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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Future 2

Morning, all! I woke up at around 7:30am, all rested and ready for the day :) I shopped in the shower, and got all pretty. I threw out my old make up, and put my mascara on my "infected" eye without using the "wand". I'm not contagious anymore, but I didn't wanna chance it - ha!

My eye looks a lot better, huh?

The kids were all awake and happy, and Eme and I hustled out to the store. Laurie's little girl, Kayta (in Joe's 1st grade class) was having a birthday party at 10am, and we needed a present. I was wanting to make myself a new jewelry holder, so figured that I'd get enough to make one for Kayta and Eme too :) So off to Lowes and Walmart we went.

I got the brads and the wood and the hanger attachments. Then to Walmart, and got fabric and ribbons and some other stuff. And headed home.

And fast and furiously made the jewelry holder for Katya (we'd make Eme's later), got the little kids ready, and off we went. Jake and Tom stayed home.

Here's Eme and I at the party. It was pretty fun :)

We were there till around noon, then headed back home. The kids did their chores, and I helped Emeline make her jewelry holder, and hang it up. And found stuff for mine. But realized that I needed ribbon. Zebra ribbon - ha! That's what I needed :)

So I headed out to Walmart again. We needed to leave for hockey at 3;20pm, so I had a few hours. I was totally gonna take a kid with me, but NO one was done with chores. So they all had to stay home :)

And I hurried off to the Jaurez Walmart. Which, of course, was super crowded. I found the CUTEST zebra ribbons, and some black and white polka dot ribbon. I knew that I had white fabric at home, and everything else I needed for it.

AND, I went to look at Dog Kennels. I didn't know how Boxer would react to it, but I've been tiring of having Jacob clean up pee/poop in the morning. hehe. Dang, was it expensive! But hopefully it'll be worth it. And, when we go to Oregon this summer, I'll have a "home" for Boxer away from home...

Anyway, headed back home, and started on my project. Eme and Kayleigh (Leigh's daughter) came and watched me work on in. I didn't get all the way finished, but I had a good start on it.

And we built the Kennel, found a place for it in the house, put some pillows and blankets in it for the dog, and he actually enjoyed it :)

We'll see how he does when I shut the gate - ha!

Anyway, I didn't have time to finish off my project, so I paused it, and got the little boys ready for hockey. I put on as much of their uniforms as I could, and loaded up in the truck, and off we went. Jake and Tom and Eme were staying home.

Jim totally fell asleep on the way there... Anyway, we got their skates, and put on the rest of their gear, and got their sticks, and sent them on the ice. Joe was a NATURAL! He so loved it, and said that the roller blade practice REALLY helped.

Jim? Yeah, not so much. He didn't like it AT all. When all of the other kids were working on hockey stuff, one of the coach dudes was helping him skate. And not fall down. And about 30 minutes into practice, I see Jim coming up the ramp, in tears. I went to see what was up, and he said, (exact words), "I SUCK at hockey. I quit!". Poor little dude. He was convinced that everyone else was better than him, and that it was SUPER easy for them, but not for Jim.

And I couldn't convince him to go back on the ice. I really didn't know what to do. I tried to push him out on the ice a few times, but he kept coming back, SOBBING. Finally, I let him take off his skates and come and sit with me.

Here's Joe after practice. He was SO pumped
We came home, and I started on dinner. Biscuit and Gravy casserole was on the menu. And the kids absolutely LOVEd it! I varied the recipe a tiny bit, but you can find it HERE. And yeah, this is all that was left, so I didn't get a very good picture. They ate it SO quickly. hehe.And then I finished off my jewelry holder, hung it up, and hung up all my jewelry. Yeah, it took the rest of the evening. hehe. What do you think?

I put the little kids to bed at 7:30pm, and Jake and Tom and I cleaned up the house real fast (mostly clean already), then watched an episode of Fringe. It's now 9:04pm. The big kids are in bed. The little kids are asleep. I'm gonna watch a movie. Boxer is asleep on the couch. I wonder how I'm gonna get him in his kennel?

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(I didn't get my WordArt done until WAY late, so I didn't get it to Sharon in time to get a layout done. Sorry, hon... I'll do better tomorrow :)


Dinphy said...

Aw girl, that jewelry holder looks awesome!
Could you clue us in as to how you made it? What exactly did you use to hang the earrings and necklaces on?
I SO need something like that!

KellyAnn said...

I agree. I would love to make something like that for my nieces. Thanks for all the wonderful freebies!!! =)

Mary said...

Your jewelry holder came out awesome. I love the black and white color scheme.

Sounds like you had a very busy and full day. :)


Unknown said...

I too am interested no how the Jewery organizer is made. I would love to make one for my daughter!
Very Sweet!

Kim said...

Oh, yay for getting the dog kennel! Don't get discouraged if it takes a little time for Boxer to get use to it. It will be worth it when he learns that it is his own "home" & makes for a much happier dog & owner(s). One trick I read about that worked for us was to put a treat in there sometimes when he is not looking and then when he finds it in there it will be good surprise for him & he will learn to look forward to going in the kennel. We always give him a small treat when he goes in for a while when we are gone or when it's bed time, too! Good luck with it! I think you will find it to be a good investment.

Leppy said...

I came to leave a comment about the awesome jewelry holder and saw all the other wonderful comments. I echo them. It is so cool and how did you do it? Any links on the internet?
Thanks always for the fab word art!!!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Good grief, woman, I know you love to shop and all, but how in the world do you manage to shop IN THE SHOWER??


Love the wordart, sorry you've been under the weather.

Sherri Auld said...

The jewlery holder is awesome. I second the request for the how to on it - would love to give it a shot for my neice for her birthday.

Thanks also for the word art - your files are the best.

Berniek said...

I want that jewelry holder too! Please do tell us how you made it, you make it sound so easy!
And I also always love your wordart! ;)