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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hey y'all! Or should I say "hal-lo", like the Tina Tina girl from SNL with the horns and the doorbells. hehehe. We were talking about that today at the mall - ROFL! I showed it to Captain America tonight, and we laughed and laughed so hard - hehehe. Click HERE to see what I'm talking about.

SOOOO, busy day today. But I got almost all done that I wanted to get done, so it was productive. Well, almost all. I woke up at 7am, and was SOOO tired. Like wanted to get toothpicks to prop my eyes awake while getting Joe dressed, tired. I finally got the kids out the door and to the bus stop, when Andrea texted. Saying she wanted to go walking. Dang. And I was SO looking forward to a nap. :( hehehe. BUT, I knew that a walk would make me feel better, so I got ready, and went.

Veronica was there too, and the 3 of us walked for about 45 minutes. It was pretty good. After the walk, we went grocery shopping together. My printer woudln't print, so I just jotted down al lthe things I was pretty sure we already were full of. Have you every heard of an "anti shopping list"? Well, that's what I did. We don't need this, and we don't need that - hehehe.

After shopping, Hilary was at my house. She and Andrea and I and Jacob made short work of those groceries. Andrea went home, but not before being chased by a cockroach. Well, actually it was by Hilary, but it was because she was holding a Cockroach. Poor girl. I didn't know she could scream so loud, though.

I checked my email real fast, changed clothes, and off we went. We picked up Laurie, and headed to Olive Garden. Andrea and her mother in law and Vernoica were coming in their own rig. We all met there, with Andreas other friend, Radiene. We had a good lunch. Lots of soup and salad and breadsticks. Laurie even bought a cheesescake, and we shraed it. Mmmmmm, it was SO yummy.

(ps, if this post doesn't flow well, just blame the Niquil. I think it's starting to kick in....)

Olive Garden is always so much fun with your fiends. Especially 7 of your girlfriends! When we were done, we walked to the mall. Andrea had something she needed to exchange at Dillards, so we went there with her. Hillary and I were messing around on the escalators, and hurt ourselves. We're such dorks.

Also, one of the companies were giving away paper bunny ears, and we got some of those too. See how hawt we are :)
Check out the abs on this poster. We just had top and oogle them....

I know there's another pic of us floring around somewhere, but I can't seem to find it at the moments. Good look on my facebook page. I think it's there...

We went and watched Andrea and Veronica get their eyebrows threaded. Yeah, I'm almost out of money for the month. hehehe. No threading for me. I'll just have to pluck.

We got back to Lauries house at about 3pm, and were back to my house by 3:20pm. I can remember trying to get something done before the bustop, doctor wise (um, yeah, see, niquil speaking), that should be work wise, I think, before the bus stop, but had to run out at 3:30.

Hung out in the SUPER windy afternoon, and almost got blown away. Seriously. It was bad. ON the way home, I got sand in my eyes, and grit in my teeth. Nasty !

Anyway, come home, and sit down to try and repackage a few things. You know, I have over 450 WordArt packs. That's a TON of things. So I repackaged one thing, and realized that, um, yeah, that was too much work for me. I'm such a whimp.

I had a stroke of genious, though. I hate repackaging stuff. SUCH a pain . So I advertised for a "WordArt Repacking Job" on my facebook. And I got quite a few people wanting to repackage things. I told the chicke that I picked that I wanted it by the end of the day (sorry, niquil) month , and she said it was fine. That she'd repackaged things for other designers before. Sweet! That's a HUGE stress off my shoulder

I chatted on gmail with her for a while, and gave her the directions and such. Seemed like a real nice lady. She lives in Seaside Oregon, which is near where I'm front. Awe, Oregon Coast

(Keep pushing on - you can do it - just finished off the day, already....)

At 7pm, Captain America finally got home from work. At 7:30pm, Captain America and I headed out the gate and to our dinner. We were going to Rudys BBQ place. He really likes that part (niquil), um, that place. It's super good. The turkey is my favorite.

We sat around and ate and chatted and watched a little basketball (well, I looked in that general vicinity once or twice), then headed for the movies. On Post theater was playing Dear John, whcih I waven't seen, and the off post theater was playing "When In Rome", which I had seen. We settled for When in Rome, because it started at 9:20, and because we could always go and see it on Saturday on post.

We got to the movie ,and there were teens everywhere. With the boys with the tight pants and the girl shirts and hair. Sigh . I'm SO glad I'm not the teen today.

The movie was funny, and the audience was laughing too. Especially that chicke in the front row who has the SUPER obnoxious laugh. hehehe.

After the movie ,we came back home, and didn't even get checked at the gate guards. Score it!

So here wer are, 12;30pm, and I'm ready for bed. I am . I'm alreayd falling asleep. See my typing is ogoing. Very quicly. Downhil...

Hilary, babe, this one's for you :)

Click on the link below to go to my accoutn to downlaod the PNG file, and leave somel ove fi you liike my work. Yeah, I'm real tired. This is taking foerever...

K, its the next day, and OMGosh, that post sucks - hehehe. I'm gonna leave it, though, because it's funny. I was totally falling asleep. I can't believe I couldn't even link up the WordArts... hehehe. Anyway, here it is, all fixed and linked up. With the REAL WordArt, not the preview - ha!


I really hope that I did this right. (OK, niquil talking). Yeah, I should go to bed. I'm sleepy. I don't know whta I'm doing - hehehe. Off I go - nighty night :)


Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

YAY! I like the word art Whaaaat?! I don't like the one time you spelled my name with 2 L's! Haha!

I went to Laurie's at 1130 since my whole house was awake and I had waaaay too much caffeine in my system from that headache all day! Yeah, I didn't get home until 0330! I got up when Paul's alarm went off at 0530! YIKES!

0710 now and I have to be to Julie's in an hour with a shower done, make up, and my hair in piggy tails! She's gonna make me spray half white and half red! WHAAAAT?!
But NO SCRUNCHY thanks to you! Hehehe!

I am ready for bed! Oh and go proof your post! Haha! I prolly need to proof my comment as I can barely see straight!

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

I mean my whole house was ASLEEP not awake!

She's gonna make me spray my hair half white and half red!

Ok...I proofed mine! Haha!

Carol said...

Houston, we have a problem! lol The 4 shared link doesn't work and the box.net downloaded the preview. Thanks for all your hard work and hope you feel better soon. :0)

Katherine said...

Neither dowload is working.

Bethany said...

Hilary, you're TOO funny - hehehe. My whole post was FULL of typos, yet you notice the one time I spell your name wrong? ha! It was the Niquil talking, my dear - hehehe. Don't blame me! Or was it the Burgunduy??

Sorry, girls, for the Niquil induced post. I should have blogged and designed THEN took the Niquil. hehehe. BUT, it's all fixed now :)

And whats up with the Girls Night Out without me!! Brent was totally asleep by 11:30..... :)

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave.com in the DigiFree category today [27 Mar 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Anonymous said...

I like the word..
Bethany, I sent it u a message...Did u receive it dear?
Nice day


Tammy Dunlap said...

Both downloads are the preview when I open them. Nyquil must have hit hard! Lol!Do like the word art though! TY!

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

GNO with you on Niquil would have been funny! Should have texted you but didn't know when date night was over!

I noticed all the mistakes since I'm OCD about it! But I always see my name misspelled! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

ckcpurple said...

Nyquil blogging is hilarious!!! Loving this WA, too!