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Friday, April 30, 2010

When The Wind Blows

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Tired.... again..... It's almost 1am. Really, I need to go to sleep. But I've gotta blog first. Luckily I've already designed and uploaded and hosted and everything, so I just gotta chronicle my day - hehehe.

I was up at 7am, but I was dragging. Super tired. But, I managed somehow. I got the kids ready and out the door at 7:30am, then got ready for a walk. The girls were actually gonna go. It'd been a while since we all went - hehehe.

AND, Andrea came with us. We found out yesterday (I'm not sure how long she's known, but not told me...) that her son, Luke, does NOT have MRSA. Thank goodness! And thank you all for your prayers :) He had a nasty virus, but they don't know what.

She added it up, and he's been sick with some kind of illness every 2 weeks since early March. He was in the hospital then, and has since had this mystery illness, Chicken Pox, Hand & Foot disease. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Poor kid. Taking all those steroids for breathing issues because of El Paso air is REALLY wreaking havoc on his poor immune system. SO, Andreas just preparing herself for a very sick baby every 2 weeks. Sigh.

ANYWAY, Veronica and Laurie and Andrea and I went walking. And Kayley caught up with us on the way back. It was a nice walk. Fast-ish pace. Great company. Warm, and windy. It was perfect :)

After the walk, I stayed and chatted at Andreas house for a few minutes. He cat had not come home after being outside a few days ago. She was pretty upset about it. She was making plans to go and visit the animal control place, and see what they could do for her. Miriam seemed like a nice cat. Poor thing. Wonder where it went?

I came back home, and cleaned up a bit, and helped kids with homework and such, and relaxed for a bit. I really wanted a nap, but it didn't happen.

I hung out with Captain America at lunch time. He was home at 11:45ish, and we hung until around 1:15pm. I was supposed to have a primary presidency meeting tomorrow at noon-ish, but Hilary had to work tomorrow during lunch. But was supposed to be off today at 1:30. SO, we moved around the meeting.

BUT, Captain America, with the money from selling his amp for his guitar, was gonna get his old truck worked on today. So he'd arranged for it to be towed to the hobby shop. But then got called into work unexpectedly. He had to drive clear across post (to Biggs) and drop something off. And the tow truck dude was supposed to be here. Anytime.

SO, I waited until the tow truck dude came, did what he had to do, and left, then went to my meeting. I was only 10 minutes late, and actually, I was the first to arrive. Ha! You girls were ALL later than me - hehehe.

We planned our upcoming Quarterly activity for primary. I think it's really gonna be a great one :) I've got some promo stuff to do for it. Tomorrow may be a good day to work on it :)

After the meeting, I hurried home, dropped off the truck, and walked to the bus stop. I got there after the bus, met the kids across the street, and started walking home. OMGosh, was it ever windy. Dust blowing, 70 mph winds. CRAZY! We couldn't even see the mountains.

Anyway, I crossed the road, holding Joe's hand, kinda dragging the poor kid, so we could get home faster, and I had my hoodie pulled partially over my face, with my head down, because it was SO dusty, and guess what?

I totally ran into a pole. I'm just glad it didn't knock me over, because there's people at the bus stop I don't wanna look stupid in front of. hehehe. I hit hard. It was a pole with a big ole flashing lighted sign on it, that tells you to go 15 mph in the school zone. My headband scrapped on my head, making a 2 inch cut in my head. And broke the headband.

See that red line? OK, so it's not serious. Not like stitches or anything. But it LEFT A MARK!!!

Luckily, it wasn't deep. It didn't bleed, but scratched the crap out of it. And was sore and burned. I got home, checked it out, and sat down to design. I had 3 WordArt packs to make before Scouts. I had to hustle.

I got them done, and sent the previews to my preview maker, Joy. She's amazing. Really makes my job MUCH more easy, you know :) Thanks, girl! I really appreciate you :)

At 5:00pm, I was done. Well, done enough. I'd done all the designing. That's the part that takes creativity,. The rest is just busywork - hehehe. I got hot dogs for the kids for dinner, since my plan to make homemade pizza fell apart. I didn't have time to do it. So hot dogs it was.

We loaded up in the truck at 5:30pm, and headed to Chuck E Cheese. Joe's Tiger Cub (Cub Scouts) group had earned a pizza party, and all of the families were invited. I decided that it was more cost effective to not go with the group rate ($6 per person - 2 slices pizza & 16 tokens) but do my own thing. I had coupons, and ended up getting 2 Adult Sized sodas and 260 tokens for $44. The kids had that much money from allowance that I'd never passed out last month. Or maybe I planned it that way - hehehe.

The kids each got 40 tokens, and Captain America and I got 30. Yeah, I used 3 of mine, and gave the rest away - hehehe. It's nice to have older kids, cause they really just do their own thing. They all went off with their tokens and played. I only put 10 at a time in Joe and Jim's cups, because I was afraid that they'd lose them. You know how little boys are.

Here's Joe with his Den and Den Leader

And Joe with his Dad

It seemed to work pretty good. Captain America didn't come with us in the truck, but met us there. He helped out with the Cub Scout ceremony party, and then went to play games too. Andrea was there with her son, and she and I and another mom sat and chatted the whole time. And I texted Hilary until my phone died. :( I hate it when my phone dies. I'm not sure what to do without it (LOL)

So I just went to check my texting numbers, and I have 5800 something since the 6th of the month. hehehe. That's sending or receiving 250 texts a day. Yeah, that sounds about right - hehehe. That's getting or sending a text every 4 minutes for my waking hours. Sad, I know - hehehe. I'm just staying connected, that's all!

Hilary's WAY got me beat. She has over 11,000 texts this month. She's more chatting than I am, I think :) Anyway, we had fun hanging at Chuck E Cheese. Well, as much fun as one can have there. My hands kinda smelled like Chuck E Cheese coins, which was nasty. Metallic, sweaty, grubby, grimy little kid hands. Nasty, eh?

So the party started to die down around 8pm, and Andrea left. And my phone died. So I went and did a few games with the kids. Tom and Jake wanted me to "ride the rollercoaster" with them. It's a simulator. I like it :)

We left Chuck E Cheese at about 8:50pm, and headed home. LATE nite. We didn't even get home and in the house and situated until 9:30m. Laurie was supposed to go back to Leslie's house and get her "low lights" put in, but she didn't go over. I guess, cause I wasn't there. So it was too late for Leslie by the time I got back from Chuck E Cheese, so we're gonna have to do it another day ;(

I loaded my store, and did the stuff that I needed doing, and watched some TV while doing it. And here it is, 1:35am. How did that happen? How did it get so late? I remember sitting down at 10pm, and thinking I'd be asleep by midnight. HA! oh well :(

So tomorrow is Friday, and I have my appointment with the Podiatrist. For my plantar warts. I'm thinking it's just a consult, and that they won't do anything yet. But I don't know. We'll find out tomorrow, I guess. Better make sure my feet are clean. hehehe.

So, I've Teamed up with Jen from Graham Like the Cracker again! I just LOVE her stuff. She has a new kit out, "When The Wind Blows", and she wanted me to make some WordArts with her kit! Woohoo for me - hehehe.

Click HERE to go to Jen's blog, to pick up a WordArts by me on her blog. Then click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


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