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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Night

So I woke up at 6:20am, read my scriptures, said my prayers, and got ready enough for the day. hehe. I decided I didn't wanna shower, and that my hair would pass for one more day. Ha!

I got the kids ready for school, and headed out to my doctors appointment. I had to be to the TMC by 0730 am. And I waited forever, it seemed. I checked some emails and played on facebook for a while.

They finally called me back, and I told the nurse I was there for a medical follow up from my hospitalization for depression. And to refill my Imitrex prescription.

I chatted with the doctor for a few minutes, and all was good. He'd refilled both prescriptions for me, and I headed out to wait at the pharmacy. While I was waiting, Aimee texted me and said that he was having sharp pains and cramps, and wanted to know if I'd take her kids so she could go to the ER. She'd recently miscarried and was pregnant again. Poor girl! Of course I'd take her kids.

I came home after getting my prescription, and she dropped off the kids and headed to the ER. Captain America was still home because it was before 9am, but he left shortly after that. And the poor baby (13 months old) didn't know who I was, and cried for about 10 minutes. But then we were buddies, and she was good. Here's a few pictures of the kids playing.

Jacob especially liked that baby :) He's SUPER good with babies too. Jimmy had fun playing with the kids, and we got him to the bus at 11am. I fed the kids lunch at noon, and Captain America came home shortly after that for lunch. He said that he and his platoon were studying today, and I asked if I could make them treats. He said they'd like that.

So I made these chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chunks and chocolate frosting. They sure looked tasty :) And I made a Taco Bake casserole to split between my family and Aimee's, so she didn't have to cook tonight. Poor girl.

She came back at 1:30ish, and picked up her kids. She had a UTI, which was causing the problems. Thank goodness that was all that it was! I was worried about her. I sent her on her way with the kids and the casserole, and I frosted the cupcakes, and Jake and I took them up to Captain Americas battery.

Those soldiers looked pretty excited about cupcakes. ha! I think I made their day. But then, chocolate makes EVERYONE happy, right?

I came back home, and I got a phone call from Tom's teacher asking if I'd signed something about Spelling. Yeah, I didn't remember doing that. She said that Tom has forged my signature, and she seemed pretty upset. I explained how I'd just gotten out of the hospital, and didn't really know what was going on, but that I'd talk to him. Yeah, she didn't seem very sympathetic. Sigh. I set up a conference time with her this Thursday morning. I'm not looking forward to that. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

We got Jimmy from the bus at 2:30pm, and I designed a WordArt pack before the other kids got home. It's now 3:30pm, and I'm getting ready to get Joe from the bus, then Tom and Eme from school. I think I need to take some deep breaths, because I feel so stressed out. I know that the depression meds can do that. I guess I just haven't had any situation that I felt I couldn't handle since getting out of the hospital. Tell me it's gonna be ok, ok? hehe.

OK, so part 2 of blogging. hehe. It's now 8:20pm, and I'm settling in for the night. I went and got Joe from the bus, dropped him off at the house, and drove to the school to pick up the big kids from after school PE. I chatted with my mom until they got out, and came back home.

Here's me feeling anxious after school. hehe

We watched the Scooby Doo movie with the kids after school, then turned off the TV and worked on dinner. Here's what the kids had. Modified Taco Bake. Sometime between last Tuesday and today SOMEONE (um, er JIM) ate all of the tortillas.... Who could it be.... Anyway, I had to use tortilla chips instead. The kids seemed to like it, though. Looked and smelled good to me.

And here was my dinner. Yellow squash and zucchini and tomatoes and garlic and pork. With a basil/garlic/tomato marinade. Yeah, it should have looked and smelled and tasted good to me. But I wasn't hungry. I had to choke it down. I wasn't hungry, but forced myself to eat. See, I'm being good.

Everyone worked on homework after school. Joe and Eme and Tom. Tom came clean about what happened at school. He didn't want to tell us that he'd gotten a bad grade because he was afraid of getting in trouble. We talked with him, and helped him understand that he just needed to tell us, and that we'd help him do better in school. That forging a signature was not a good choice, and that we wanted to help him do better. I think the talking to worked a lot. He seemed humbled and not wanting a repeat performance of disappointing mom and dad by getting a call from the teacher.

After Captain America got home, we had Family Home Evening, and talked about recognizing the Spirit (Holy Ghost). We read a few scriptures, a few quotes, and shared experiences of when the spirit has told us things. Mostly stories of warnings. Either heeded or not heeded. It was a nice family home evening. We had family prayer, and sent the kids off to bed.

And here we are. I'm blogging, and Captain Americas playing me guitar songs. I'm gonna design a quick freebie, and we're gonna spend the rest of the evening together :) Night, all :)

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Anonymous said...

First - glad to see you back! :-)
Second - different depression meds work different ways; I took one that made me feel less anxious [to not caring] in a stressful situation; another one made me feel more anxious. I found the "more anxious" actually better in the long run 'cause I would work it out and realize "this is normal, it's okay." You'll be fine with the teacher. You forgot a signature, big whoop. In the long run, when your son's 45 and running a multi-gazillion corporation, it won't matter. :-)

Shannan said...

I was wondering if you ever put recipes on your blog because the taco bake thing looks good and I know my kids would love it!

Marilou said...

Love the WA, thank you!! Taco bake looked yummy!!

Dave & Melissa said...

I love your word art. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!

deb said...

Glad Aimee is ok. How sweet with everything going on that you could still get an extra meal made for her family and cupcakes for the guys. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Yes... please post recipes for your desserts and your dinner... looks deeelish!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Miss Behaving [badly] said...

Hey hey,

I hope you don't mind my comments, I don't know if you read them but I still write them anyhow - would be good to know if you read these :)

I am glad you are still tweaking the medications, as I said before, it's really a journey of finding the right meds, the right dose, the right time and the right support team. So, all that doesn't happen overnight, but it is so rewarding and empowering when you can see the whole picture come together - then you learn to treasure your team, and to help others along on the journey, like I am helping you.

We call it "Mad Pride" lol, but what it simply means is empowered mental health or "emotional fitness". Just like we need to look after our bodies, we must look after our minds, and with God, we tend to our souls. We are holistic creatures, one aspect out of synch can make us feel the whole world has turned against us, but I think now I just appreciate how finely tuned human beings are, and think rightio, something has been triggered - let's fix it or find it and free it!

Can I say that the fact that your little man forged a signature, in light of recent events, is quite understandable. Perhaps he felt he couldn't bother you with his problems - and felt he could do this on his own, that you didn't need one more worry. I would check it out with him, and explain that he is still allowed to have a mini crisis if he needs to, and that you still have the job of making sure he does his best, and you love that job and it makes you feel stronger not weaker - it is all mighty the love of a mother.

As for the teacher - hmph, she is not very empathetic or intuitive as I am a teacher and could put two and two together - mummy wasn't well and this is how he coped with the change in schedule and his life. I am sure he may not even understand the gravity of forgery until a child is told of it, children are pretty innocent, thats why we love them. I would basically teach the lesson about forgery, explain that a signature is very personal, and that it means different (on a cheque or on a report card) Explain that you cannot sign as him either, and perhaps have a little time with him, practising his new signature.
Tell him now he has his own, and that is how it works. Kids are very smart, and I think a learning opportunity can be more rewarding than a confusing punishment.

Love your blogxxxx