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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Morning all :) Well, actually, wee hours of the morning, all - hehe. It's 5 something am, and I couldn't sleep. Why? Well, my eye, for one. No, it doesn't hurt. But I keep waking up thinking I was infecting something with it - hehe.

And then I've been woken up from WEIRD dreams a lot tonight. I dreamed that Captain America got sick (or something like that), and they gave him a few days off, so he decided to fly home. and while I was happy to see him at home, he hadn't told anyone he was coming, so his Commander and everyone thought he was still there in his room. So when he finally went back, people were REALLY upset with him. And they decided that if I made a really really extra special nice WordArt for the commander, that all would be forgiven.

I also had a dream that I went to Katy's baby shower. Remember Katy and Adela? Andrea and I used to hang out with them constantly, but we parted ways back in December of 09, I think it was. Anyway, I recently found out that she was having a baby, and my friend Kari is going to her baby shower. That must be why I dreamed of her. Anyway, I can remember being a little nervous at the baby shower, because we haven't spoken since December of '09. hehe. Anyway, when I got up, I decided that I should get her a baby shower gift, with a "wishing you and the new baby all the best of luck" card. Not that I want to rekindle the friendship, just that I do really wish her and the new baby all the best of luck :) I remember how much she really wanted a baby.

And I must have been super thirsty (that's probably why I raided the kitchen late last night.... you know, must of the time people mistake hunger pains for thirst...) because in my dreams, I was CONSTANTLY looking for things to drink. Usually soda - hehe. Anyway, finally I got up and got and got a few drinks of water.

And realized that my throat felt really dry and scratchy. I don't know if I'd classify it as a sore throat. It doesn't really hurt. It just feels dry, I guess, is the best way to describe it.

AND, the smoke detectors were acting up again. I know, I know, I was supposed to check on that a while back when it was acting up. But it had stopped! hehe. Well, it went off at least 5 times last night. And the last time, the dog started whining, so I went out and sat with him for a little while after it stopped beeping. And I made myself some herbal tea (44 oz, you know...) and brought my laptop back to my room. I really am sleepy. I just think I'm weary of trying to go back to sleep to be woken up by beeps and thirsty dreams and such. Maybe I'll just snooze here with my laptop on my lap. hehe.

I find that when I'm cold, I dream a lot. And yesterday, I was SO hot in my house. I turned the heater down to 65, and it eventually cooled off. Hence the coldness now, I guess. Should have turned that back up. Although, dreams ARE entertaining :)

Ever have a dream that you see someone you haven't seen in a SUPER long time? I love it when that happens, because then I feel like I just saw them, and I don't miss them as much :) I'm strange, I know :)

OK, I just downed 44 oz of herbal tea, plus 8 oz earlier of sugar free apple cider, plus about 12 oz of water. Yeah, I think I'm gonna go back to sleep, but I bet the next time I get woken up, it's from dreams about having to pee..... ha! As long as it's just a dream, right???

Well, it wasn't the pee that woke me up. It was the smoke detector again. Here's the thing. WHY doesn't it go off during the days? Because THAT's when I'd be inclined to change the batteries. Sigh.

Anyhoo, I finally got up at 7:15am (yeah, I wasn't feeling terribly good), and got the kids to school. Luckily they were mostly ready and had already fed themselves.

Am I looking any better at all?

And I was gonna go back to sleep. But I had too many things to do. Like make banana cookies - ROFL! So I gathered up all the ingredients, and started on it. I needed my laptop, because the recipe is on my blog. And then Captain America got online, and as I was on step 3 of the cookies, he Skyped me. So I put the cookies on hold, and chatted with him. He was done with his Saturday, and with dinner and getting ready to lift then go to bed, and I was just starting my Friday. So weird having a loved one across the world...

We chatted for about an hour and a half, and I texted Kari to tell her that I was on Skype, that we'd "Just Dance 2" after I was done. It's SO awesome having Military Wife friends. They SO understand :) She said just text when I was done and she'd come over. Thanks, hon!

I showed Captain America Jim's new hockey gear, and he showed me how to put it on him and stuff. Jim was SO proud of his look!

I was done Skyping a little after 10am, and she had to wait for someone to drop something off at her house, so I spent a little more time cleaning up and finished off the cookie dough. I'd bake them later. And I took Jim to the bus at 11am, Jake took Boxer on a walk, and Kari came to play. We had SO much fun!

We ended up playing about 20 songs, and were totally sweating when we were done. She left to go home, and Jake and I had lunch. And he finished up school and watched some show on his computer, and I watched a few episodes of Glee.

And baked 1/2 the cookie dough. And made up a few plates for his bus driver and bus monitor. When he got on the bus this morning, he'd asked if I could give some cookies to them. What a sweet boy :)

Click HERE for the recipe of my TASTY cookies. I added an extra 1/2 bag of chocolate chips, 1/2 a bag of butterscotch chips, 1/2 a bag of walnuts, and frosted them with store bought chocolate frosting. SUPER yummy!

I picked up Jim from the bus, gave the bus guys the cookies, and headed back home. And wasn't feeling very good, so I totally took a nap. And woke up when the other 3 kids got home from school. And really needed to get up. I needed to go grocery shopping. Because "single parents" can't be sick. We still need to eat, you know. We were out of Bread. And a few other staples. No snacks. No fruit. Yeah, not working so much.

So at around 4:00pm, I got up and grabbed my laptop and re-did the menu. And the shopping list. And printed them off, and had taught Eme how to use it. We went through the fridge and cupboards and saw what we needed, what we had, and subtracted the one from the other, and changed the number on the list. Like say we needed 28 apples for the week. And we still had 5. So then we'd need 23 apples for the week. See, I can do math. hehe. Anyway, I let her do the writing, and she seemed to enjoy it :)

And then I told the kids to eat an apple and a bowl of cereal, and that we'd bring back some pizza for them. I really didn't have the time or energy to make homemade pizza tonight (friday night is the new homemade pizza night...). And off we went.

See the new menu...

I let Eme be in charge of the list, and showed her how my list was set up by isle in the store. She thought it was pretty cool. We'd get to the end of the isle, and she'd read off that list, and make sure that we got everything. She caught a few items that would have slipped through the cracks without her. Thanks, girl!

I decided to buy some "I have a cold" herbal tea, and found this one when I was looking. ha!
We paid, and the bagger chickie helped us load up the truck, and off we went home. I started out tipping the baggers just $1, then $2 when he made 2nd LT. And I decided that once we hit 1st LT, that I'd up the tip to $5. They seem to be happy with that :) Gotta start somewhere, right?

I told the kids that whoever helped carry in groceries would get a soda (I'd bought it for them anyway, but thought it would be a good motivation). Since Eme and I bought the groceries, we didn't have to carry in the groceries. That's my family rule - hehe.

I put them all away, popped in the pizza, and fed the kids. And felt really sick. My poor sore throat. I was feeling pretty tired too.

TOm wanted me to show you his Lego creation. It's the Enterprise.
I wonder where she gets it from?

I probably would feel better if I'd stop playing Just Dance 2. hehe. The kids were playing, and I jumped on for a few rounds. hehe. Someone stop me!

It's now 8:45pm, and the kids are still all up and playing. Jake and Eme and Tom are on the computers, and Joe and Jim are on Just Dance 2. And I'm blogging and trying to get this post done for tomorrow. I need to go make myself some soup, and put the kids to bed at 9pm.

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LOVE it, Sharon! Well, not so much that I'm sick, but LOVE the page :) Hugs!


More of Mom's Special Moments said...

I think i may have caught your cold when we chatted the other day!! dang. . bring on the Zicam!!!

Aunt Sue said...

Hang in there sweetheart! Don't we just "not like"(AKA hate) icky eyes!
STILL laughing over you're foil head!
Love ya! Aunt Sue

Mom2mykids said...

Love all your word art. Thanks for the last several days when I haven't been able to type very well (had surgery on my left wrist & am in a cast). Loved the Lego Enterprise -- as a Trekker, that's awesome!!

Mary said...

I'm so sorry to read that you are sick today. It is so hard when your a single parent (while your husband is away) and you get sick. I enjoyed looking at your photos. Your son did a great job making the enterprise using Legos.


Marilou said...

I hope you get well soon! Thanks for the cute WA!

benziengirl said...

You poor darling! Take some vitamin d-3! That should help your eye too. For a quick start, take 10,000 IU's for 3 days and then go to 2,000. That is what my doctor told me...I take 2,000 every day now.

Deanna said...

Thank you for the word art. Get well soon. I do NOT KNOW where you get all your energy on a good day, but to feel sick and still have to keep going, you deserve a pat on the back.