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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heart and Soul

Fun day, fun day :) Started off at 6:45am, when I got up, and went to check on the kids. Everyone was up and getting ready. Fabulous! All of their alarms had gone off, and no one was complaining. EVEN BETTER! Jake left the house first, at 7:05am. I found out later from Terra that the bus frequently comes early, so he needs to leave the house at 7am tomorrow. Sorry, Jake. hehe.

I got Tom, Eme, and Joe off to the bus at 7:35am, got Jim set up with a movie, and went back to bed till around 9am. Sure, I had some kid interruptions, but still, it was sleep. ha!

I woke up around 9am, changed clothes, and Jim and I headed to the store. I facebooked and texted and tried to get a shopping buddy, but I guess no one wanted to go with me..... ha! I'm fun, people! hehe.

So we headed out to the Dollar Tree. I had a box that I was sending to Captain America, and it needed some stuff in it. The book I was sending was too small for the small flat rate box, and the medium flat rate box had a TON of room. So I was gonna make up an Easter box.

And Terra had company over, and was getting a tiny bit overwhelmed, so she needed a "pick me up" present. So I searched for the perfect thing for her, too.

Sugar Free Candies, Energy Shot, and Lipgloss (OK, so that would be MY perfect "Pick me up"...)
And all sorts of Easter crap to go inside of Captain America's box.
Jim picked Popsicle as his treat.
My treat? Howdys refill. I thought I'd introduce Terra to the magical wonderfulness that is a 64 oz DDP... Now, getting 2 of those home was another thing... ha!

After Howdys, we headed for post, stopping at the PX to go to GNC for some vitamins for Captain America. And waited FOREVER in line, but finally got them. And headed back home.

And the bus was already driving away when we got to the bus stop, but luckily he recognized my car, stopped, and let Jim hop in. THANKS BUS DRIVER DUDE! I owe you goodies!

I decided to take a picture of my GNC bag to document my trip there, only to realize afterwords that it was a picture of a dude....

After dropping Jim off at the bus, I headed to Terra's house, and dropped off her goodie basket and soda. And chatted with her for about 15 minutes. Her hubby and brother in law were there, and I tried to convince them that she just NEEDED to come to Girls Night with us.

Then, it was off to the West side for my therapy appointment. I tried to call Andrea, since she always calls me to chat when she's driving, but she didn't answer. I called my mom, at work, and she and I chatted the whole way there :) Thanks, mom, for keeping me company!

It was a good session. We talked about Jake, and the past week, and how I handled the situation mostly good. The emotional eating on Sunday wasn't the best, but I'd stopped it, and didn't repeat it, so that's good. He said he thought I was doing good at making the best of a difficult situation.

And I don't know how my "socialness" came up, but he said that I was THE most social person that he'd ever met. Moi? Really? You think so? I have a hard time thinking of myself like that. I still sometimes think of myself as that shy, awkward girl from high school...

Anyway, after my appointment, I headed back on post. Singing the whole way home, of course...And Kari and I were gonna go to the pool. I ate lunch real fast, left Boxer out of his kennel for about 20 minutes, then headed to the pool. And it was SOOOO busy. Idon't know hat was going on there, but there was NO room for me in the lanes. I'm not a good sharer..... ha!

so Kari and I decided to go on a 4 mile walk instead. I called Laurie, to see if her and Rowan wanted to come too, then we all met at my house.

And as I walked out the front door (I usually go out through the garage), I found a box of flowers!!

Captain America had sent them, with a nice note about how awesome I was, and that I could handle things, and how proud of me he was. Awwwwww, thanks sweetie!!! I really appreciated it!!!

Kari and Laurie and Rowan and Boxer and I went on a walk, and it was a pretty good one. Boxer figured out about 1/2 way thought that I wasn't gonna stop at EVERY tree, bush, rock, fire hydrant, etc, and let him pee on it. I had to keep his leash really short, but he figured it out eventually. I think he really enjoyed his walk. I know I did. Thanks, girls, for walking with me! GREAT company :)

I got home JUST in time time get Jim from the bus. Well, according to my watch. But the bus was 10 minutes late, so really, I got to sit at the bus stop and chat with Erin and Maggie for 10 minutes. But I didn't mind - hehe.

After the bus dropped off the kids, I hurried home, addressed the box, and filled out the customs form for Captain America's package, grabbed some money, and Kari picked it up and took it to the post office for me, since she was going anyway. Thanks, my dear!

Here's me finishing off the last of my 64 oz-er...

Jake got home from the bus at 3:30pm, and had had another great day at school. Thanks goodness! I was so worried about my decision to put him back in public school, but each positive day he has reinforces that I made the right decision :)

And I hopped in the shower. Because it had been WAY too long. ha! And let me tell you, the shower felt WAY good :) I didn't quite have time to make myself all the way up, so I put in some hair gel, and a foundation layer, grabbed the rest of my make up, got dressed, and gathered up the kids from the bus to go to the library.

The library lady was SUPER grouchy today. She was yelling at kids, and grouchy about snack. She's usually not like that... hmmm.

The movie we watched was about "Weather". Our joke for the day was about how on windy days, studies show that there are more heart attacks and playground fights.... Maybe THAT'S why the library lady was grouchy! It WAS windy, after all.... LMBO!

The kids had Goldfish crackers and tortilla chips for snack, and the movie got over WAY too quickly. We pushed play on the projector again, and watched it a 2nd time. ha! Since I'd drug everyone up here, I was gonna stay for longer than 15 minutes. ha!

About 3/4 of the way through the movie the 2nd time, we decided to head out. I gathered up all the kids, and headed home. I cooked some Biscuits and Gravy casserole for them, and finished getting myself ready for my girls night.

I gave Tom all the directions on what/when/how to do things, and gave Jacob separate directions on how to stay out of everyone elses way (ha!). And told Tom to call me if he needed anything.

And off I went. Terra was driving herself and meeting us there. I picked up Amanda, but Laurie and Kari and Maggie all couldn't come last minute. As we left post, Kari texted and said that her hubby JUST got home, and that if we hadn't left yet, she still wanted to come. So of course, we drove the 2 minutes back to pick her up! Yeah! Kari was coming too!

Terra was there for about 15-20 minutes by herself, with a BIG group of girls that she didn't know. Sorry, hon, that we were late. They were nice, though, right? hehe.

I thought this fruity drink was JUST the cutest thing ever!
Diet Coke: What we drink when there's no DDP..
Hmpf! I ran out!
Ooo, a camera! Lets make faces!

Terra ordered this appetizer. It was yummy, but spicy
Terra and I. Or should that be Me and Terra?
2, 3, 4, 5? I lost count...
I texted Charlotte to see if she was coming, and managed to convince her to come! She was about 30 minutes late getting there, but I was SO glad she came. She's a TON of fun. hehe.


Charlotte and her bread stick...

My yummy soup!
I love you, breadstick!

More Soda
Amanda ordered this SUPER tasty looking cake. Mmmm!
And since it was 3 of the girls' birthdays, they had cake! I had a little slice, and it was pretty good!

Charlotte and I
OMHeavens, it was SOOO much fun. We ended up with 17 girls. The way the table was situated, though, it was hard to interact with everyone. Our "end" of the table sure had a great time, though! hehe.

And here's the whole group! I'm totally pulling a face - ha!

Amanda, Kari, Charlotte, and I were the very last people to leave. ha! Chatterboxes, we are! I brought some mints home for Tom, and went searching the table for more. And found 3 breadsticks. Sweet! I was gonna take those home for him too. And Amanda said that I could take her left over seafood pasta home for him too. Awe, so sweet! I just KNEW that Tom would love it.

And we headed outside, and of course chatting in the parking lot for a while. And yeah, I must have been snuggling with my food. Because I looked down, saw it pressed to my body, and just KNEW that I must have been dripping all over myself. Yup, all down the front of me with seafood sauce...

Amanda looked at me like she thought I was gonna get upset, or freak out, or something, but I grabbed my camera, threw it at her, and told her to take a picture. ROFL! Silly, but that was my first impulse!

I know, I know, you can't take me anywhere, Terra :P I keep telling everyone that I'm the comic relief! On the up side, my dog was SUPER excited to see me :) ROFL!

We drove back to post, and I dropped off Amanda, then Kari, then went home. And I started blogging, and facebooking, and it's now 11:40pm. Laundry man has totally taken over everything. I'm considering sleeping on the couch. I wonder if I'd be able to sleep???

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Great page, Sharon! Looks fantastic!


Stephanie said...

AW, Brent, way to go with the flowers, they are wonderful! :) I'm seriously going to give him my husbands email address so he can give Chuck pointers! lol. I'm glad Jake had another great day in school. And now, I'm off to find some food because you're Olive Garden looked divine!

Sherry Out Loud said...

Brent gets 2000 extra credit points for beautiful flowers! My hubby does that for me too, just because - I certainly am not running the sort of life that you do girl, you rock!

I have an idea for an upcoming word art, based on your restaurant pictures: "Fun With Breadsticks"...or how about "WAY Too Much Fun with Breadsticks"?

I agree with Stephanie, Olive Garden is gonna be stuck in my head til I go there!

semoharty said...

Babygirl, I'm glad you had a fun girls nite out. Food looked good. Good job on eating well on your meal plan. Also, so glad you liked the flowers and that they helped you feel better. That was the whole point! Miss you Sweetie...have another great day! PS look forward to the package!

Sandy_in_MD said...

Those flowers are so pretty! Kudos to Brent for sending them. Glad Jake's 2nd day went well. And that food looked so yummy.

Thanks for today's word art!

Marilou said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I love visiting your blog and seeing what you're up to. I love that you take so many pictures of yourself, it just makes me smile.

But I want to know, HOW DO YOU DO IT?! I have four kids and I barely do anything social during the day. And it takes me forever to blog the smallest post. Yet you have more kids, you go out all of the time (and you have FUN!), and you stay on top of your blog. You really amaze me.

deb said...

Gorgeous flowers from your sweetheart. You have a great man! :) Thanks for word art!