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Friday, January 28, 2011

High Hopes

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Hey there, peeps! Happy Friday, right? How was your Thursday? Mine was pretty good with a few rocky patches - LOL!

But first, here's a few pics from last night at Carls Jr. I found them on my camera when I downloaded the photos this morning :)

Me, being SUPER thrilled with Carls Jr...

I watched a few episodes of Persons Unknown last night, and then Captain America Skyped me. Woohoo!! We were able to chat for more than an hour :) And then I watched some more TV, and finally, around 2am, went to bed.

Anyway, I had an interesting morning. I woke up at 7:30am. No so good, since the kids were supposed to leave for the bus. Luckily, they were ALL ready to go, so they just gave me hugs, and off they went. And I totally went back to sleep. I didn't have my phone, didn't know where it was, and was sleepy, so just slept.

And yeah, I totally woke up at 8:50am. Good, if it were Wednesday. But it was Thursday, which mean Hiking in the mountains at 9am day. WHAAAAT? Plus, since i couldn't find my phone, I couldn't tell anyone I was running behind. So, I had 10 minutes to get up, get ready, eat breakfast, and make sure the kids were situated. It was close - ha!

Laurie came over and dropped off Rowan to play with Jim and Jake, and then Kari came over, and off we went. And headed over Transmountain to the Franklin Mountains.

Here's a few pictures from our hike. We had to be back in time for Jim to get to school and Laurie to get Rowan to his tumbling class, so we went on a shorter hike this week.

I got home, took Jim to school, came back, and had lunch with Jake. We watched the last episode of Persons Unknown. And yeah, strange. Didn't care for the ending much, but still, I really enjoyed the series...

After lunch, Jake washed Boxer, cause he was rolling in the dirt - hehe. Here's Boxer snuggling on the couch, trying to warm up :)

I got Jim from the bus at 2:30pm, and he and I hurried off to Walmart/Dollar Tree. And I knew that I only had about an hour before I had to pick up the kids from AQ. So, it was gonna be a VERY fast trip.

First, we went to the Dollar Tree, and I grabbed a few things. And they actually had my bread this time! Woohoo! I grabbed a few things for my Wii party tomorrow, then Jim and I headed to Walmart.

And grabbed some fruit and veggies and stuff for tomorrow, and then we went to the check out. And only had 2 people in front of us! Miracle of miracles...

Yeah, I totally look like a thug...

We hurried and paid and headed to the school. And got there only a few minutes after AQ got out. Not bad, huh? And I picked up Eme and Tom and we headed home.

And my friend Aimee texted with me for a bit, and was asking about if I was feeling alone with Captain America being gone. Her hubby is with the same unit. But she's living with her family in Idaho, and has 4 little kids, and is prego with #5. No older kids like me. So yeah, I could see where she'd be feeling a bit more lonely.

Anyway, I said how I was feeling good, and things were going fine. And yeah, I TOTALLY jinxed myself. Next time, I'm gonna tell everyone that things are sucky, and then I won't Jinx myself - hehe.

So, as soon as I was done texting Aimee, I started kids on chores and I started dinner. And people were fighting and carrying on and whining and complaining, and yeah, I wasn't dealing well with it. RUDE people. I turned into the yelling mom for a few minutes, and after sending all of the offending people to their rooms, Joe and Jim and Eme and I had a pleasant time cooking French Toast :) I SOOOO wanted to spank Jacob. SO much. But how do you spank someone who weighs 60 lbs more than you?

After dinner, Jim and Joe and I headed to the Hockey rink, and Tom wanted to go too. So we left Jake and Eme (and Boxer) at home, and off we went.

And Jim had a TON more fun this time! He had a dude helping him (which he said was SUPER better than the guy from last time - hehe) learn to skate, and he was doing SO much better.

Kari and I hung and chatted the whole time, and the hour passed super fast. We had fun trying to figure out which kids were ours. Cause they all looked the same - hehe. And joked about putting them in pink hoodies, or painting flowers on their helmets. ha!

We headed home around 7:10pm, and were home and getting kids ready for bed by 7:30pm. Little boys were in bed by 8pm, and Jake and Tom and I sat down to watch an Episode of Chuck.

It's now 8:35pm, and I need to load my store, and I'm done with work for the night :) Maybe I'll watch a movie. That sounds like fun :)

Super cute, Sharon!!!
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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Jan. 28, 2011. Thanks again.

Denise said...

Love the wordart! Thanks again.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the word art. I enjoyed looking at your pictures of your hike, the scenery is just beautiful...so different from new england's snow, snow and more snow! Have a wonderful weekend.

Mary said...

Wow! You certainly had a super busy day. But that seems to be the norm for you. :) Loved your photos and your word art.Thank you for sharing all that you do.


deb said...

I'm singing I have high hopes, I got high hopes, great tasting strawberry high hopes! LOL Thanks for the word art!