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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hog Wash

Well, I didn't get back to blog, obviously. But we did go to church! Thankfully :) I woke up at 8am, and hit snooze. Not good. hehe. We ended up with about 25 minutes to get ready. Yeah, we were in major hustle mode. But, we made it in time. There weren't 2 little rows together, so we ended up taking 2 little rows with one in between. It's ok, because Kristal was in between me and Tom/Eme/Joe. And she was fine with smacking them for me - LOL.

The kids were pretty good today, even. I only had to confiscate things one time. Jake had smuggled in his new video camera he'd bought yesterday. Um, yeah, NOT what you do during sacrament... hehe. He wasn't so happy, but I did get it from him.

The kids sang a Christmas Song, and they did SO good. I only have 3 kids left in Primary! Crazy! Tom was SO excited that he was old enough not to have to do it - hehe.

After Sacrament meeting, the kids headed off to class, and I sat in the hall. I just didn't feel up to Sunday School. I was hoping that Captain America would be on Skype, but no such luck...

During Relief Society, I did notice something in the bulletin that I was SUPER excited about!

12:30 church, baby! That means some sleeping in for us!!! Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to it - hehe :)

Rebecca (the RS president) and Sister Peterson convinced me that I should join the Choir for the Christmas program next week. And I LOVE the choir. But have so many kids, that it's kinda difficult. Expecially Jake. He doesn't like to come to the regular 3 hour block of church, let alone extra time.

I had a talk with him, though, and explained that I really wanted to do it, and that he could come and sit with me. And he said it would be ok. He's really a sweet kid :)

We went into the primary room, and practiced for about 45 minutes. 2 of the songs were Hymns, and were pretty easy. That other one, though, was pretty tough. But After a few times, I got it, mostly.

We loaded up, and headed home. The kids had bagel sandwiches, and when Joe went to get more from the freezer, he noticed that the freezer wasnt working. So I took all the frozen stuff out of there, and we cooked up all the stuff. French fries, and fish sticks, and chicken nuggets, and bits and pieces of all sorts of stuff. Later, after giggling a wire in the back, it started working again. Dang!

After lunch, the kids worked really hard to get the house/chores cleaned, and I designed the last batch of freebies for December. And I watched some X-Files. Then around 3, I laid down to take a nap. And the kids kept cleaning until around 4pm. Then got their electronics. Jake got mad that I wouldn't come out sooner and check his progress, and went to take a nap (or something like that - I was napping - ha!). But it felt REALLY good to get a Sunday Afternoon nap.

When I woke up, the kids were playing nicely, and the house was mostly cleaned. They had dinner, and Terra dropped off some of Eryn's birthday cake that their family couldn't finish. My kids inhaled it - ha!

At around 8 or so, Kim came over to help me pick out Miche shells to close out my party. I had $80 worth of free products, 3 1/2 shells, and 30% off of the rest of my order. Then, I also qualified for the vault deal, AND I got to pick a Hostess shell. I still can't decide which one to get. I like things about each one!!! Still trying to decide...

I cleaned up my room a little bit, and organized for a while. Kim looked at Pinterest for a while, and worked on getting her nail polish off. We're not pleased with how the acrylics turned out at the beauty school. They already are falling off. After only 5-6 days... So not cool.

Her youngest, Austin, came to play with my kids, and we decided to let him stay and spend the night. The kids were playing very nicely. And Kim painted a Sock Monkey on my thumb!!! didn't she do a fantastic job??!!!
She headed home a little after 11am, and I put my kids to bed. It's now 12:20pm. Kim and I are gonna run a few errands in the morning, then go to Savers. I wanna pick up a few Stocking Stuffers. And hey, it's Monday. And Savers... Right? hehe.

Wish me luck for the 2 weeks with the kids at home. ha!

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Awesome, Sharon! Loving the bathtime layout! Great take on the WordArt!!!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 10 post on Dec. 19, 2011. Thanks again.

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thank you