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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Terminator

Hey, girls! Another crazy busy day :) Because, you know, if I'm busy enough, then I can't sleep my days away. That's the theory, anyway. hehe. So I woke up at 5:25am, and got up, and headed out to Seminary. And forgot my pants! Luckily I didnt leave the house without them - ha! What a space case I've become lately!

Jake and I got the trash put out for trash morning, and the recycle put out too. And stuff left out for breakfast.

We drove there, and I napped with my new soft blankie! It was SO soft and comfy! I got a VERY nice nap. Until Jake startled me awake. hehe. He does that almost every morning. hehe.

We headed back to post, and got there a bit earlier than the past few days. Thank goodness! They had been trying out having seminary 5 minutes later. And it wasn't working. The normal time is better for me. Because we have more time to see Tom before his bus comes in the morning. That's just my 2 cents, anyway...

We had egg sandwiches for breakfast, had family prayer, and headed to the bus. And it was SUPER early! Luckily it waited for people, though! My kids made it, but Amanda and Crystal were running a bit late. Well, not really late. Just later than the bus. Ha!

All the moms stayed around and chatted for a while after the bus left. I headed home after a bit, made sure Jake was ready, and hopped in the shower. I put some anti friz stuff in my hair stuff after the shower, and got ready, and headed over to Kari's house. I was getting a massage today! I was excited! She's good!

I got there around 8:30am, and got an hour massage on my neck and left and right shoulders. SO nice! They felt SO good after! I kinda stumbled home (anyone who's ever had a massage knows what I'm talking about) after I thanked Kari, and I planned on taking an hour nap.

But, of course, once I laid down, I couldn't sleep. And I SO wanted to. I really did! I think it was the time of day. Maybe I should have just stayed on Kari's massage table. ROFL! I'm sure she would have liked that. hehe.

Anyway, I eventually got up and cleaned a tad bit. And changed clothes. And got ready for yoga. Kari and I were going at 11:30 ish. I turned on an episode of Prison Break. And had JUST enough time to watch one episode. Boxer was glad that I was home, at least!

I did have time to make some yummy treats, though! It was fake butterfingers! And OMGosh, they turned out good! Sure, they look nasty, but they taste good! Click HERE to find the recipe.
Kari came to pick me up at 11:30 and we headed off to Yoga. She had brought me some cherry tomatoes and I'd given her a butterfinger. Good trade, huh? hehe.

And Yoga was fabulous. It really was. Megan was back. I really do like her. She's wonderful. We did some spine stretches, and stretched on one side and laid on a pillow thing for like 5 minutes then switched to the other side. Oh yeah. It was nice! It was strenuous, but she tricks you into thinking that it's not. I love you, Megan! hehe.

We drove home, and Kari dropped me off at home. I changed clothes, and waited for Maggie to pick me up. We were going to Fallas together with Kari at 1pm! I was excited!
We got there, and went our separate ways in the store. I found the hats, and had WAY too much fun on my own. But yeah, apparently it didn't translate to my facial expression. Cause I just look drugged up. ROFL! But I did like this green hat. It was a little bit too tight, though.
I found a few dresses that were fabulous, and Kari found some great stocking stuffers for Christmas. We eventually caught up with each other. It's amazing how fast time passes when you're shopping with friends. hehe. We eventually paid and headed back to post. Maggie dropped me off at home, then dropped off Kari.

Tom was home, and I went to the bus to pick up the little kids. Joe went over to Veronica's kids house to work on homework. Cassie and Joe are in the same class, and Joe isn't getting very good grades. So they're gonna be "study buddies" on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, us mom's have decided. And they finished off the homework packet today! Good job, Joe and Cassie!

Jim and I met Amanda and Austin at the park for about 30 minutes and played, then I went home to fix dinner. We had sandwiches, and got ready for soccer. Joe was supposed to have team pictures tonight. Eme had practice. Joe had practice. All at 5:30. Jake and Tom and Joe had Scouts at 7pm. I'd asked Kari if Jim could got over and play at 7 with Josephine so I didn't have to supervise him at the church, and she said it would be fine. Thank goodness!

I had to take the big kids, because I didn't wanna come back home. So it was a mad dash to get everyone ready and out the door. But we did it. We got to the field right at 5:30pm. Not on time, but you get the idea :)

Joe and Leo and Eme went to practice, and Jim went to play on his own. Tom went inside the Youth center, and Jake watched a movie on his portable MP3 player behind the bleachers. Josephine had stayed home with her brother. Kari and I chatted and made plans for our facial next Tuesday and our day tomorrow. Gotta stay busy, you know :)

After soccer practice, we kinda figured that no photographer was gonna show up for pictures. Nope, we were right... The coach said maybe on Friday. We asked the coach if we could just click a photo when the kids were all standing next to each other. Cause we're cheap. ROFL! She said it should be fine!

We gathered all the kids, took Leo, left Jim with Kari, and headed to Scouts. Apparently, the Scout system was down, and they wouldn't sell rank unless the system was up, so they couldn't get what they needed for the pack meeting. So they didn't do it. But we still have the activity part.

The primary president's hubby is a commander of a Stryker unit. And he has a driver. And a Stryker. So he had the dude drive it over to the church for activity night! And the kids all got to look inside and play on it!!! COOLEST pack meeting ever!!! hehe. My boys loved it!

After about 35 minutes of being outside crawling around on the Stryker, it got dark, and we headed back inside. We tied up the Pack Meeting, had announcement, did the flags, had closing prayer, and it was done. And I gathered up the kids, and we were one the road a little after 9pm. Oh yeah, I was sleepy, and it was time to go home!

We headed in the gate, and I realized that I didn't have my wallet. I must have left it at home again. Seriously? What's up with constantly forgetting it??? I hate that! So I decided that I could either play dumb and explain what happen, or just try and pass Jake's ID off as my own. I tried to pass Jake's ID off as mine, and he didn't even batt an eyelash at it. Nice. Real nice.

We dropped Leo off, and picked Jim up, and home we went. The house was messy, but I told the kids that I SO wasn't cleaning up their mess! They were gonna clean it if they wanted electronics free time. Cause I SO didn't make the mess, you know. I shouldn't have to clean it! Freakin' kids! ha!

I put the kids to bed as fast as I could, but they kept coming out. And I started blogging. I got in 2 episodes of prison break. It's now 10:35pm. I guess that's better than last night. And I still getta sleep in the morning at Seminary. So that's good. But I'm gonna be sleepy. I can already tell it.

We're getting up at 5:25am for Seminary, then going Hiking at 7:30am. Then going to the Autism Support Group at 10am. Then going to the movies at 11:35. Then kids from the bus at 3:40. Busy day, busy day! But it should be a good one, right??? No rest for the wicked - ha!

OK, I'm falling asleep. That last paragraph was written with my eyes closed. Literally. That last word, closed, used to be clothed. ROFL! Kind of a different meaning, you know. ha! Too funny :) OK, I'm getting off of her now :) I really am. Cause I'm tired. And I"m rambling. Cause I'm trying to keep myself awake.... Night Blogland!
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Great application, my dear! Love how you did it, Sharon!

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