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Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Cake is Yummy!

Howdy girls... You know how some days are pretty decent, sprinkled with a little crappy? Well, today was the opposite for me. Sigh. I need to get out of this funk I've been in. I'm not liking feeling this way...

Quick question - what do YOU do when you feel in a funk? How do you break free of it, and get to feeling like yourself again?

Anyway, woke up at my normal Sunday morning time, and got ready for church. Got all the kids ready, and were almost ready to leave the house, and Captain America and I got in another fight. Sigh. I'm getting tired off all the fights. I know everyone fights. It's part of life and marriage. I'm just getting weary of it. And we fight about SUCH stupid things. I guess it's better than fighting about super big important things, right?

Needless to say, we didn't make it to church. And if you know me, I HATE missing church. I was just in such a funk after the fight that I couldn't go. They wipe me out. I struggle with low self image anyway, and the fall out from a fight doesn't help. Even after Captain America and I apologized to each other and made up, I still felt like crap. I was kinda in a daze all day long, feeling crappy.

At 10am, I went to the airport to pick up a friend who was on vacation, and dropped her off at her house. That didn't even rouse me from my bad mood. I'm sure she thought I was just being stuck up - ROFL!

We had a BBQ at lunchtime, since Captain America had taken chicken breasts with him to the field on Friday, and didn't cook them. They'd been in the cooler, so they were still good. Chicken and hot dogs and salmon. I just had the chicken and cucumbers.

Captain America and I worked together to make Jake's Birthday cake. The first one we'd made in the morning got ruined while we were fighting. No, I didn't throw cake at anyone. The timer went off, and the kids took it out of the oven. And it wasn't done cooking. Not by a long shot. So we had to make new ones. Sigh. The child who picked the cakes out of the oven prematurely felt REALLY bad. I know they were just trying to help.... Once the new cakes came out of the oven, I showed everyone what DONE cakes looked like...

Before Sunday afternoon nap time, Captain America and I played Dominos with the kids. They like playing games as a family, and we need to do that more often.

Here's Captain America and I. See, this is as good as it gets, happy wise...

Jimmy (He was REALLY good at dominos. Too bad he lost interest 1/2 way through. He could have won)

After the game, we sent all the kids to their rooms for quiet time (reading, coloring, napping, whatever), and Captain America and I took a nap. I still wasn't feeling happy, so sleeping was good.

When we woke up, we cooked Tacos for everyone, and watched a family movie. The newer Joseph Smith movie. I'd never watched it before, and really enjoyed it.

So after the movie, we had Jacobs 13th Birthday party. Captain America is gonna have a busy week this week, and Jake's birthday is on Tuesday. So we figured we'd have the party over the weekend, and make sure that Dad could come.

Here's the cake that Captain America and I made. Jake wanted a Master Chief cake from Halo. This is the best we got. LOL! We tried making a 2 layer cake, cutting it in half, and making if 4 layers, but it kept falling over. So we put the layers pack, and carved it out, and it kept collapsing. So we turned it around, decorated the back, and called it good. Just don't turn it around. It looks like crap in the back - LOL!

Jacob blowing out his candles (these are in the wrong order, I think...)

And everyone with the cake and ice cream. Yeah, I totally shouldn't have eaten mine. I took the smallest piece of cake, and one little scoop of ice cream, and I still feel bad about it. Sigh. Maybe I'll just skip birthday cake completely for Jimmy's bday (9/11). I'm not liking how I'm feeling about it right now...

Captain America
I could have sworn I'd gotten a picture of Tom too... Hmmmm... Anyway, people didn't eat all the food on their plates, just so you know. I don't think they even touched the cake - LOL. They just wanted the ice cream. hehehe.

Here's Jake with his Birthday present, Halo Legos.
After the party, it was almost 8pm, so we put the kids to bed. Captain America went to do something to his car, and I took a hot bath. I was feeling cold, and that's the best way to warm up, I've found. I'd totally turn down the air conditioner, but then the people in the upstairs rooms freeze. Funny, but the only rooms in the house that are consistently cold are the ones with vaulted ceilings. Go figure on that one...

After I was warm, I came out and blogged/designed, and chatted with my mom on the phone for a bit. She had a project that she needed my help on. Tomorrow, I'll work on it tomorrow :)

So how am I feeling now? Slightly less crappy... Does that count as an improvement? I'm hoping that with a good nights sleep, I'll wake up feeling happy. Like myself. I'm just not feeling it at the moment.

Oh yeah, and I put it out there yesterday that someone could make me an apron (hehe). Well, if you wanna make me one and send it to me, I'll totally give you a $20 coupon to my store. Would that be a fair barter? Just email me at bnbharty@gmail.com if you're interested :) Aprons are fun. All my old ones are from when I weighed 180 lbs, and I'm 140 now. Yeah, they're a tad bit big. So, any takers? Just let me know :)

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ash & diz said...

The best thing for me when I'm in a funk is going for a run. Just to clear my head. Even just taking a break and going for a long walk.

Designs By Kelin said...

You are correct ALL married couples fight... but what stopped most of ours is when my husband went through cancer treatments... stage 4 cancer but in remission now (almost lost him)... every time we start to bicker now... I look at him and say something like... is this important? I don't like arguing, you don't like arguing... let's not waste time on something like this OK... and then he remembers... love your blog and WA

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

I'm sorry you were feeling bad. Hope you feel better today! I'll text ya later after my lovely everyday eye appointment! hehe!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Aug. 30, 2010. Thanks again.

Belle said...

This may sound silly or ridiculous - but when my husband and I are having a fight one of us (usually the one who is less upset) will say, "and You love me..." Then the other of us grits our teeth and says (or sometimes growls) through barred teeth "...and I love you". (I usually take longer to respond...but my husband keeps saying "And you love me, right?" Until I finally growl back "AND I LOVE YOU!" And then we both start laughing). -We've found that by making it a statement - "You love me" then you re-enforce the idea of love in the marriage instead of worry about if your love is secure. (Happy growling...and I totally hit on my husband too when I'm frustrated with him....no literally. LOL! I hit him, and then he says, "Look, she's hitting on me - she loves me!" And it works...then I'm laughing and loving him again.)

Anonymous said...

This may sound ridiculous, but I clean my house. It make me feel better to fix something I have control over. Since we have 4 kids, I usually start in my room - where they won't mess it up (cause I locked the door). Once even one thing is done, it helps me feel like I can be nicer in other places in life too. Hang in there! It'll get better, it always does!

Anonymous said...

Hey, how's this for an image booster - we're working on being in better shape due to health issues and just feeling better. My husband got discouraged when things weren't going as fast as he wanted - he has a bit more to lose than me. I showed him how awesome you've done and he felt like he can do it too. Thanks!

Andrea said...

I am sorry you are not feeling too hot. Maybe by the time you read this things will be better. By the way, who's shirt is that you are wearing? Who does it belong to? hehehe. Brother or Sister Soderberg? I love the cake. Sam said i will have to make him one like that.

Emily said...

I totally know how you feel right now! I have felt like I'm in a funk for the last several weeks. I don't know how to get out of it. I just got a new church calling and I hope that being busy with that will help me be less irritable.

Thanks for the word art. My husband's birthday is also on Tuesday (and we celebrated on Sunday, since he works late), and I'm excited to use the wordart for his birthday page.

Hang in there! You'll feel better!

deb said...

Thank you for the word art. I think all of us go through funks and argument periods in our marriages.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

More of Mom's Special Moments said...

Can't believe you still have my old Alaska wardrobe!!! Love the Soderberg Logging t shirt. . dad found that pretty cool!!

bj said...

thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I think there are some serious issues you need to deal with. Something is really wrong if you can't have a small piece of your son's birthday cake with a little ice cream and not beat yourself up about it. Bad for you and bad for your kids to see.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your talent and your life.