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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thrift Store Shopper

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACOB!!! Today is Jake's 13th birthday. We had his party on Sunday night, and I took him out to lunch of Friday, but this is his official birthday. I remember, I was in labor with him the night Princess Diana died. He was born around 5 something in the morning, 9lb 4oz. SUPER huge for my first baby. hehehe. And he's still as big as ever. Almost 5'6". And he outweighs me by at least 35 lbs. My little baby isn't so little anymore... 2 more inches and he's officially taller than me....

How was Monday? Was it good? I sure hope so.

I woke up at 6:55 am, got kids ready for school, and snuggled on the couch with Jimmy for a while. I reprogrammed our TV so the antenna would pick up stations. See, when we first got the antenna, it picked up ALL the local stations. Then, 2 months later, it only got one. Then 3 months later, they all came back in. Then, a few months ago, they went away. Well, apparently they're back. Yeah, I don't know what it's problem is. Whatever. It's working now.

Anyway, he and I watched "Dinosaur Train", part of Sesame Street, Clifford, and something else. He cleaned his room and played Wii for a bit in between too. The kids had gotten on the bus at 7:30am, and Jake had woken up at around the same time.

How was I feeling? Still pretty down. I thought I was gonna wake up happy and positive, but it wasn't the case. Not as bad as the day before, but still feeling pretty crappy. I texted with my friend on and off for the morning.

Sometimes talking about how you feel helps, and sometimes you just wallow. I don't know which I was doing - hehe. Maybe a little of both. Hopefully I didn't bum my friend out too much. You know how that is. Ever have a friend who was ALWAYS in need of consoling? Yeah, those are "needy" friends, and they take a lot of effort. Please, TELL ME if I get that way. I don't wanna be a "needy" friend...

Anyway, I did manage to get a shower, AND put on make up. The hair, not so much. I wish I had the kind of hair that could just air dry and be pretty. But no. It requires some work. Oh well.

I worked on a project for my mom for part of the morning, too. Some invitations to a dance at church. They ended up looking pretty good.

I got Jimmy to the bus on time, then came back home. At some point, Jake and I had lunch, and Captain America wanted me to bring him out what he was gonna eat for dinner, and a cooler with water, and some sodas. He was "in the field". But not staying overnight, at least. So Jake and I loaded up, and headed out to give him his stuff. Jake had never been there (It was jimmy and I last time), and when we got there, Captain America took Jake on a tour of the vehicles and such. He seemed to enjoy it.

We drove back home, and Jake was finished with school by this point, and started working on is Lego Halo ship. He was perfectly content doing that for the afternoon. I went with Hilary to run a few errands.

I didn't really wanna leave the house, because I kinda wanted to "wallow in self pity" the rest of the day, but I recognized that wasn't good for me. And for me, a change of scenery goes a LONG way. I'm sure she could tell I wasn't myself, but as the afternoon went on, I think she could tell I was starting to feel a bit more like myself.

Anyway, we went to the mall. She had bought a Fossil purse not too long ago, and it was getting a hole in it. And those suckers are expensive, and shouldn't be getting holes in them. Mine, for $3. Yeah, that's understandable. But not something that you paid a lot of money for.

Anyway, the Fossil girl said that they coudln't take it back without a receipt, cause this mall didn't carry that line of Fossil purses. BUT, that the Outlet Mall on the West side DID carry that line, and would probably be able to help her.

She and Paul were gonna go to the West Sied tonight anyway, so she was gonna give it a shot.

Next, we went to Lowes, and she got some spray paint (no, we're not gonna vandalize anything...) for Paul to make a Corn Hole game. For our campout on Labor Day. He and Captain Americ are pretty excited to play. I like Corn Hole. It's a fun game.

And, we stopped and got sodas at the BEST Circle K in El Paso, the Northeast Side Circle K. 64 oz of Diet Mt Dew for me ... Maybe that had something to do with the fact I was starting to feel better - hehehe.

Then, we went to Walmart to get bananas and frozen strawberries. Well, she did. I didn't get any. She can't buy bananas unless they've got 8 on a bunch. Naturally occuring 8, too. LOL. Kinda like the weird way I won't go in the exit, or out the entrance. And we're both afraid of manholes. I know, we're freaks...

Anyway, we picked up her kids from school, and she delivered me to my house along with Laurie's daughter, who goes to school at the charter school with Hilarys kids.

The kids were home, and I got them set up with a snack (birthday cake), and Hilary and I headed to the commissary real fast. Since I didn't have time to (read:want to) cook dinner, I got some deli pizzas for them. They seemed pretty happy. It was a VERY short trip to the commissary. I'm planning a grocery shopping trip in the morning.

The kids and I spent the next hour cleaning the house and doing our chores. The house looked pretty good when we were done. I told them they had 35 minutes to get everything done. They worked pretty hard. Could be that I told them that when time was up, if it wasn't cleaned enough, they were spending the rest of the night in their rooms. hehe.

We worked a few minutes past time, but just a few. I let everyone stay up. hehe. We had dinner, and Captain America came home a bit later. We hung with the kids for a while, and watched parts of Monty Python. My text message alert is the part where the groom is in the tower and fires the arrow out the window with the rescue note on it, and hits the dude with Lancelot. And you hear the arrow zooming through the air, and the dude says "Message for you, sir". hehe. Any Monty Python and the Holy Grail fans out there?

Anyway, after that, right around bedtime, Captain America and I headed out on a mini date. He wanted to look at a car that his dad was interested. A 1968 blue car. Yeah, sorry honey. I did catch the year, aren't you proud. hehe. I sat in the car and texted my friends, since it took a LOT longer than I'd planned on. I swear we were there for about 30 minutes. He was talking to the dudes and even test drove it. At least people were texting me back - hehehe.

We were out of there by 8:05pm, and we headed to the West Side to Savers. I LOVE Savers. On Monday, they have one colored tag for $0.99. What a deal! The shelves were picked pretty dry of Orange tags, but I did find a few. Sweet!

See all the stuff I got!
OK, so this is probably WAY too much info, but whatever. hehehe. I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. See, I just LOVE those sugar free candies. And, well, they have a laxative effect if you eat too many. And, well, I must have had a TON yesterday, cause, well, um, it was REALLY working. Lets just say, it's a good thing Savers had a bathroom. hehehe.

We left Savers, and hit a Circle K on the way home. It only had Diet Coke, so I wasn't sad that we didn't have our big cups. 32 oz of Diet Coke was plenty....

We stopped at an Auto store on the way home so Captain America could get some supplies to change his oil. I don't know what it was. He knew what he needed. AND, I talked him into getting this cool contraption for me. My phone was dying, and he was using his charger in his lighter outlet. What about mine? Poor thing was dying. We found this 3 way splitter, and I was SO excited. Now I can charge my phone, his phone, and something else in my truck/his car. Sweet!

We got home around 9:30 or 10pm, and the kids were all sleeping. I love it when they listen and obey. Everyone stayed in bed. Good job! hehe.

It's now 12:20am, and I'm just finishing up blogging. I really should go to bed. I wonder what tomorrow will hold?

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shannan Trollmann said...

Thanks, love this word art. I like the picture of what you got at savers. You should do a "HAUL" picture when you go shopping so we can see what you get and for how much!

deb said...

Thank you!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Anonymous said...

Much as I love your word art, I come here each day just to read your blog! The word art is just a bonus! I love reading about your life, family and friends and your numerous little 'adventures' - you have a way of making those that read your blog feel involved. Thank you for all your lovely word art, but most of all thank for sharing your life with us {hugs}