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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hear Your Prayers

Oh boy, what a night. hehe. After putting on a movie at 7pm, and laying down on the couch with Jimmy, I dozed off to sleep. I'd taken some meds, and the Niquil was kicking in. And soon, Jim and I were dozing. Yeah, didn't get much of that movie - LOL!

After Jim was SUPER asleep, I got up and went to bed. And woke up at 11pm, and went back to the living room, and put Jake and Tom to bed. They were watching Star Trek. Eme and Joe and Jim were asleep on the couches. So I woke up Eme and Joe and sent them to bed, Jake and Tom went off to bed, and I just let Jim sleep on the couch. Yeah, I can't move that child, cause he's SO heavy - LOL :)

And I woke up at 6pm to go to the bathroom, and heard kids out in the kitchen. Eme had just woken up, and had decided to read for a bit. OK, if she's not tired, she can read :) My head was hurting SO bad. So I took my last migraine pill, 1/2 an apple, and I went back to bed.

And woke up at 9am. Yeah, I got a TON of sleep. And I felt SO much better! And then a few minutes later, Captain America called! We chatted 3 seventeen minutes worth of phone calls, and it was SO nice :) I love chatting with my sweetheart :)

He sounds happy and positive, and like he's having a good time. He even bumped into a guy that he knew from High School! This dude was a freshman when Captain America was a senior, and recognized Captain America. Small world, huh?

Anyway, I came out to get some breakfast and check on the kids :)

Aren't I pretty when I get up in the mornings??
And I asked the kids what THEY wanted to do for the day. You know, there's not really any point in making a ton of plans without asking the kids first, you know. Because if I plan a big day, and no one wants to do any of those things, then I'm gonna be frustrated, and they're gonna be frustrated, and we don't wanna go there, right?

My plan was to take everyone to the mountains and go hiking. I thought it sounded like fun. But I decided to ask them first. So, I asked everyone if they'd rather go on a hike in the mountains, or stay home and relax. Yeah, the relaxing won :) hehe.

I designed for a while, and the kids all played. It really was a nice morning. Better than arguing kids, right? Anyway, at around 11 am, Eme and Tom and I headed out to go shopping and lunching. See, Eme and Tom had BOTH gotten straight A's, so I wanted to take them out for a special lunch.

Here's the 3 of us, ready to go out...
First stop, Big Lots. We needed some new Mouses. Mice? I think it's Mouses. But they didn't have any like I wanted. I did get some headphones with built in microphones to use with Skype, and a Bissel Sweeper thingy (not electric). Yeah, I just KNEW that the kids would love it - hehe. And a few other thing.

Then, we headed to Fallas. The kids wanted to look around. Really! I was the kids - hehe. Eme found a Candy making kit experiment thingy. She thought it was cool.

And here's pictures of us all at Taco Cabana! We each had Cabana bowls with sodas :)

OH yeah, and here's my new camera case! Purdy, isn't it!

We got home at around 2pm, and had free time for the next few hours. I designed a bit more, and then, at 4pm, we had clean up time. I put on some music with an hour long playlist, and told the kids that once the music was all done, that they could stop cleaning. hehe. And off to work we went.

Jake focused in the kitchen, Eme in the living room, Tom in the dining room, and the little boys cleaned their rooms. I swept REALLY good under the couches, and re-arranged a bit in the dining room. I pushed the table against the window wall, and moved the couch a bit. And the room felt MUCH bigger after that. I think I"m gonna like it that way.

And once the music stopped, the house looked VERY good :) I hopped in the shower, and Eme cooked hot dogs and veggies and stuffing for dinner (ha! nice dinner, huh?). She's REALLY liking learning how to cook. Even if it's just Hot Dogs and Stuffing. hehe. You've gotta start somewhere, right?

I got ready, and headed out around 6:25pm for dinner with the girls. Terra wanted to start a group that meets once a month for dinner or movie or something fun. Just girls in the neighborhood, and no kids. Sounded GREAT to me :) I left Jake with directions, and took Captain Americas car, and headed out.

And met Terra at the Carino's on Airway. It was my 2nd time there. And Kari came a few minutes later. And we had a GREAT time eating and chatting and hanging out. SUCH a fun time.

Terra's dinner
Kari's dinner (Eggplant something or another...)

And my dinner. Pecan crusted chicken salad. SO yummy :)
Kari and I
This girl across the room had on a sock monkey hat. ha! I zoomed in, and snuck a picture of her - hehe.
I dropped Kari off at her house, and headed home. The little kids were sound asleep, and the big kids were watching Star Trek. I cleaned up for another few minutes, then sent the kids to bed. And here it is, 10:29pm, and I'm just finishing up blogging. Night, all!

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Lisa O. said...

Thanks for the lovely word art. And have a nice Sunday with your family.

Somertime said...

Thanks for the wordart.
Every time I come to your site I am rewarded with a smile on my face.
Thanks for that too.

Scrapmemories said...
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Scrapmemories said...

This wa is a gift from heaven. Thank you so much.

My daughter has been in the hospital from a chronic nerve condition but it has been an exceptionally hard week. Thank you for your daily blessings.

Marilou said...

Nice! Thank you.

deb said...

Great word art and oh so true! Thank you!

Mary said...

So glad that you and your children had a lovely Sunday. Ilove the scrap age and the Word Art that you made. Thank you for sharing all that you do. Every night I grab a hot decaff a few M&M's and come read your blog. :)


Lisa said...

Love your stuff! Thank you so much for sharing. You are amazing!

Veronica Spriggs said...

you always have such amusing posts can i hire you as my personal blogger??? lol thanks for the word art gf and i came by to invite you to join my Digital Scrapbooking Topsite