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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Horse

So, it was a busy day today. I was up at 7:30am getting ready to go and play with Kim. Our kids were gonna play back and forth between our two houses, and her hubby was home on a vacation day, so it was perfect. hehe :)

She picked me up, and we headed to get her paperwork signed. Tom was the only one awake in my house. He had the phone, so we'd be in contact.

We headed to the University Medical Center, and dropped off some paperwork for the doctor to fill out for Hunter. He's got some funky heart thing, or something... Anyway, she filled out the paperwork, left it for the doctor, and we headed to the East side to Savers.

And Captain America called! I got to talk with him, on the real phone, for 2- 15 minute session! I was excited :) He's doing pretty well. Not too many more days, and he'll be back home! They moved out of the nice rooms, and into the temporary tents things. They'll be there for about a few weeks, I think.

It was Blue tag day, and also 50% off of everything else with the Super Savers card! Score it!!! I decided to wrap up everything that I bought, and put it under the tree - hehe :) I got jammies for kids, and some t-shirts, and a jacket or two for people. It was a great time :)

And yeah, Savers is a BIG sucker of time. hehe. It was close to noon before we left! We swung by Verizon real fast so I could changed Captain America's phone number (he needed a local number for here). Luckily, it was a fast fix. I just had to turn his phone back on...

Next stop, back to the hospital to pick up the paperwork. Then on to Little Cesaers to grab some $5 pizzas for the kids. And some breadsticks. Cause if you texted your number to the store, they'd give you some for free! And then a 2nd bag for only $0.99! Score!

Next stop was a random little Mexican place on Montana. I'd never been there, but it was SO good :) Rainbow Fruit Flauta or something like that. Kim had been there before, and loved it. We got a pineapple smoothie, and she and I and Tim (bringing it home to him) got a shrimp cocktail. And home we headed to drop off the food.

We dropped the food off at her house first, then off at my house. Kids seemed perfectly content at my house. And happy, too. Very happy to have the pizza and the bread sticks. Kim and I sat outside of my house eating the shrimp cocktail. OMGosh, it was great! Big juicy shrimp, and the sauce was sweet and spicy at the same time. Very good. I'd definitely have it again!

Then, we headed over to the West side. Kim had a check that she needed to send through UPS to her Dad (big check), but the 3 stores that we tried all had broken machines. Um, yeah, that's not so cool. So we headed to Burlington Coat Factory. But tried the boot store next to it first. They had a few pairs that we liked, but they seemed a bit pricey.

And then we went to Burlington Coat Factory. I really thought it looked like Ross. Just a little more upscale. We tried on some hats, and found a few that we really liked. Let me tell you, it's really hard to find a hat that fits my giant melon. hehe. And it's hard to find a hat small enough to fit Kim's tiny melon. ROFL! We have the opposite problems :)

The boot section was next. We found the CUTEST pair of white knee boots!!! But there was only one of the size 10!! Then, we saw some chickies across the way trying on the same ones! And the little boy with them swooped between us, and grabbed the gray pair out from under us. Um, rude! Luckily, I'd taken the black pair before they could. Ha! And, I had that one white boot in my cart. Yeah, I wasn't gonna give it up. Just on principle. hehe. So take that, rude people. Beside, I don't think that chick could have gotten the boots zipped up over the legs. Not to be rude, but she seemed to be struggling with the zipper quite a bit. It was getting suck on her calf...

We walked around for a while more, and kept peeking back at the shoe department, trying to outlast those ladies. We SO wanted the boot! I knew they had that other single size 10. And I wasn't gonna give it up. I could hold out longer - hehe :) Finally, we came back, and they were leaving. And they left ALL of the boots there. We found the single size 10, and another complete size 10 white. And the gray pair.

Kim ended up getting the gray pair and a white pair. And I got a white pair and the black pair. I had to, JUST on principle, right? hehe. And I ended up getting 2 SUPER cute hats that fit my giant head :)

We waited FOREVER in line, then paid, and headed home. But had to stop at Albertsons and buy toilet paper for Kim's house before we got there. That's something important to not forget, right? hehe.

We also got a few other supplies while we were in there, then paid, and headed back home. As we came on post, Kari texted, and said that Boxer was loose. Oh crap... So I called Jake and Tom and had them go and look for him. Kim helped me carry my stuff inside, and Brian (Kari's hubby) called and said that Boxer came to their house, and he took him inside. So I walked on over, retrieved the dog, and brought him home. Dumb dog! Sigh. And Jake and Tom were still wondering the neighborhood in search of the dog...

They eventually came back, though. Jake was super mad. He tried to blame everyone else for his dog getting out. Really, Boxer tries to escape when he's not walked and doesn't get attention. And he doesn't get walked. And he gets no attention. So, the fault lies with Jake. Sorry, Jake, but it does.

And Jake was upset, so he went and laid down for a nap. And ended up falling very asleep. For dinner, I picked the chicken that I cooked in the crock pot yesterday, added Miracle whip and Garlic and Onion seasoning, and we ate it with crackers. It was SO yummy! The kids even ate it :)

And I had the kids go to bed early. Cause they'd been on electronics all day today. And they didn't even complain that much. I wrapped up the presents that I bought today (in shirt boxes I bought on huge clearance last year), and put them under the tree. And turned on some X-files. And here it is, 8:17pm. I'm gonna watch one more episode, and go to bed. I'm super sleepy today. All that running around with Kim tired me out, I think. hehe ;)

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LOVE the kit that you used, Sharon!!! It's perfect!!! Very Christmasy, and cheery! I'm loving it!

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