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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Graduate (The Movie)

OK, so it's after 11pm, and it's speed blog time. I'm feaking exhausted, and I SO need to go to bed. Because my meds make me tired anyway, and I kept myself busy ALL day long, and yeah, I'm just tired. hehe. Anyway, I'll try and be brief. Well, brief for me. Ha!

I got up, got Jake up, and headed to Seminary. And went back to sleep. Captain America Skyped me about 15 minutes into Seminary, and we got to talk for the rest of the time. It was good! And he got to chat with Jake the rest of the way back onto post. Skype froze as we were pulling back into the driveway.

I got the kids ready and onto the bus. But I snapped a quick picture of Jake before I headed out the door. Aren't he and Boxer cute!

Me and Eme and JoeI got the kids off to the bus, and headed back home. Jake had some free time in the morning before his therapy appointment, and so did I. I chatted on the phone with my mother in law for about 15 minutes, then it was time for Jake and I to go. We loaded up in the car, and drove on over to the doctors office.

We had our hour session, then I drove him to school. He was signed back into class by 10:30am. I dropped by Family Dollar on the way home, just because I like that store. ha! I headed back to post, picked up Kari at 11am, then picked up Amanda, and we headed to the Beauty college. Kari headed off for a $1 hair cut, and Amanda and I decided on 2 for the price of 1 French Manicure Acrylics! I was excited! It came out to only $10 a person! Can't beat that!

Our girls were SUPER thorough. Amanda's didn't speak English, but mine did. But that's ok. I spoke enough for all 4 of us.... Andrea, you'd have been impressed. I just couldn't stop myself.... I talked to Amanda, and the lady, and people passing by... Yeah, I need help. ROFL!

Check out how good the acrylics look! What do you think, Aunt Sue???
We were still getting the nails done when Kari was taken back for her facial waxing and leg waxing. She got that done, and they started on my eyebrow/lip waxing. And it took a long time. And they forgot the lip. Oops. But they credited me for next time, so it was ok. We were running late. That's the thing about the beauty college. You need to have a flexible schedule. They take a long time. It's a very thorough job, but it's slow. You need to understand that, and be patient. ha!

We were late, but headed out to meet Crystal and Maggie at L&J's for lunch. We were STARVING. OK, not literally, but we were hungry. ha! They'd already ordered for us, and our food was already there! Perfect! I had the SUPER tasty steak salad. DIVINE! I think it's amazing! Crystal and Maggie told us that if we change lunch to closer to 1:30 that they'd come more often, since they like to be home when they're hubbies are home for lunch. Sounds good to me! I like those girls!

Anyway, we chatted and finished up lunch, then headed back to post. I dropped Kari off at home so she could finish putting away her groceries from this morning (she'd gone grocery shopping), and Amanda and I decided it was close enough to bus time that we should just go on over there. We hung with the other moms at the bus stop for a bit.

And collected our kids from the bus, and headed home. And all changed into our swimsuits, and headed up to the pool. I switched my wallet from my Miche purse to my pool bag, and we headed out. Jake was going to the Youth Center, so we left a little before 4pm.

We met Kari at the pool, and Maggie and family and Amanda and Austin met us there later. There was no person on Duty at the front desk, so we didn't have to show ID's to get in... The kids had a ton of fun playing in and around the pool. They all got in for at least a while. It was funny, because for a while, they were on the tables coloring. ROFL!

At one point, Joe took my pool bag, and was using it as a pillow, and they were building a fort under the table with the hockey net. I don't know what they were doing. I was so out of it because of the Topomax, I didn't really care one way or the other...

I decided that I was gonna buy the kids pizza for dinner on the way home because I was out of groceries, and then go grocery shopping in the morning. That sounded like a great plan. We headed out at 5pm. When I got to the car, I started looking for my wallet in my pool bag. Yeah, it was empty. No wallet. And I started getting upset.

I knew that Joe had taken my bag. Where was the wallet. I was 95% sure I had it when we got to the pool. I needed the ID's. I remembered getting it ready in the kitchen at home. Crap. Where was it! We went back inside and looked. And our friends looked. And the pool people looked. And other people looked. No where. It was no where.

And through my haze of drugs, I was worried. I was gonna have to call the bank, and get a new military ID, and get a new drivers license, and a new temple recommend, and whatever else new. What a pain! I was not liking it. And I was SURE that I had it!

So we drove home. What else was I gonna do? We got there, went inside, and it was sitting on the counter. Yeah, I'm totally losing it. I would have be money that I'd taken it with me. I was that sure of it. Topomax makes you crazy. It's just that simple....

We had about 40 minutes at home between the pool and Jim's soccer practice. I grabbed dinner for myself and got the kids something to eat, and printed out a shopping list and a menu for the upcoming weeks foods. We all changed, and got homework done. And chores, and the kids had free time. Eme went to the park to play with her friend, and Jim and I headed to Soccer practice.

I hung with Kari, and Jim and Josephine had practice. After practice, we headed home, and the kids were in bed by 8pm. Amanda and I were gonna go to the commissary around that time, but they had a power outage earlier in the night, and closed it for the remainder of the day. So we just went to Walmart. Works for me.

And we were there for days and days. OK, not really. But it sure seemed like it. But I got all the food items on my list. And then some. And a soft, fuzzy blanket to keep in the car to snuggle with in the morning. Black fleece on one side and white sheepish fuzzy on the other side. I'm SO excited. I'll let ya know how it goes.

I'm glad Amanda went with me. I was SO sleepy. I seriously could have curled up with a bag of Halloween candy and gone to sleep. Well, the blanket isle would have been more compfy, but I wasn't as sleepy down that isle, for some reason. hehe.

We got all that we needed, and headed to pay. Luckily, the lines weren't bad tonight. We paid, and headed back home. She and I got all the stuff separated between hers and mine, and then brought into my house. I got it all put away, and then here it is, 11:30. So I guess it only took me 30 minutes to blog. Still, I'm even 30 minutes more tired than I was before. hehe. If you measure tired in minutes. ha! Sometimes, right?? hehe.

So tomorrow I'm getting another therapeutic massage from Kari. She's SO good. I can feel the tension in my neck and shoulders and I just KNOW that if I wasn't on Topomax that I'd have a killer migraine. I can just feel it. I'm sure it'll help :)

Then, the girls and I are going to Fallas Parades and the Jewelery Box around 1pm. And we have Soccer and Scouts tomorrow. Fun times!

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Sweet layout, Sharon! I really like it! It's a PERFECT graduation layout! Really it is!


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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Sep. 28, 2011. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [29 Sep 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria