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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Big Sleep

Hey there girls!!! Welcome to the new week! I think I found a way to get over being sleepy. Find something to fill my every waking moment. hehe. I woke up with my alarm at 5:25am, and was on the move every moment. hehe. I drug my tired butt out of bed, grabbed Elmo and my pillow, and headed off to Seminary with Jake.

He headed into class, and I snuggled into my blankie and promptly went back to sleep. OK, so this wasn't the time for staying awake. And bringing Elmo was wonderful! I slept like a baby! It was great! ha! I'm totally bringing him tomorrow too. hehe. I was so confused when I woke up! I didn't know where I was - hehe.

Jake and I headed back to post, and made it JUST in time to see Tom off to the bus. We BARELY made it in time to get the little kids to the bus. The bus was waiting, in fact. We need to be more prepared, in fact, the night before. We'll work on that!

I headed home after visiting with the girls for a bit, and saw Jake off to the bus. I cleaned up the backyard for a bit, and did a few dishes, and changed clothes. Kari and I headed off to Savers at 8:45am. We headed out to the West Side. We shopped until around 10:15am, then headed back to post. I found quite a few good deals on shirts, a denim skirt, and a pair of black pants. I was quite excited for my finds.

We headed home, and I had time for a shower. And I put on make up and fixed my hair and put on some new clothes from Savers. And I headed over to Terra's house with my computer. I was working on a project for her.

I got to Terra's, and we started working on her twins' birthday party invites. It's Minnie Mouse themed (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Who knew that Minnie Mouse went pink??? It was always red when I was growing up...

Anyway, we worked on it for a bit, then decided that we were hungry. We texted Amanda, picked her up, and drove on over to the Corner Bakery on Mesa, near where the Twins go to ABA therapy. Convenient for Terra, and AWESOME sandwiches.

I got the panini again, but I still can't remember what kind. Chicken something or another.

WITH a Diet soda this time. Because YES they do have soda....

Poor Amanda ordered a turkey sandwich on pretzell bread, and it took FOREVER to get her food. In fact, Terra and I were TOTALLY done eating before she'd even got her food. I know, I know, we should have waited to eat until her food had gotten here. That's what a good friend would have done. But yeah, I was hungry. hehe.

Anyway, when the food finally got there, the pretzel part was so hard, she couldn't even bite it! So it was taken back. And yeah, the waitress felt bad, so she was given a coupon for $5 for next time. SO nice! It was sweet of them to make it better!

After lunch, we played on our phones for a little bit, then headed next door to Kmart. We browsed around a bit, then ended up in the shoes. Terra found some slippers that she liked. It was a 2 pack. She only liked the pink and black polka dotted ones. It was a 2 pack. But not the black ones. I liked the black ones. So I said I'd buy the black ones. So we each got a new pair of slippers for $5. Works for me! New shoes for Seminary. hehe.

We paid, and headed to get her twins. Amanda and I sat in the car and chatted while Terra headed in to pick up the girls.
We headed back to main post, and Terra dropped us off at Amanda's house. We picked up the kids from the bus, got them all situated at my house, and Amanda and I headed to the PX. I needed to get Jakes meds. I was told that I could get them on Wednesday, but yeah, I needed them sooner. I couldn't wait till then. Who knows what would happen if they wore off. I was all prepared to have a sob story about my 14 year old abusing me, and about calling the MP's on him, and about my hubby being deployed, and about him being bigger than me, and about little kids in the house, and about being afraid, but yeah, it didn't get to that. The dude didn't care. He just refilled it. No questions asked. Ha! I was totally all ready to play it up, too. hehe. Oh well. Next time. hehe.

We saw the Miche purse display on the way out, and I had to show her. Because I'm fascinated by them. Have I told you how COOL they are? I'm a little obsessed. My friend Leslie has them. And I love them. It's my secret love. I don't talk about it, though. Because admitting that I love them would mean that I'd want one.

Well, I admitted it to Amanda, and she forced me to get one. Really twisted my arm. hehe. OK, so she didn't. But she encoraged me. LOL. And really, that was all that it took. Because I've wanted one for YEARS!. So I got one! A big base with 2 shells! And I absolutely LOVE it! I really do :)

So we got the meds, and headed to the doctors office. I had to get some papers figured out for Captain America for his physical, and Amanda needed some blood drawn. We split up, and got our stuff done, then met back up again. See her roving pharmacy! hehe.

Next stop, Sonic. Because we needed rewarded for going to the doctor. Because the guy at the physical place was a bit rude. Not overly rude, but a big sarcastic. I didn't like him. I thought he was rude to us... Anyway, I knew I was walking with Kari tonight, and I didn't wanna load up on caffeine, so I ordered a diet cherry limeade. Wasn't that a good idea???

This was Bob's arm... I don't know why we thought it was SO funny, but one day, the dude at Sonic goes, "Hi, I"m Bob. Can I take your order".... And now we always know when it's Bob...

I had just enough time to get home, change into my workout clothes, eat a hot dog, grab my slim fast shake, walk to Terra's to get my car, and go to Soccer practice. Yeah, it was a busy day. We drove to the Soccer field, and Kari and I walked for 45 minutes. Well, she walked for the full hour, but I wimped out and only walked for 45 minutes. Something was hurting my tummy. Maybe it was the protein shake? Maybe it was the Topomax? I'm not sure? it was hurting, though.

Anyway, we finished off Soccer, and headed home. The kids had an hour to do chores, do homework, and have free time. They had to turn every thing off at 8 and go to bed. I turned on Prison Break, and watched an episode.

And at 8pm. I turned off the TV, and put the kids to bed. Then turned on another episode, and started blogging. And when it got over, I kept on going. It's now 9:30pm, and I really can feel how tired I am. I'm typing funny. I'm falling asleep. I SO need to go to bed. My day for tomorrow is just as booked.

I have therapy appointments for Jake. I have hair appointments with Kari. I have lunch with the girls. Pool with the kids. Soccer with the kids. More fun times! If I keep myself busy, I won't sleep my day away, right??? I will win, Topomax!!! hehe :)

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GREAT one, Sharon! Awesome layering! I love it!


Tink said...

LOVE your purse!! I want one too...

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Sep. 27, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Your purse is awesome, Bethany. I can see why you have been wanting one.

Thanks for the great word art. Hugs!!!

Breeoxd said...

try not eating right before you walk. I doubt its the meds- food before activity gives "runners trots" without fail, and also makes it so you dont burn any fat- just digests the food youre eating faster. Just a tip from a running gal :)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [28 Sep 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria