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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Wednesday was a crazy day! Did I tell you that laundry man took over my bed? And I had to sleep on the couch? Yeah, pathetic, but true :) And I didn't sleep well. So I was awake when the kids woke up, and helped everyone get ready.

Captain America Skyped me, and I chatted in between getting kids ready and on the bus and out the door. And I talked up until the LAST possible moment. Then had the SUPER rush to get to Exercise group on time. I was picking up Laurie and Rowan, and Kari.

I grabbed 2 socks (matching not necessary), my tennis shoes, some yogurt and a spoon, and apple, and an empty 64 oz Howdys cup, my purse, the keys, my phone, and Jim (no shoes), and headed out.

First stop, pick up Laurie and Rowan. Then Kari. Then off post and off to exercise group we went. And we did Turbo Jam. And I suck at Turbo Jam. hehe. But I did it. I'm sure it looked funny, but I did it.

And I drank my 64 oz Howdys cup filled with water. So as my reward, I stopped at Howdys and got a DDP. Aaaaa, so good! Of course, then I needed to pee. ha! I dropped everyone off at their houses, and FLEW home to pee - ha!

And had about 35 minutes until Jim needed to leave for the bus. So I cleaned. I think it was the DDP. hehe. And the exercise. I got the dishes done, and the floor swept, and a little bit of the living room picked up. You know, having no kids in the middle of the day keeps my house SO much more clean. And I'm liking it! See, I always knew I would have had a clean house if it wasn't for them durn kids! hehe :)

And they're doing construction in my neighborhood. Jim thought it was cool, though...

Me and My DDP. I got Jim on the bus, and waited for Kari to come and pick me up :)
Since the roads were all jacked up because of construction, the bus TOTALLY had to drive over the curb to turn around. I bet the bus driver dude will be pleased when construction gets done.

Kari and I loaded up in her car, and headed out to yoga. ALL the way over at Soto Gym. A good 15-20 minutes away. We were a little bit late, but we snuck in quietly, so it was all good.

I've missed yoga. It makes me feel SO good. I've noticed that exercise videos make my neck/shoulders SUPER tight and tense. And yoga reverses a lot of that. Thanks, yoga! I've missed you!

We drove back to post, she dropped me off at my house, and I came inside for lunch. I made myself the melted cheese sandwich, and RIGHT as I took the first big bite, Andrea called. hehe. We ended up chatting for about 30 minutes, and then she let me go so that I could "dispose" of Laundry man. And yeah, it took the rest of the time that Jim was gone. Because it was SO trashed.

I made different piles for different stuff. Sorted out Jim and Eme and Joe's clothes, and my clothes, and donate clothes, and trash clothes/stuff, and folded and put away stuff. And changed my sheets and blankets and such. I took my Christmas Quilt and turned it over, because it was White on the other side. I really need a "Spring" quilt. Anyone wanna make me one for Elegant WordArt by Bethany store credit? Something with happy, springy colors :) I have Summer one, a Fall one, and a Winter one....

Anyway, here's me taking a break for a minute.

And my clean bed. Yeah, it looks pitiful. I SO need a new quilt - ha!
And after I was done, I still had 35 minutes before I had to get Jim from the bus, so I watched part of an episode of Fringe.
And went to pick him up. And just barely made it before the bus got there. And we headed back home. Boxer is SO loving coming with me to get Jim to/from the bus. I feel sorry that he has to stay in the Kennel when I go out, but what other choice do I have? I didn't know Jake was gonna go back to public school when we got the dog.

Jim and I had about 30 minutes before Jake got home. Then we had about 30 minutes before Tom and Eme and Joe got home. And it was clean the house day. Luckily, it was pretty clean from the day before. Sweet! I love it when a plan comes together.

And, my flowers were starting to open up, so I just HAD to take more pics :)

I helped the kids out a lot with their chores today. I'd done the dishes already, so it didn't take long to get those done. I swept the kitchen, and the living room, and the dining room, and left the stuff in piles. So all the kids had to do was to separate the trash/dirt from the good stuff, put the good stuff away, and clean up the pile. SUPER easy.

And I even came back and mopped with the Shark. So it was looking pretty good. Eme got done first, had no homework, so went over to play at her friend, Estephanie's, house. And I had her take the phone so that I could call her when it was time to come home.

Jim and Joe finished up what they were doing, and went out in the front yard to play with the neighborhood kids. I can't remember what Jake and Tom did, but they were both in pretty good moods.

I reheated leftovers from last night, and fed those to the kids again. And I made myself my steamed veggies and turkey burger. It was pretty good. I really wanted to sit down and design, but I didn't have time. I needed to get kids ready for Scouts.

Jake ALWAYS fights against putting on his uniform and going to Scouts. He explained a little bit further tonight, and said that the MAIN problem he had with Scouts was the uniform. It was SO uncomfortable for him. I knew that Captain America had an old Red BSA polo shirt, so I asked Jake if he would like to wear that instead? I made a deal with him, that IF he could stop complaining about Scouts, and going, and doing, then he could wear the Red polo shirt. BUT, if there were complains, then he'd have to wear the regular uniform the next week. He liked the deal :)

We all loaded up in the truck, and headed off post to church. I popped my head in real fast to talk with the Scout leaders, and let them know the deal that I'd made with Jake (and make sure that they knew that he was Autistic), and they said that would be fine.

AND that they were going on a campout this Fri/Sat. And could Jake go. Hmmm, the last few times he's been without his dad, he's gotten hurt. He requires more supervision that most kids. So I voiced my concern, and the leader guy said that he'd personally watch Jake, and make sure he was safe. OK, sounded good to me. And Jake even thought it sounded like fun! Awesome!

So Friday night at 5:00pm, I drop Jake off at the church for his campout. They're coming back around noon on Saturday. So it's a short campout, but should be a good time :)

Tom stayed for 11 year old Scouts, and the little kids and I took off for Carls Jr. I ordered a burger for Eme (because I'd picked her up at her friends house, and she hadn't had dinner), and a biggie soda for me.

And yeah, there MUST have been something wrong with the DDP...

It was watery, and flat, and warm. SO nasty! I dumped it, and got some Coke Zero. And it was just nasty. So I dumped that, and got some lite lemonade. That wasn't too bad. Sigh. How disappointing.

I did get a WordArt pack designed, but Jim was being a turd. Talking back, not following the directions, not listening to me. The last straw was when he walked up to the glass door out of the playland area, and blew a raspberry (spit noise with your tongue) all over the glass. SO nasty. Yeah, I was done...

So we loaded up, and headed back to the church after only about 45 minutes. Tom's group was done right at 8pm, so we went inside to look for Jake. And there was a dance, of sorts, going on in the gym. Our youth don't go to dances until they're 14, so this must have not technically been a dance, but it sure looked dance like to me.

Anyway, Jacob saw me, and DARTED out of the gym, with this mortified look on his face, and stalked to the truck, without another word. Some of the other leaders there said that he didn't enjoy it at all. hehe. I think it traumatized him a little - ROFL!

After chatting with some of the girls from church for a few minutes, I loaded the kids back up in the truck, and we drove home. And Jacob was silent the WHOLE way. We pulled in the driveway, and he just sat there. I waited for the other kids to get out and go inside, and patted Jake on the shoulder and told him it was time to go inside.

So he came inside, and sat on the couch, and didn't move or speak for about 30 minutes... I had Tom put away a load of dishes, had Eme fold and put away her clean laundry, and I put the 2 little boys to bed.

Then Jake and Tom and I started watching Chuck. And about 5 minutes into the show, Boxer jumped up on the couch and practically SAT on Jake. He must have sensed that something wasn't right. So I told Jake that I thought that Boxer knew he was upset, and that it was Boxers way of trying to hug him and make it all better. That got a big smile out of Jake, and he snapped out of it. He snuggled with Boxer, and watched Chuck, and interacted like nothing had happened.

Note to self: Jake doesn't like dances...

It's now 10:04pm. And all the kids are in bed. The dog is napping on the couch. I'm done blogging, and am gonna finish off that episode of Fringe. Then probably go to bed. Because after 2 workouts today, I'm sleepy :)

Tomorrow, Laurie and I are putting our little ones in Childcare, and she and I and Kari are hiking in the morning. I need to be home in time to get Jim to school (bus at 11 or school at 11:30). Then I think I'm going to Costco with Terra and the twins. Because I don't recall if I've been there or not. AND, it is grocery shopping day. Surely there's something there that will be on my list - hehe :)

Then we're going to the Ice Skating rink at 4pm for Ft Bliss free skate (they teach the kids how to skate), and then I have a Relief Society meeting at 7pm. Should be a good time! Hopefully I can keep this cleaning streak up, because I'm liking my house like this.

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LOVELY page, Sharon!!!


Stephanie said...

OOh, I had to download today's word art. Goldfish are the Monsters favorite snack! :) Thanks!!
Hope today is going like you have planned!! :)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Mar. 24, 2011. Thanks again.

Sandy_in_MD said...

Your flower photos are gorgeous! Thanks so much for today's wordart.

semoharty said...

great blog about the family Sweetie...thanks for the update! Glad Tom & doing great at babysitting. Glad to hear the deal you have with Jake & scouts...great job Mom!!!

deb said...

Perfect word art for my two. They go through the GINORMOUS box of goldfish in about two weeks. Of course, they only eat them when they come to my office at school but still for the time of visits, it's a lot! Thanks for word art!