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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where's my LAPTOP??

Hey girls :) Well, bad news. Well, I guess in the grand scheme of things, it's not really bad news, but for you today, it is. We brought my laptop and Captain Americas broken laptop to Illinois. Mine and his were both in my carry on. Well, he picked out the one he thought was his and gave it to his brother to take a look at. So when I pulled out mine tonight to design, you guessed it. It's at his brothers house. SO, no photoshop. No way to design. Sigh. I can blog on a different computer, but I can't design.

Hilary suggested that I just blog about my day today, and then give out two freebies tomorrow. And you know what? That's what I'm gonna do, because she had a GREAT idea!

So be sure and come back tomorrow. I'll have something special for you :) I promise :)

I have a ton of pics, but I can't get them on this computer, since I don't own it. Tomorrow. I'll get them on here tomorrow. I promose :)

Anyway, today was a super long day. I got up at 3:45am, showered, and finished last minute packing. Hilary and Paul came over at 4:30am to pick us up, and drive us to the airport. Captain America went off to the American Airlines terminal, and me to the United Airlines.

It was a bit of a wait to get my bags checked in, but I chatted with some nice chickie, so it was all good. After checking my bag, I headed thru the security station, and waited even longer. And it took me 4 passes to get through security. Who knew my hair pretty was actual metal. LOL!

I boarded the plane, and we were off shortly. It was a relatively tiny plane, but not too bad. Sometimes those small planes are scary - LOL!

So I designed 2 WordArt packs on the short flight from El Paso to Denver. I really should have slept for a while, but yeah, no. hehehe. Once in Denver, I had to go from gate 88 to gate 57. In under 30 minutes. Crap! Good thing in Denver they don't have gates 60-70 in numerical order - ROFL! I made it on time, cause it skipped from 80 down to the 50's. Whatever. I'm not gonna complain. I even had time to go to the bathroom.

And of course the second the plane touches down, I'm texting - LOL! Cause texting is fun. I mostly texted Hilary, but I texted the kids, and Laurie, and Captain America, and my mom, and my sister. Yeah, what did we do before texting? Talked on the phone, I guess. LOL!

Anyway, we boarded, and I'm telling you, the plane was TINY! Whaaaaat? That's my plane? I don't think so! I tried to take my carry on suitcase on board, but they made me put it under the plane. But both of the laptops were in there, and I didn't want them under the plane. So I carried them on board.

There was one row on one side, and two rows on the other side. 18 deep. Yeah, small plane. But the flight went relatively fast. I designed a WordArt pack before the battery died, and listened to my MP3 player and read my book for a bit. And tired to nap, but yeah, it wasn't happening.

Once in St. Louis, I got my carry on back back, got my checked luggage, and even got the paperwork done for the rental car. And waited for Captain America. And texted some more. Kids were doing fine at home, according to the "babysitters". I ate my lunch, and waited for Captain America to get there.

He got there about an hour after me. We headed to the shuttle to go to the rental car place. Yeah, humidity is NOT my friend! I'll take the dry, 20 degree hotter weather in El Paso ANY day of the week. Humidity makes it where you can't even breathe :)

Anyway, we finally made it to the rental car place, and looked for our compact. Yeah, they were out. So they upgraded us to the next level up for free. Sweet! We got our car, and headed towards Edwardsville.

We stopped at Circle K for a drink, and I was SO excited that they had both Diet Dr Pepper AND Diet Mt Dew. So I got a 44 oz of BOTH. Yeah, maybe a little excessive, but I was going on 2 hours of sleep....

We continued on to Edwardsville, and got to Captain Americas brothers house. Where his parents live too. It was SO good to see everyone. We all sat around and chatted for a while, having a good time visiting.

We had dinner (Talapia!), then his Mom and his Sister came to Aldi's with me. It's the AMAZING store that sells cheap food. Well, inexpensive food sounds better - LOL! They don't have it where I live. Sniff.

Anyway, we got some groceries, then went to Walmart and got a few things. Yeah, we were laughing SO hard I thought I was gonna wet myself a few times - hehehe. Thanks, Adrienne and Carol, for the FUN shopping trip :)

We came back to Captain Americas brothers house, and got ready to go to the other brothers house. We ended up getting their pretty late. Some of their kids were gone at a church dance, so we visited until they got home, visited a tiny bit longer, and everyone started getting ready for bed.

Which is when I realized the laptop was gone. Actually, at first, I thought someone had stolen it. Yeah, I was MAD! Then when I found out it was just over at Captain Americas brothers house, I was more ok. But just annoyed that someone had messed with my stuff, and it wasn't where I wanted it to be when I wanted it to be there. Know what I mean?

SO, we're waking up tomorrow morning and going to a BIG family reunion. Should be fun. Wonder if I'll meet people on Captain Americas side of the family that I've never met before? Probably :)

And, I promise that I'll get my laptop back. And design you something special. To make up for it. Sigh. I can't believe I didn't pre-publish. Sigh.

So, don't click on the link, because it's not there. Because I failed to prepare. I'll be better next time, I promise :)


Dinphy said...

Your title made me think you lost the laptop, (guess just like you did first) I'm so glad for you it only got misplaced and you now where it is!
Enjoy your time there. Freebies are fun, (and yours are awesome!) but gees girl, don't sweat about missing one!

Hifam said...

You are so generous to offer a freebie a day. I can't think of anyone else who does that. You are amazing! Hope your trip is nice.

Lisa said...

Holy cow, girl! Don't worry about not having a word art for us! Take a break! Enjoy your vacation! You deserve it! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points! Sorry!!!!!!! ;D

Breeoxd said...

have a great time! Im off to a family reunion vaca this week too, and I cant wait. theyre fun sometimes! :)

jan farnworth said...

sometimes it fun to just blog and get it all out. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer but your story was fun to read anyway. have a great day.

Alli grins said...

Agreed! You are very kind to give us a freebie every day, so no worries! Please relax and enjoy your vacay. One question... why did you and your hubby take different flights? Cheaper tickets? Don't want to take the risk and fly together in case something happens to your plane? I'm just curious... Have a great trip!