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Friday, January 21, 2011


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by Sharon
by Sharonby Sharon

I don't remember if I blogged about it or not, but my eye felt puffy yesterday. I asked Kari if she could tell, and she said no. And I remember taking my contacts out AS SOON as I got home from Yoga. And wearing glasses the rest of the day. And having drainage from it, but not really thinking a lot about it.

Anyway, my eye was crusted over when I woke up this morning, and it looked like this...

We'd never had pink eye in my house (amazing, I know, with 5 kids), so I didn't really know what it looked like, or even the symptoms. So I facebooked this picture. Yeah, because I have absolutely no shame. hehe. And EVEYRONE said to go to the Doctor. And I SO didn't want to. Because I had swimming plans at 8:30 with Kari and Laurie. Hmpf! So I called Tele-nurse, and the chickie said that it definitely sounded like pink eye. Double sigh. She said no pool, and to go to Urgent Care. OK, fine!

Kids had gotten on the bus at 7:30am, and I'd got off the phone with Tele-nurse at 8am, and changed clothes, pulled my hair back, and headed up to the Urgent Care office. I was there by 8:30am. And I bought my laptop, and my Sonic cup filled with herbal peppermint tea, and my phone, and all sorts of stuff to keep me occupied.

And yeah, I was one of 3 people there. It was SUCH a quick visit. But that's fine with me. I'd much rather bring too much and have it go fast than bring too little and have it go slow. No complaints here :)

The doctor was in to see me in just a few minutes, he looked in my eye, and was like, yup, DEFINITELY Pink Eye. He prescribed me some meds, and I was on my way. I stopped at Walgreens on the way home for the prescription, and bought some new make up in the 15 minutes it took to fill the script.

And I was home by 9:30am. Yeah, SUPER quick trip! Amazingly fast. hehe. I got home, and Jake and I played Just Dance for a few minutes, and Laurie came over, and I let her pick out some of my formals to borrow for a ball. Because I have a plethora of them, you know! Gotta love cheap thrift store finds!

I changed clothes, put on a skirt, and got ready for lunch with Terra. She was having me as her guest at the OCSA (yeah, something about officers spouses and something else association...) luncheon. And, I promised not to touch or rub my eye on anyone, AND had hand sanitizer on my table. hehe. Jake took Jim to the bus, and we headed out to lunch a little before 11 am.

We drove over to the Centennial on Biggs, and their tables were SO stinkin' cute! The theme for the luncheon was "Bloom where you are planted". And was all about gardening :)
There were vendors set up all around the room, with a variety of things. Stain glass, and quilting, and frames, and jewelry, and this chickie who had AWESOME desserts,
And this stuff that was WAY overpriced that the name reminded me of Whataburger, but it wasn't that..... Baskets and junk. Yeah, I think not!

And then it was time for the speaker and lunch. The speaker was a horticulturist who was from El Paso and knew what to grow and where and why and how and all that junk. She had an odd sense of humor, but kept our table entertained :)

We had a vegetable soup and rolls first, then the brought us our salads. This was the first option, which Terra got. Taco salad. She didn't like it at all...

And I picked the Asian chicken spinach salad. It was really pretty good :)

And after the first speaker, we got dessert and heard from the 2nd speaker. She was the Post Commanders wife, and talked about "Blooming where we're planted". Making the most of where ever we are at the moment. Very important for military families. She had some good tips.

Anyway, the chickie that made the desserts was sitting at our table, and she'd made this 4 AMAZING cakes for everyone. And I got a little bit of 3 of them, and a slice on one. SO good. The peanut butter frosting was TO DIE FOR. Anyway, she got a kick out of me taking pictures of the food and everything at the table. hehe. I told her I was a blogger, and she joked, "So, my cake will be on your blog tomorrow". Oh yea! Little did she know - hehe.

So, if you're in the El Paso area, and need cakes, her email is on that card above on the cookies. WONDERFUL!

And about half way through lunch, I realized that I hadn't had any caffeine yet today. And I could feel it. I was getting a migraine. Sigh. But, despite the developing migraine, I really did have a fun time at lunch with Terra and the girls at our table.

She dropped me off at home, and I changed into more comfortable clothes, and noticed this tag. Sigh. At least my black shirt was pulled down low and no one could see it - ha!

Anyway, I changed clothes, took some meds, and laid down for a nap. My head was KILLING me. Jake took Boxer for a walk (he was already done with school), and I felt so much better when I woke up. But my eye looked nasty.

I had time to upload my new products to my server, and then had to go and get Jim from the bus. I tried to go with the sunglasses, but they were more uncomfortable than the light - hehe.
I got Jim from the bus, and loaded my store, and soon it was time to go and pick up Eme and Tom from AQ. And we came home, and did chores, and my head was hurting again, so I laid down in my bed and used my neck massager. And really felt a lot better when it was done.

I made Grilled Spaghetti and Cheese sandwiches for the kids for dinner (just left over spaghetti on bread with cheese, grilled - nasty, I know), and soon it was time to take the little boys to hockey at the ice rink. They were SOOOO excited!

And it was FREEZING there :) I thought the boys were gonna quickly get their equipment and play. But no. Nothing is quick. hehe. So the little boys were under dressed, but excited about getting their gear.

Check out these Helmets. They're exactly the same size - hehe. Jim has my large head...
We were there for about an hour, then headed home. We'll be back on Saturday for a real practice and a uniform fitting. The little boys were SO excited to show off their stuff at home to Jake and Tom!

These jerseys are big, but they have to have pads under them... Joe got a medium and Jim got a large - hehe.
And I helped Joe with his homework (yeah, next Thursday, he's TOTALLY doing homework BEFORE hockey) and got the kids to bed, and now it's almost 9pm. Jake and Tom and I are watching the last few minutes of a Star Trek movie, and I think I may read a book and take a bath. Or just go to bed. Or watch some TV. I don't know yet :) I didn't hear from Captain America yesterday (he'd told me he was gonna be busy for a few days), so I'm hoping that he's gonna call tonight :)

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Sharon, CUTE page! I love this one :) And again, I'm SO sorry that I didn't get you the wordart until late. I totally sent it super early, but sent it to the wrong person! hehe. My bad!


sharmaine said...

You are the funniest person on a blog. I love coming to your blog and reading about your everyday happenings. The contagious W/A is hilarious to me. Keep up the great work. I think Miami needs a Price Saver.

Stephanie said...

I've had pink eye before and it sucks! :( I hope it clears up soon. By the way, I think your theme is neat, it is the slogan for Christian Military Wives as well! :)

Laura said...


I posted your link on this website. I love your wordart wanted others to enjoy it as well. Hope that was ok.

deb said...

Thank you!

Cat Yates said...

I SO FEEL YOUR PAIN! I had pink eye this week as well! BAH! It's so nasty. Yuck yuck yuck. Hope you feel better soon.

benziengirl said...

Oh, pink eye is so fun! Not! Thanks for the cute little word art though! You are a great sport, and I love how real you are...can't stand posts that are always phoney and try to make people think they are perfect! Anyways, thanks again!