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Monday, January 24, 2011

Quitting Time

hehe. I totally designed this one yesterday, then realized that I needed a spiritual one for Sunday. So no, I don't feel like quitting. ROFL! Saturday I did. After Jimmy decided he "sucked" at hockey, and I couldn't convince him otherwise. He needed his daddy...

Anyway, I got boxer in the Kennel last night, no issues! He went in when I went to bed at 11pm ish, and he laid down, and I locked the door. And went to bed. I didn't hear any whining, so I figured he was good :)

I woke up at 6:45am, and heard Joe and Boxer in the living room. Joe had finally managed to get him out of the kennel, and had taken him outside. Perfect! I hope it continues to work out as good :)

I went back to bed (hehe), and woke up to get ready for church at 7:30am. I had Eme get in the shower, and Jake and Tom had showered the night before, so I had them get dressed. Jake took the dog on a walk, and we all had breakfast. And finished getting ready.

I helped Eme pick out a SUPER cute outfit :) hehe. I was told she looked like a Mini Me today - ROFL!

We headed out to church at 8:40, and got there in plenty of time to get our row :) And yeah, we've had easier Sacrament meetings. Jim kept poking Joe, Joe kept turning around, Jake was constantly complaining (why do I have to be here, can I just sit in the car, church is dumb, etc), and he kept poking Tom. At least Tom and Eme were angels...

Anyway, when it was time for primary, I was SO happy. LOL! It was a good primary, and my lesson went well. We had kids go stand in the hall, picked a word to leave out of the song, had the kids in the hall come back, and then sang the song, NOT singing the one word. And the kids from the hall had to decide which word we left out. Kinda fun :)

I got an email from Captain America saying that he was getting SUPER busy with trainings and certifications and stuff, so he wouldn't be able to call for a little while. Hmpf! Well, next time I chat with him, I'll smile big :)

We headed home after church, and everyone got changed into the Jammies. It was kinda a fun new tradition - hehe. And then we had lunch, and watched the cartoon Anastasia. Because we've been playing Just Dance 2 with the Rasputin song, and I wanted to show the kids the movie kinda about it. ha!

Jake spent the majority of the day, on and off, in his room. Because he was being mouthy. And I was at the end of my rope with the child. So I just sent him to his room each and ever time he acted up. And he'd come back down 30 minutes late, be good for about 20 minutes, then have to go back up again. Sigh. Some days are gonna be like that, right?

After Anastasia, I went and took a nap, and the kids played with toys. Or did something like that. I don't know, they were good, and I was asleep. ROFL! I woke up at 3:30pm, and came out, and we watched the Dick Tracy movie. Yeah, Sundays are turning into Movie day :) We each had a bag of popcorn, and cleaned up a little after the movie. I crocheted for a while, and started on a new scarf.

For dinner, I made Turkey Hamburgers, and the kids LOVED them. Everyone ate theirs! Yes! And then we tried to play Just Dance 2 for a few rounds, but people were fighting too bad, so I made them turn it off. And we had reading/quietly playing time for a while.

I put the little kids to bed at 7:45pm, and the big kids cleaned up a little, then we watched some Chuck. And the big kids went to bed, and I'm starting blogging. And then I'm gonna watch a movie. Then go to bed. Yeah, Sundays aren't my most exciting days, but very relaxing :) And relaxing is good :)

Next week should be a good time. Lots of exercise planned, more Just Dance with friends, trips to the pool, and library, and Wednesday night activities, and hockey, and Olive Garden lunch with the girls. I'm liking my little groove I'm getting into :)

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Mary said...

Loved the photo of the backof your daughters hair. The flower is so pretty. You seem to find really pretty and unique things.

Thank you for the word art. I think we all need a litle quitting time at one time or another. :)

Linda Sutton said...

I think I've got a good layout for this. Thank you.

Marilou said...

thank you!!

deb said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!