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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just A Kiss

Hi! Welcome to the next day - hehe. I slept pretty well last night, despite the thunderstorm. I know I woke up to Thunder one time, but went back to sleep. It doesn't really phase me. Aunt Sue? Yeah, it scares the snot out of her. So while it didn't affect my sleep, it made me worry about her a tad bit.

I woke up at 7:30am, and got dressed, had breakfast, and got Tom ready for baseball camp. Everyone else was awake too. Well, when I say "got Tom ready", I really just said "Hey, go eat some breakfast". hehe. He had the rest of it covered on his own.

I dropped him off a little before 8am, then headed back home. And had grand plans to clean the house..... I did something productive, but the whole house didn't get cleaned. hehe. I went through Eme's closet with her. And we got a HUGE massive bag of clothes to donate. Most of her pants don't fit.

Anyway, we got all the clothes put away where they go, hung up, or what not. And the closet looked much better. I came back downstairs, fixed my hair, did my make up, and I was all ready to go to my Therapy appointment. I left the house at 9:40am, and drove to the West side, alone. hehe.


I had my session, and we mainly talked about Jake. What I can do to make things better, and how I can control the situation so that the "meltdowns" don't occur in the first place. I'm gonna give it my best shot!

I headed back home, and we all hung out until lunchtime. I made some Mac N Cheese for the kids, then realized it was time to go and pick up Tom. Aunt Sue finished up the lunch prep, and I took Jim, and went to pick up Tom. The two of them had Free lunch, and we headed back home. It makes the box of Mac N Cheese go further when 2 of the kids have already eaten - hehe.

At 1, I dropped Jake off at the youth center. Tom babysat the little kids, and Aunt Sue, Madi, and I stopped by the religious building to sign the kids up for Vacation Bible School. They pick the kids up on the bus from our neighborhood around 9am, and it gets over at 1pm (they feed them lunch), and they'll drop them back off. First week in August, everyday. And it's free. Oh yeah, can't beat that!

Then we headed back home to all the kids. Oh yeah. hehe. We just relaxed the rest of the afternoon. The little girls wanted to watch a movie in my room, and I went to lay down with them. I got about a 30 minute nap when Lily fell asleep. Then I came out to see what everyone else was doing.

We watched some Psych, and then Jake called and wanted to come home. That was around 4:30pm. By 5pm, the episode of Psych was over, most of the little kids (and the prego girl) were sleeping, so Aunt Sue and I went to the youth Center to pick up Jake. And decided to stop by the Commissary on the way home to pick up something for dinner.

We settled on Fish Stick sandwiches. Ever had one? I always found that fish sticks didn't fill anyone up. But a bun with cheese and ranch and fish sticks? Yeah, that's more of a meal. We had it with some tater tots, and salad. We got a few other things for some other meals, and headed to pay.

And the woman a few isles down was at the check out, and she had a BUTTLOAD of Snickers bars. I wonder what she was gonna do with them all???? I snapped a quick picture of her and them. hehe.
We took longer than we thought at the commissary, and it was nearly 6pm by the time we got back home. Everyone helped bring in the groceries, we put them all away, and cooked dinner. I had a big salad with fake crab meat. Oh yeah, SO tasty. hehe.

We cleaned up a little bit, then Maddie and Lily headed out for a bit. Aunt Sue and I went and cleaned up the little boys room. If it gets so bad that I have to clean it, then they're not allowed in there, and I throw all sorts of stuff away. 2 trash bags worth of stuff. And I found 10 plastic red plates in there. What the crap??? How did they possibly get that many plates in there??? Freakin' kids!

It really did look pretty good when we were finished, though. Maddie and Lily got back, and Aunt Sue and Maddie and I sat around and chatted for a bit. We rearranged the living room so that we could fit another couch in there (need more seating, cause we now have 10 in the house). And move the table in the dining room around a bit. Now we can fit more people at it. That is, if I ever get the folded laundry off of it... hehe. That's a job for tomorrow.

We watched a few more episodes of Psych, and the little kids fell asleep on my bed. I carried Joe to his room, and yeah, it was WAY too much for me to carry Jim. I just kinda grabbed him under the shoulders, and drug him to bed. It was quite humorous... And I couldn't lift him into this bed, so I left him hanging over the edge. So I covered him up, and left him. Sorry, hon. You're big. LOL!

So here it is, 10:24pm. And I'm done blogging. And this episode of Psych is almost over. It's thunderstorming again. So I'm not sure what the plans will be for tomorrow. We'd thought that we'd do something outside, but not if its storming...

Oh yeah, real fast, before I go. I found chickens at the Commissary. Whole chickens. For $1.50 a piece. So I bought 4. What do I do with them? I have 3 in the freezer, and one defrosted in the fridge. Anyone know how to cook a chicken? How to make it tasty????

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Awe, lovely wedding layout, my dear! Thanks, Sharon!


Stephanie said...

When I get whole chickens I usually boil them and then break them down for Chicken salad or casseroles or whatever... Does your BBQ pit have a rotisserie attachment? You could roast it out side on the pit... Or you can stuff them and bake them like a turkey. I would suggest getting on something like food.com and searching whole chicken recipes and see what you can find :)

Maestra Orquestra said...

You can roast a chicken very easily in the crockpot. My little one won't eat it...but it sounds like your kids eat a lot more than mine will :P. Rinse you chicken and season it, both inside and out, with your favorite seasonings. Mine are Montreal Chicken seasoning, garlic salt, and black pepper. Once seasoned, place a small large chopped onion, some carrots, a little bit of celery, and garlic cloves in the cavity of the chicken. Let sit for a little bit. THEN, you want to wad up 3-4 large golf balled size of aluminum foil in the bottom of the crockpot. Set you seasoned chicken on top. Covered and cook on low for the day. You'll get a chicken that looks alot like the ones you buy in the deli, and tons of good drippings to make gravy!! Enjoy!

Maestra Orquestra said...

I forgot to say...it's more flavorful if you season UNDER the skin and opposed to ontop.

Anonymous said...

Here is my favorite way to fix a whole chicken -- http://www.cyber-kitchen.com/recipes/Foolproof_Sticky_Chicken.htm. In a pinch I just season it well with seasoning salt instead of all of those spices. Also, instead of an onion I've also stuffed it with either a lemon or an orange for a little different taste.

FJChickie said...

My fav way to cook a whole chicken is on the grill with a can of beer up it's ...bum. I know being LDS you don't do the beer thing but I wonder if you could use root beer or Dr. P? Here's one... http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/beer-butt-chicken/detail.aspx or Google "beer butt chicken" it is super yummy!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [28 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria