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Friday, December 23, 2011

Horse Play

First off, I just wanted to show you guys a couple of my older bundles that I have inside of the store! No new releases this week, since it's Christmas and all. BUT, you can still go shop! I'm gonna be adding a new bundle here soon, too! But be sure to check these out first! They are AWESOME! And I try real hard to make sure that there aren't a lot of duplicates within the bundles. One may slip in here and there, but it's totally not my intent.

How is it even possible that it's THIS close to Christmas??? As I was pre-publishing the blog, Dec 23rd was the date. Are you kidding me? Does that really mean that tomorrow is Christmas Eve??? No freakin' way! That really snuck up on me!

My alarm went off at 7:45am, and instead of waking right up, I hit snooze. And finally got out of bed at 8:10am. I had about 5 minutes to get ready and be out the door. Ha! I hustled really fast, made sure that the kids were all good (only Tom was awake), and off to my Therapy session on the West side I headed.

It was a good session, too. I'd considered texting and rescheduling. Because I hadn't done anything that I was supposed to. And we talked about that. How I was feeling SO overwhelmed with all of the stuff that I was supposed to be doing. And instead of doing something, I do nothing. I run from my "problems". OK, guilty as charged. And that, of course, makes things worse. So, my task for the 2 weeks was to NOT run. But to face them, and to work thru them.
So, I went home, and when Rebecca texted and said that she couldn't meet to exercise, I texted Kari and Kim to see if they wanted to walk. Because exercise makes me feel good. And satisfies my need for social time. Two in one.

The kids were all awake by the time I got home (Joe was still at Leo's house), I changed my shoes, and headed to the park to meet the girls. And we started walking. Check out our happy shadows! hehe :) (me and kim and kari)
After the walk, we headed back to our homes. But Kim stopped by real quick to pick up her purses that came in. We'd both gotten stuff with my 30% discount, so she'd come to pick it up.

And then I bit the bullet, and cleaned. We turned off the electronics, and plugged in the music, and started cleaning. Everyone did their chores. Except Jake. He disappeared, and I couldn't find him. I texted Kari to see if she was at his house, but she had left. (and Joe had come home) I texted Kim, but no response. Sigh. I guess Jake would do his chores when I saw him next, right?

It took about an hour, but the house looked a TON better afterwords. Everyone was in a pretty good mood, aside from Joe. He must not have gotten a lot of sleep at Leo's house. Cause he was SO grouchy. But I guess that's what Christmas break is about, right? Hanging with friends? Especially if your dad is gone...

Check out the pictures that I took of my Christmas Cactus!!!
Jimmy wanted to be in the photo with the cactus and the flowers :)
We hung at the house for a bit, and relaxed for a while. It was a good time with the kids. Terra texted after a bit, and asked if I wanted to sneak away for a bit to go to Big Lots and Albertsons. Actually, her phone said Alberta, Canada, but I knew what she meant. ROFL!

She came and got me, and we went to Big Lots. But weren't there long. I did find a few things for Stocking Stuffers, though. And then we headed to Albertsons. She wanted to look for snacks for her family for Christmas Eve night. And you know me, I always find stuff that I find humorous...

Festive? Really? hehe :)
This name cracked me up!
After Albertsons, Terra dropped me off at the house, and the house was still mostly clean. Good job, kids! hehe. We straightened up a little bit more, and Jim and Joe and I took a little cat nap.
They wanted to snuggle with "laundry pillow" with me. hehe. Joe only stayed for a few minutes, but Jimmy stayed for quite a while. It was nice snuggling with him. I must have dozed off for a while, though. ha!

The kids had dinner, and then Kim texted and asked if I wanted to go do some Christmas Shopping with her and Tim. Sounded like a good time to me. And since I'd spent quite a lot of time with the kids today already, I didn't feel bad leaving. See, I wasn't running. ha!

I stocked up my new purse with ONLY the essentials... ROFL!
And headed to Kim's house. Jake was there! THAT's where the kid went! I had him go home to do his chores, and said that he could go back to Kim's house.

Then we headed out to Big Lots. And when Jake went back to Kim's house, Joe went with him. So only Tom and Eme and Jim were at my house.

We had fun walking around Big Lots, and looking at random stuff... Um, yeah, you DON'T wanna know what Tim called his collection of things. hehe :)

Sock monkey strikes again!!!We paid, and headed over to Toys R Us. It's right next door. And check out this Santa booth they had right outside the door. Ha! I thought it was pretty podunk! hehe.
We walked around for a bit inside of Toys R Us, and found the few things that we needed. I needed a certain game for a certain child... And what's up with these dolls? Ugly Charlie? Glad I didn't name any of my kids Charlie, right? hehe.

Never noticed this Smurf before....
Hang on, Army Dude!!!
Miss you, Captain America!!! Come home soon!
After Toys R Us, we drove over to Barnes and Nobles/Dollar Tree. Tim went in the bookstore, and Kim and I went to Dollar Tree. Check out the Sock Monkey puzzle I found!!!
We grabbed the few things that we needed, and got a text from Tim saying that he was at Best Buy (right in the middle of the 2 places). So we wandered down. And remember how that chinese buffet has those signs I find so funny about the "don't leave our ice cream outside"? Here's why!!!!
Really? Who wastes perfectly good ice cream like that??? hehe :) We walked around Best Buy for a while, and look at what there was to see. Nothing for me in there. Kim and Tim found and ton of stuff, though. hehe. They paid, then headed out.

Next stop, Walgreens. Kim wanted to get a Pillow Pal for one of her kids. I considered getting on for Jim, but it was above my price range. But now that I think about it, Fallas has generic ones! I think I'll go and look there tomorrow. He'd reallly like that!! Good idea, me!

I found this hat there, and liked it :)

And bought it! Kims is more black, and mine is more tan. So they're not identical. hehe. Tim was hungry when we left Walgreens, so we went to Applebees on the way home. Score!
Oh yeah, we really dressed up for our night out on the town. hehe.
We're such dorks. We all 3 sat around playing on our iPhone 4s's. Kim and I played a few rounds of Family Feud on her phone. Mine was dying SUPER fast. We played with Siri, and asked her all sorts of stuff.

Our waitress was new, and not very good. Bless her heart. I'm sure she'll get better with some practice. She dropped and broke her money bag first thing, then messed up the drinks. We're nice though, so it's all good :)

Tim got the steak and shrimp something, I got the quesidilla burger, and Kim got the pineapple something salad. And after forever, our food came out. My burger was awesome. I ate most of it, and brought the rest of it home to Tom.
Kim's salad was SO super spicy, that she couldn't eat it. Poor girl. So she asked if she could get something else. You know it's bad when she's asking for something else. She even asked for a ton of extra dressing to drown out the spicy. Nope, not even that worked. So she got an appetizer trio for her meal. And it wasn't spicy. Thank goodness!

I ended up drinking like 3-4 waters at dinner, and got SUPER stuffed. ha! We had fun messing around with the phones and joking and just hanging out. It's nice to have friends, you know. Especially friends that will distract you from that fact that your BEST friend is gone over Christmas.... Miss you, honey :(

After eating, we paid, and headed back to post. They came in with me, and helped me carry in my stuff. I'd bought some hampers for clothes in the laundry room, and Tim carried them in. He'd never seen the inside of a 4 bedroom house, and since we'd cleaned today, I wasn't super embarrassed by it - ROFL!

They headed home, and I hid the Christmas stuff in my secret hiding place. Then worked to get the kids to bed. Jake came home to take his meds, then headed back to spend the night at Kim's. Both him and Joe were gonna spend the night there.

I turned on some X-files, and started blogging. There are no new releases this week, but I am gonna have sales. Look for those to come! My plan for tomorrow is to SLEEP IN! No appointments tomorrow :) My day is open wide. I'm hoping to get the Christmas stuff put out once and for all. Since Christmas is Sunday, you know! ha!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Awe, look at that!!! Love pictures of kids playing with their dads!!! So fun :) Great job, Sharon!

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