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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Music is Inside Me

Holy long day! But a good day :) I woke up at 6:45am, said prayers, and got kids ready. Even Jim and Jake. Cause we were going to get registered. Tom, Eme, and Joe caught the bus at 7:30am, and Jake and Jim and I headed on up to the school.

I'd printed out all the documents that I needed last night, and gathered up the rest of the stuff that I needed. And out the door we went.

First stop, front office to see where we needed to go. Registrars office. She was busy, so she sent us to the nurse to turn in the immunizations. Then back to the registrars office. Who was still busy. So she directed us to the Special Ed office, where we talked to Mr. Joseph, the director of the special ed department.

We filled out some papers, and he sent us back to the registrars office. Who was busy, so we went to the office. And asked about lunch and bus. But they were busy too. So I talked with the office lady, and she made copies of our important documents, and took us on a tour of the school. Then we went to the registrars office, and grabbed a contact information sheet, filled it out, and gave it to the nurse. Then we went to the scheduling place, and Jake picked his classes. He was SO excited that he didn't have to take PE. ha!

So after we got classes, we went to get books. The way this school works, is that they check out books to the kids, which they keep at home. Then there's a set of books that stay in the classroom. What a GREAT system! No forgotten books! LOVE it!

And then back to the Special Ed place, more forms to fill out, an evaluation form to fill out, more papers to sign, and back to the front office. One of the special ed counselors decided to take Jake around for the day, and show him where classes were and such. First stop, 2nd period, Art. Jake LOVES art! The counselor dude made sure that the teacher knew that Jake was Autistic, and as I left, I heard some kid say "Hey, I know that kid! He lives in my neighborhood". Good sign, huh?

And we went back to the office, and found out about the bus, and got Jake a bus card, and a print out of the times for the bus stop. And we found out that since the other kids had reduced lunch, Jake qualified for it too! $0.40 lunches, can't beat that price!

I gave some money to the counselor guy to give to Jake for lunch, and we were done! 3 hours later! hehe. Next stop, home. Jim had 30 minutes before he had to catch the bus. I Skyped with Captain America the whole time. It was SO nice to chat with him, and fill him in on the process.

Then,I got Jim ready for the bus, gathered up my thing ad headed out. I told Maggie and Erin all about my crazy Friday when Jake ran away, and the MP's, and the window jumping, and the 3 hours hiding in the shed, and I could actually laugh about it. Let me tell you, it made for a good story - ROFL!

And I hoped in the car after the bus came, and drove on over to the army hospital. The 11th floor is where Jake used to see Dr Meyers, the child psychologist. And I needed him to fill out the Special papers for Autism.

But when I finally parked and hiked up to the hospital and found the 11th floor, there was a sign on the door saying that the entire floor had moved onto main post. Real close to our house. Crap! So, to salvage a wasted trip, I grabbed a pre-made salad from the dining facility mini shop. The one that I LOVE with mandarine oranges, cranberries, chicken, sliced almonds, and spinach. OMGosh, I'd drive up to the hospital JUST for that salad. Anyone wanna join me, and grab a YUMMY salad one of these days???

Anyhow, I paid, and grabbed a fork, and headed back on post. And ended up eating the whole salad before getting to my destination, with my fingers. Classy, aren't I? It was SO good, though. hehe.

And I drove to where I thought the building was, but it wasn't. So I asked the lady behind the desk, and she said ask next door. So I went next door, and there was a sign on the door directing me where to go. Wild goose chase, huh? ha!

I finally found the office, and talked to the SUPER nice receptionist lady. She had worked with Autistic kids in the schools for YEARS. We chatted a bit about Jacob, and she took the paperwork, and said that she'd have Dr Meyers fill it out, and call me when he was done (he was at lunch). And we got an appointment set up for me/Jake/Dr Meyers. The first available appointment was April 5th.

And I walked across the street to ACS and picked up my Waiting Families card, and headed home. And on the way, got a call from the nice lady at Dr Meyers office, saying that since Jake hadn't been seen since September, that Dr Meyers had to see Jake BEFORE he signed the form. Crap. Oh well, the school would just have to work with us....

And I got home, and it was SO peaceful. No one around. Quiet. Boxer and I went to the backyard, and I laid on a chair in the sun for about 15 minutes. It felt SO good. Then came back inside, and was gonna finish up a movie that I started on Sunday, but Laurie texted and said that she had some dresses to return to me, and if she could drop by. OF COURSE!

She and Rowan came over, and she stayed for about 45 minutes chatting. LOVE ya, girl! Thanks for the chat! I had a few minutes after she left, before I had to get Jim from the bus. I talked with my mom for a little bit, then headed to the bus stop. With Boxer. He seemed happy to be going.

Jim and I just hung for an hour, and I watched a few episodes of Kim Possible with him. Very relaxing. And then it was 3:30pm, and time for Jake to get off the bus. I snapped a picture of him when he got home. He was pretty happy :)

He said that he had a good time, and that it was WAY better than he thought it would be. That he actually LIKED being around people. ha! That's a first! He said that a lot of people came up and introduced themselves to him, and that most of is teachers were pretty nice.

And that, academically, the classes were SO much easier than homeschool. hehe. I knew that he'd like that :) And soon it was 4:00pm, and all the kids were home from school. And Laurie's kids walked over after the bus for about 15 minutes until she picked up her middle school daughter, then got back on post. We had snack, and the kids played for a few minutes.

Between 4-5, we did chores, and homework, an the carpet repair man came. He was gonna stretch the carpet in my room, and put down a new tack strip at the door. You know, the one that Boxer trashed.

I had to take a practice picture to make sure that the flash wouldn't go off, and alert the dude that he was being photographed, so I tested it on Jake. Phone on silent, and no flash. hehe. I'm so tricky!

And here's Joe, eating snacks!
Boxer was WAY too excited about the repair dude, and I put him in his kennel.
And the tool that he was using wasn't good enough for the job, apparently. Because he informed me that "He was going to get his big tool, and that he'd be right back". I contained myself, but just barely..... naughty, I know - hehehe.

Ignore Laundry man. I know, I said that he was going away today. I had grand intentions. I also thought that registration would take 20 minutes. Yeah, I underestimated the school districts need for paperwork...

Yup, that's DEFINITELY a big tool...
The boys eating snack in the kitchen

Me, happy about Jake's good day at school!
I helped Joe finish his homework, had the kids get changed into swim clothes, and we all headed up to the pool. And Kari dropped off Josephine to play, and we brought Noah (Leigh's son). So I had 7 kids. Kari was gonna come back if Leo's soccer practice was canceled because of the wind, but it wasn't. So it was just me.

And it was the ONLY time that I've been to the pool recently and didn't bring a laptop. Grrr. hehe. If I'm overly prepared I don't need anything, and if I'm under prepared, I'm bored. hehe. Oh well. But I do think it was the SLOWEST pool trip yet. 90 minutes of me, sitting by myself. WANTING to chat with someone, and no one around. And a dying phone, so I couldn't even call someone. Don't you feel sorry for me? hehe.

Finally, it was time to go. Jake and Tom were fighting, and I didn't like it. But, I guess for an hour and a half in the water, and I only had to yell at them 3 times, that's not bad...

Josephine stayed about 10 minutes at our house before he mom came to get her, and I started on dinner. Taco mush of sorts. hehe. I browned up 1 lb of turkey hamburger and 1 lb of turkey sausage. Then added 1 HUGE jar of pasta sauce, and 20 diced corn tortillas, and about 1/2 cup of milk. And cooked until softened, then added some shredded cheese. And the kids really liked it! Mostly because there was SO much meat in it. My kids are carnivores... Just like their mama!

We finished up chores, and I put the little kids to bed at 7:30pm. And Tom and Jake and I watched an episode of Chuck, and Eme had a classmate over for an hour to work on Homework.

And here it is, 9pm. Eme and Tom are in bed. Jake is waking boxer, then he's gonna be in bed. Cause his bus come 30 minutes before the elementary school bus. 7:15am. He's not really looking forward to that, but school in general, he is :) Yeah for school!

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Sharon, my dear, I LOVE this one! I played Clarinet for all of my middle school/high school years, and LOVED every minute of it :)


Marilou said...

Thank you!!

Lainie said...

I love your wordart I use so many of them in my layouts. Thanks so much.

Sherry Out Loud said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful word art, I know I will use it soon! Glad Jake likes the new school idea!

sdwrdt said...

I have 2 dancers (one plays flute, one sings) so lots of uses for this! Thanks for sharing!

Glad to hear Jake likes his school!

Sarah E said...

So glad the solutions are coming for you! Keep up the good work!

Sandy_in_MD said...

It is so awesome that Jake had such a great first day at school! Art class was my favorite too.

Thanks for today's word art!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Mar. 22, 2011. Thanks again.

semoharty said...

Glad Jake is doing well at school so far. Laundry man is way out of hand...I hope you are able to do that today. Keep up the great work, Babygirl!

deb said...

Glad Jakes school day went well. Thanks for word art as always :)