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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dog Days

Hey girls :) Another day down, another day closer to when Captain America gets home!!! I didnt sleep well again last night... Not having laundry man is REALLY throwing me off...

My alarm went off at 8am, and I hopped right up and got in the shower and got ready for the day. I wanted to wear my new white hat with the purple scarf, and the white fuzzy boots. What do you think of the finished product???
Jake was already awake, and I had him get ready for his Therapy appointment. And we headed out at 8:50am. His session went well, and I chatted with another mom while he was in there. Then, after the session, I asked Jake if he could handle a trip to the mall. I told him that since it had JUST opened, that it wouldn't be so bad. He agreed. I left it in his hands, though. I know that going there stresses him out. Poor kid. He was a great dislike/fear of crowds.

Anyway, we swung by the mall, and it was SO much better than last time. Thank goodness! We went into the Apple store, and i got my new iPhone 4S! Woohoo! I opted for the 64GB one. Go big or go home, right? hehe. I looks exactly the same as my old iPhone 4, but has just a few different features. It's gonna take a while to get used to it :)

Jake and I headed home, and spent the rest of the morning there. Check out my Christmas Cactus from last year!!! We discovered today that it was blooming again!!! SO pretty! Captain America had bought it for me last year :)

After noon, Kim texted to see if the Kids and I wanted to come and hang at her house. Of course we did! Tom and Eme opted to stay home and play, and Jake and Joe and Jim and I headed over. I brought my new and old phones, and had Kim and Tim show me how to use it.

We hung for a bit, and the kids played. Then Kim asked if I wanted to come with her to run a few errands. Sounded good to me. We dropped Jim off with Tom, and took Hunter (her 13 year old) and his friend to his friends house. Then we went to the EFMP office, and she got some paperwork to fill out, and some guidance on how to proceed. Her family is getting ready to PCS to Germany, and she needed a little bit of advice on how to proceed with her "exceptional family members".

After we got the paperwork, we made a quick stop at the UPS store, then headed across town to the doctors office. The one that Scotty goes to. The one that saw Jake at Peaks. She and I both needed follow up appointments for our boys. And she needed the paperwork filled out.

We got there, dropped off the paperwork, got the new appointments set up, and I found the BIGGEST poinsettia I've EVER seen in my life! Ha!
I didn't know they got that big, did you???

After we got the papers dropped off, and since we were all the way on the west side, we decided to continue on to the Outlet mall. Kim wanted to go and look at the Disney Outlet and see if there was something for the kids' gift exchange there. She was SO excited because she had 3 girls to buy gifts for - hehe ;) She has 4 boys, you know...

I found a few t-shirts for the kids on my list, and we popped our heads into the Jewelry Box, and I picked up a few things for the 9 year old that I had gotten. Then we hustled out. But got stuck at the Mexican Snack Shop. hehe :)

Check this out! The churro is filled with chocolate pudding! Oh yeah, it was SO good! LOVED it :)

And this... Mexican Corn in a Cup. Not a fan.. It tasted tangy. It had juicy corn that was slightly undercooked. It was a bit chewy. And I could handle that. The texture wasn't horrible. And lots of butter. Butter is good. And chili powder. So it was spicy. And then something that made it tangy. Lime juice? Lemon juice? I'm not sure what it was...

But the nachos were good! And Kim didn't tell me that a Large was WAY too large! I should have got a small. hehe. At least I had some extras to bring home to the kids, right? ha! Here's what I had left.
Kim and I on the way back to post.
We made a very quick trip to the commissary to grab some food. And dog food for Kim. I picked up a few essentials for my family.

Quick, what does this say???
Kim and I both read it as black head. ROFL! It says block heads. hehe. Too funny!

And another picture of me. I know, I know. I'm cocky. But hey, I don't shower often. I've gotta make the most of it, right? hehe :)

Kim dropped me and my groceries off a my house, and we got them put away. I texted her, and asked her to ask Joe and Jake if they wanted to come to Big Lots with the rest of us to look for Gift Exchange gifts. They opted out. And decided to spend the night over there.

So Eme and Jim and Tom and I loaded up in the Saturn, and headed to Big Lots. Check out this cool dog bed we found for Boxer! And it was SO much cheaper than the other beds that I'd been looking at for him. No point spending a lot of money on something that he's just gonna tear up, right?
We found stuff for the kids for the gift swap, I found something for Captain America, and a few other random things. And this. I thought it would be good for my Miche Prima shells! Believe me, I had a plan... a vision. hehe ;)
We paid and headed home. I got the kids some dinner, and had them do a round of chores. And since Jake was gone, I had them work together to get his chores done. It was trash night. And then I started working on my Shell Holder project. What do you think???
I thought it turned out pretty good :) Then, I started on my next project. Since I couldn't seem to sleep without laundry man, I needed something to replace him. Without the giant pile of laundry.

So, I bought a big, fuzzy, soft blanket at Big Lots. And then sewed it up like a pillow case. And stuffed it full of clothes that didn't fit anyone. And used safety pins to close the end. What to you think? I just need a better name. He's not laundry man anymore... Any ideas???
Even without a name, I love him :) I'll let ya know how it goes tonight :)
I sat down to blog soon, and before I knew it, it's 11pm. I've gotta be at the dentist tomorrow at 8:30am. To get my crown put on. hOpefully it fits this time, right? My kids are still awake. I should go and put them to bed. Then go to bed myself. I'm excited to sleep with my new Pillow Man thing... Yeah, he needs a catchy name :)

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