "same bed", this way they'll have a TON more space :)

I spent from 8-9 cleaning. The dishes needed done, and the sink needed washed. I did some laundry, and spot mopped a few areas in the kitchen. I folded some clothes, and picked up the few areas that the kids missed in their chores. Really, the house looked "company worthy" when I was done. Now, lets see how long I can maintain this - hehehe.

Captain America got home at around 9:30ish, and we'd talked about going to a movie, but I didn't really feel like it. We were both kinda tired. We were just gonna hang out for a bit, then go to bed early.

I was on the computer right before he got home, and saw Andrea online. She'd gotten back from the hospital! She said that Luke (2o months) was doing MUCH better. Thank goodness.

She said that he needed a prescription, but she didn't want to go out late by herself on a Saturday night. Captain America said that I could go with her, if that would make her feel better. I think she was glad :)

It felt like I hadn't seen the girl in FOREVER! She explained how she'd gone to the Army hospital with Luke, thinking they'd give him a breathing treatment. Then they transferred him to a hospital with a children s department. And she rode behind the ambulance in her car. And when she parked and went into the hospital to see him, that they wouldn't let her. It took her 2 hours to be with her infant son again. Oh, she was NOT happy.

And she's not one to let her displeasure go unheard :) EVERYONE at the hospital knew that she wasn't happy about it. But it didn't speed up the process any. Dang! The doctors had determined that Luke is allergic to El Paso. Well, really it's Jaurez. There's SO many pollutants in the air, it's not funny. Who knows what they burn for heat down there. There's this haze over Jaurez in recent days with the temperatures dropping. EVERYONE is getting sick. Sigh.

Anyway, Luke got out at 6pm tonight. They told her that she had to go to the pharmacy, and get him his medicine for an evening treatment. So we were headed to the Army hospital to use their "in patient" pharmacy to get his prescription filled. We were 2nd in line, and there was NO one at the counter. The chickie in front of us rang the buzzer, but no once came. Some army guy doctor/nurse came down the hall behind us, and asked if we'd been helped. No, we tell him. He says he can help us. So he goes to the window, dings the bell, just like the chickie in front of us.

Well, someone comes to the window, and the dude proceeds to get HIS order filled. He just TOTALLY took cuts. After he left, Andrea asked the chickie about it, and was like "Can you believe that that guy just took cuts? If that's helping, I don't need help!"

She puts in her prescriptions, and leaves, and it's our turn. But there's no one behind the counter. Another Army doctor/nurse guy comes, and looks like he's gonna do the same thing, so while we're waiting, Andrea tells him about the other guy, and was like "Yeah, he TOTALLY cut in front of us, and if that's help, I don't NEED help". The guy got the hint and waited patiently behind us - ROFL!

So Andrea gets her turn, and the lady tells her that because it's from a different hospital (because he was transferred to a facility with a childrens unit), he can't get the prescription filled there. Ohhh, she was not happy. They said that we could take it to Walgreens (70 bucks), or wait till Monday. Luke was supposed to get a treatment on Saturday night and Sunday night. Not Monday morning.

Andrea told the woman that she wasn't going to pay $70 for the prescription, and that she'd just take her son back to the ER if he had problems. Didn't phase the woman at all. Poor Andrea. She wasn't happy.

On the way back home, we talked about why the medicine costs so much. Most prescriptions in the army cost $3 or $9. $3 for generic, and $9 for the real stuff. BUT, if there's a generic, the army makes you take it. And the doctor prescribed the real stuff. Not the generic. And there was a generic. So insurance wouldn't cover it, unless we went to the army hospital. Which wasn't open until Monday. Sigh.

So we talk about maybe getting the generic (for $3) would be better than waiting till Monday. So we take a chance, and drive to a 24 hour Walgreens. And wait. And wait. And wait. And finally, a guy comes out. Andrea asked him if he could tell her how much it would cost, and he said that it wouldn't be until 2am that he could help us. That there were 18 prescriptions waiting in front of her. What? He couldn't even look at the prescription? That's not cool.

On the way home (for real this time), she said that maybe there's a reason that she couldn't get the medicine. Maybe Luke doesn't really need it. Maybe something else is supposed to happen. But it seemed like everything was keeping her away from the medicine. I just hope that little Luke is OK during the night.

I think they decided that until he moves from El Paso, he needs to be on a preventative inhaler of some sorts. Steroids. Not fun for a baby.

So we got back home at 11:30pm, and my family were all asleep. I snuck in my room, grabbed my laptop, and came to the couch. And noticed that there were only 1 of the 4 new decorative couch pillows. I didn't turn the lights on, but where could they be? They were there when I left. I wonder if a small child snuck out, grabbed a few, and went back to bed. But how random is that. Maybe the mystery will be solved Sunday...

Oh yeah, and Mom, I have pictures from Old Fort Bliss, but they're on my camera. And it's 12:30am on Sunday morning, and I should probably go to bed. But I'll try and get them on for tomorrows post. I'll try :)

I thought that this quote was just PERFECT, so I made it into a WordArt for you all! Hope you like it :) Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Jan. 10, 2010. Thanks again.

Joelle said...

Thank you!!

Kim said...

So beautiful, Bethany - thanks again for sharing your creations.

one cute blog said...

Love this... thanks!

Can I request the new YM/YW theme of the year? It's: Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the aLORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Joshua 1:9

Thanks Bethany!!! I appreciate all the work you do SO much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 10 Jan [LA 09:56pm] - 11 Jan [NY 12:56am, UK 05:56am, OZ 04:56pm] ).

LAURA said...

thanks so much! I agree, can you do the new yw theme?

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Phew I'm tired just reading your day!

Thanks for the freebie, very inspiring!

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thank you