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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shopping Buddy

First off, I thought I'd let you all know about my Jewelry holder. Really, it was SUPER simple. I got a piece of wood from Lowes, and covered it with white fabric, with a staple gun. Like wrapping a present. Which I'm not very skilled at - ha!

On Eme's, I used glue, but not on mine. So either way is good. And then I staple gunned the ribbons on. And I screwed on some hanger thingys on the back. See how easy it is so far.

OK, so for the earring holder parts, I used the staple gun, about 1/2 an inch apart, but didn't staple it in hard. So it had a gap. Or I loosened it a bit, so I could use it for hanging earrings. And I used Brads (tiny nails) at the bottom for the necklaces.

And the reason why mine has SO much ribbon on it is that I wanted my rows to be straight. And I didn't wanna measure anything. So I just stapled above the ribbon, in a straight line - hehe. Tricky, eh?

And that was it. JUST as easy as using a staple gun. And once you hang your jewelry on it, you can't even tell if your staples are crooked or unevenly spaced like mine - hehe.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I forgot to tell you all! I'm having a drawing on Wednesday for $50 in my store! How to enter? All orders in my store between Sunday 1/23 and Tuesday 1/25 get entered into the drawing. How simple is that! SO, check out my store HERE, and get shopping for a chance to win!

Morning, all! Another good night with the dog in the kennel :) The little kids wake up first, let him out, let him outside, and all is well. Gotta love it when you get older kids :) hehe. And I used dog that knows his stuff...

Anyhow, I got up at 6:45am, read scriptures, said prayers, and went back to sleep for 10 minutes. LOL! Then I got up, got kids ready for the bus, had breakfast, and hung with Jake and Jim for a few minutes, then went to get ready for the pool.

Jake was having a GREAT morning. He'd set his alarm, showered, got ready, walked his dog, and was feeling happy. Thank goodness! hehe.

I headed out to the pool for laps at 8:30am. And swam a mile. Yes! 32 half laps, or 16 full laps. They were SO long. hehe. But I did it, and felt great afterwords :)

Check out the High School sweatshirt! Jake thought it was cool that he had a Vikings sweatshirt and so did I. Yeah, but mine was almost 20 years old (1992 ish - graduated in 1994). hehe.
I headed home, showered, got pretty, and got Jim ready for school. And Jake and Jim and I drove to the bus stop. I chatted with Maggie for a few minutes, the boys got on the bus, and Jake and I headed out to Goodwill. Yes, I know it's Monday, and Savers is having their $0.99 sale, but we were in the market for RollerBlades. And the Goodwill on Montana always has them :)

Here's my shopping buddy from today!
And they had some good skates! Jake tried on a few pairs, and I found a pair that I thought would fit Jim, and a pair that I thought would fit Eme. And I was gonna Skype text Captain America a question about a skates brand, and he Skype called me! So I chatted with him for about 30 minutes in Goodwill. And Jake was SO ready to go by the time I was done - hehe. I had not chatted with him in a while, so I was good to visit.

And then we headed home, mostly because I had to pee SO bad I thought I was gonna explode - ROFL! I totally would have shopped longer otherwise. But see, it saved me money in the long run!

And here's my loot! I spent $40, and got 3 pairs of skates, a helmet/knee pads/wrist guards/elbow pads set, a LEI bag for Eme, and a kit of 101 cookie cutters, and a Sunday Jacket fr Jimmy (his is WAY too small).

We got home at lunch time, had lunch, and watched a few episodes of Persons Unknown. The big boys had watched it over the summer, and I only saw a few episodes. So now Jake and I are watching it at lunchtimes.

And then Jimmy came home from the bus at 2:30, and he was SO excited about the new skates.
See, my eye is almost better, huh?
Boxer, all excited that Jim was home. Jake had given him a "bath" today, so he's all clean and shiny.

Jimmy in his new skating gear
Jake and Jim
The boys went out to skate in the driveway, and I decided to take a little snooze...
And I just had to share this. Isn't this the DUMBEST ad ever? Like a healthy smile keeps a person warm...

Joe got home at 3:30pm, and put on the skates that I'd bought for Eme, and they fit. Well, at least they fit someone, right? They ate afternoon snack, and I realized that I needed to get kids from AQ, so I hurried on up to the school, and was only a few minutes late.

Here's dinner that I started at 3:00pm. Turkey meatballs in the crockpot.

I took 1 lb of hamburger, 4 eggs, 3 stale Engligh Muffins, garlic & onion powder, italian seasoning, and salt and pepper, and mixed it all together. Then made 20 meatballs out of it, and put it in a microwave safe dish, on waxed paper, covered it with waxed paper, and cooked it for 6 minutes.

Then put them in a crock pot, oiled, with a can of spaghetti sauce dumped inside. And let it cook on high for 2 hours, and low for an hour. Here's the meatballs as they were JUST going into the crock pot.

Between 4 and 4:30, the kids and I played in the driveway with skates. Well, I didn't. I helped the kids get skates all ready. See, Eme took Tom's skates, and Tom took a pair of Captain America's skates (I think they were his...). But Captain America's skates didn't have wheels, so I took the wheels from Joe's old skates, and put them on Tom's new skates. Sigh. What a pain.

And then it was 4:30pm, and we got dressed and headed out to the pool. Only to find out that PT ran late, and we couldn't get in till 5pm. But we just waited, and eventually got in. Well, they did. I'd already had my quota of water for the day - ROFL!

And the kids really did play nicely at the pool. Somedays it's fighting the WHOLE time, but it was good today. Kari and I chatted with Leigh for a while, and just enjoyed our Kid Free hour :)

He wanted his towel and silly mom wanted a picture...
Joe was being SO goofy!

I kept trying to kiss him, and he kept being goofy and trying to get away - ha!

This was his "I'm trying to be serious" face. hehe

He did go swimming, he just took a 15 minute break in the middle to come and hang with mom. I think he was cold...
We loaded up and headed home at 6pm.
We got home, I cooked up some spaghetti noodles, and we all had dinner. Those meatballs were pretty tasty. The kids did chores, and homework, and I cleaned up a bit. I moved around Boxer's kennel to a better location, then had to clean up the mess. Not dog mess, but mess from when you "fluff" things up when cleaning...

Here's me helping Joe with his homework. Note to self: Joe can NOT do homework after evening activities. He can't function. Must be BEFORE evening activities...

And I put all the kids to bed, and Jake and Tom and I watched an episode of Chuck while I blogged. And it's now 10 minutes to 9pm, and I'm gonna watch something on the couch. And try to not eat the cookie dough. hehe. I wanna cook them tomorrow and take them to the library for snacks. See, that's a good plan to get rid of them :)

Fabulousness! I love love love it, Sharon! And Eme is a WONDERFUL shopping buddy :)
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Marilou said...

You're blog is always so much fun to visit! Thank you for the cute WA!

semoharty said...

Babygirl...it was great to read the blog and see everyone having a good time. That is great...and a great blessing for me to see all that while I'm away. Great pics...everyone looked super. Good job on snagging the K2 skates. They are always a good buy. Well, gotta run to sleep. Love you!

Mary said...

Wow! You certainly do keep you and your children very busy. What a good mom you are. Loved seeing all of the photos and I'm so glad your eye is much better. You look like you feel all better now.


Lisa Howell said...

Love the wordart and the layout Sharon did. Do you know what kit she used for the layout? I'd love to get it.

deb said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!