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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Come and See

Hey there, girls! What a long busy day... I had a restless night. I woke us several times, feeling a migraine coming on. Not a horrible one, but it was annoying, none the less. And it kept me up. At one point, I had dreams that I got up and ate food, and took a pill. But I totally didn't. hehe. The things we dream, right?

Anyway, when I got up to go to Seminary at 5:25am, I took a migraine pill and a decongestant (just in case, my ears felt a little stuffy this morning), and headed out with Jake). I dropped him off, and snuggled into my blankie, and fell asleep. And felt SO good.

I headed back to post, and had about 5 minutes with Tom before he had to go to the bus. Oh yeah, before I forget, here's the kids Soccer pictures that Amanda took with her AWESOME camera, and that I edited :) We make a good team, huh?

And the kids' school photos:





Great job, Amanda!!! You rock! So, I got the kids all ready for the bus, and Joe and Jim and Eme and I headed out. Joe and Jim had smuggled a DVD player into their room last night, and I'm SURE that's why Jim was SO hysterical this morning. He was crying and whining and freaking out about everything. I need to make sure that I do a better job of checking their room for contraband materials in the evenings. hehe.

I chatted with the ladies at the bus stop for quite a while, and Kari and Amanda and I decided that we were gonna make a Savers run. We tried to convince Maggie to come with us, but she was convinced that she needed more sleep. ha! Sleep is overrated. LOL! Just kidding. I like my sleep. I just tend to pick it up in the evening times these days :)

I went home, and started on some crock pot chickens. I'd defrosted 2 the day before, and decided that I could fit 2 in a large crock pot. I sprinkled some seasoning on it, some oil and vinegar, and set it on low for the day. Looked good to me :)
I cleaned up in the kitchen for a bit, then went to get presentable for Savers. I decided to go with Red today. ha! I like red :) I wanted to do French Braids, but it wasn't working, so I did Faux braids with rubber bands. Much easier. I think it turned out pretty good :)

Here's me waiting out on my steps for Amanda to come and get me . Enjoying my Vanilla Coke Zero!
We picked up Kari, and drove on over to the East side. We donated our few items, got our 20% off coupon, found out that the color for the day for the $0.99 tag was SILVER, and that our Super Savers card would get us an additional 10% off of our coupon! Sa-weet!

We split up, and started shopping. I found stuff for everyone! I found a cool orange shirt for Jake that said THIS IS MY COSTUME. I was sure he'd like it. hehe. And a few shirts for Joe and Jim for school. And some stuff for Eme. And shoes for Joe. And a Japanese Star Wars shirt for Tom. You can never have enough of those, you know.

And some books for Eme. And a few skirts. And a few shirts for me. Yeah, random stuff, but I love it :) And my hat was gone. It was a sad day. I was really bummed :( Hence the sad face :( hehe.
It's amazing how fast time flies in Savers. We finally paid and headed home, and it was 11:30 when we finally got back in the car! Holy cow! We left post at 8:30am! We dropped Kari off at her house, and before we'd even got around the block, decided that we wanted Cattle Baron's salad buffet. So we pulled back around to invite Kari. She declined.

We texted Terra, who was busy. And Tara. Who didn't answer. So it was just Amanda and I. We got there, got seated right away, and started in on some soup. It was SUPER tasty :)

Me and my Diet Coke. It actually tasted 1/2 way normal. Or I'm just getting used to the nasty flavor. (No offense, Charlotte...)
Next, they brought out the bread. Amanda and I each had a slice with the YUMMY garlic butter. SO freaking good!
Then we got our plates, and went through the salad bar. I got a base of spinach, and some eggs, and some seeds, and a little bit of ranch, a big chunk of cheese, a cup of soup, and a few other things. It looked pretty good!
Um, yeah, I guess my Topomax must be finally starting to kick in, appetite wise. Because I wasn't hungry anymore. I'm not one to leave food on my plate. You know me. I always take pictures of my licked clean plates. hehe. This is what I left! And I just couldn't bring myself to eat another bit. I just didn't care to eat anymore.
I went back for some fruit

And I only ate this much!
Amanda and I had a fun time at lunch, then paid, and headed back home. I had a productive time at home afterwords. I worked on the little boys room for quite a while. I got all the clothes and shoes organized, and pushed everything else to the center of the room. A big 'ole pile for them to clean when they got home. And re-arranged a little bit.

I did all of their laundry, and hung up a ton of stuff. I even got some of the towels/blankets started. And I started on a bit of the laundry in my room. I was proud of myself for not laying down and napping but for being productive ALL afternoon long! I didn't even feel tired at all :)

Tom got home at 3pm, and I showed him his new stuff from Savers. At 3:30pm, I walked to the bus to get the other kids. Joe went to Veronicas house to do homework with Cassie and I brought Eme and Jim home. Jim and I worked non-stop on the room until a little after 5pm. And it was CLEAN! It felt like it would NEVER get done.

We had just enough time to get Eme changed for Soccer, see if Joe wanted to come and play with Leo while Eme practiced, get me changed into Workout clothes (Kari and I were doing laps), give Tom instructions for watching Jim, and head out the door. I'd let time get away from me again!

But the house was mostly clean, at least. Except for the washing machine sitting in the middle of everything.... hehe :)
We headed out to soccer, and picked up Kari and Leo on the way. Eme went off to practice, Joe and Leo played, and Kari and I walked. The first lap I was a bit tight, and my shins hurt, but by the 2nd and 3rd laps, I was feeling pretty good. We were walking quite fast, and I was working up a good sweat :)

I think the Topomax may work out after all! Thank goodness :) hehe. We finished up our hour workout, and headed back to gather up the kids. Eme got gone with practice, the boys were done playing and we headed back home. I dropped off Leo and Kari, and we headed home. I made cheese and chicken sandwiches for the kids, and I did some more laundry.

And yeah, the dry up and broke. Just like that. I went to dry a load of towels, and it just sat there and made a funny noise. And smelled. Sigh. My sisters friend Kathleen from High School said it's because it missed it's mate. And it's probably SO relieved to be back in the shed with it's companion.

This is the new one

I had Jake got out and move all the crap out of the shed, get the dryer out, take the washer from the kitchen, put it back in the hole, put the dryer in there too, then make Tom put all the other crap back in the shed. It was a job I SO didn't wanna do. I had the job of hooking back up the machines.

Luckily, I was only without laundry access for about 45 minutes. Not bad, eh? Good thing I have a WONDERFULLY prepared husband who thought far enough ahead to have a spare washer and dryer for me!!!

Anyway, the boys worked on that project for quite a while into the evening. I put the little boys to bed at 8pm, and started in on my blog. Jake and Tom finished up some homework, and eventually went to bed. I watched an episode of Prison Break while I was working, and now it's quiet. It's now quarter to 10, and I'm SO sleepy. I'm gonna go put on my new hoodie from Savers, and go to sleep. I'm BEAT! A good nights rest is JUST what I need. Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up with no signs of a headache.

I must say, the Topomax definitely lessens the migraine symptoms. DEFINITELY. It wasn't very bad today at all. So tomorrow the girls and I are going for 2 for the price of 1 facials at the beauty college. And 2 for the price of 1 pedicures. I'm so excited. My feet are nasty. ha! And my lip waxing that I didn't do last week :) Cause I'm hairy :)

I always need to sit down one of these days and design November's freebies. I need to plan a design day :)

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Great layout, Sharon :) Love the use of negative space :) Cool shades :P


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Oct. 04, 2011. Thanks again.

Browntigger said...

Just to let you know Jim's soccerpic says 2001 !

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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [04 Oct 09:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria