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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey there :) Yes, I'm late...... With the WordArt! Silly people. Sheesh! Anyway, I woke up with my early alarm for Seminary, but because I was having SUCH a hard time falling asleep, and couldn't seem to fall asleep until after 2am, I re-set it for regular school time. Sorry, Jake. And Sorry Seminary leader. I just can't right night... I have the best of intentions. I really do.

I woke up with the new alarm, and crawled out of bed, still tired. I roused the little boys, and got them going for school. Tom and Eme were already up and getting ready. The little boys were SO sleepy! Tom left at 7, and we continued getting ready. But eventually, everyone was ready.
I walked them to the bus at 7:15am, and caught a ride home with Maggie. It was good chatting with her for a few minutes, since she'd been gone the entire Christmas break!

I got Jake up, and he got ready for school. Slowly. He's kinda a slow guy when it comes to getting ready, I've decided... I'm surprised he didn't miss the bus. He just sat on the couch with his dog for the longest time. I made sure he knew that if he missed the bus, to WALK to school. Don't be coming back here. Cause it would have been his own fault he missed it! He didn't think that was quite fair, and hustled a little bit.

He left for school, and didn't come back, so I assume he made the bus ok. hehe. I noticed that Captain America was on Messenger, so I tried to chat for a bit. But he wasn't responding. I missed him by like 10 minutes! Crap!

Kari texted and asked if I wanted to walk, and I did! I said to give me a few minutes to make sure that Captain America really wasn't there, and I laid on the couch for a few waiting. I was pretty sleepy still, I realized. Eventually, Captain America did come back on. He was doing laundry. We made plans to chat after the walk, and Kari and I did our normal walk path. It was a good walk :) I always enjoy exercising with Kari! She's a great friend!

After the walk, I came back home, and sat on the couch some more, and waited for Captain America to get back on Messenger. And rested. And texted. And Facebooked. And messed around with the phone for a bit. I should have napped. Ha!

Eventually, he was on there, and we got on Skype and chatted for about an hour and a half. It was a good talk. We talked about plans we had for when he got back, and things we'd like to see changed. What tasks I'd like for him to take over, and stuff like that. The time is fast approaching that my family will be whole again!!! I can hardly wait! It's SO exciting, but scary at the same time. I've been on my own for a year, and now I have to learn to work with someone else again. hehe. But I think I'm ready for the challenge!

I called Kim after Captain America and I tied up our conversation, and she was busy. I was craving Rainbow something or another cafe Shrimp cocktail. Dang. Oh well. Maybe that was the universes' way of saying "clean your house"... hehe.

And I started cleaning. We'd talked about Boxer a lot in our conversation. How the kids (read:Jake) haven't been taking care of him enough. Not walking him enough, bathing him enough, cleaning up after him enough. Things need to change when Dad comes home. Or else...

Anyway, Captain America wanted the closet under the stairs for his Army gear, and that's where the dog's kennel is. So I disassembled it, and moved it out. And cleaned up the mess where it was. And put the door back on its hinges. Then rearranged the living room to accommodate the kennel. And I really like the new configuration! It took a lot of sweeping and organizing, though, to get it to all fit. But it looks good. I failed to take a picture, though...

I organized the Wii games, and the PS2 games. And that was my WHOLE afternoon... Tom got home a few minutes after I finished up, and we shared some almond roca that I'd forgotten I'd bought when Kari and I went Christmas shopping! Naughty! Needless to say, the diet isn't going too well...

And as I waited for the bus to get back, I started to think about all the stuff I had to do over the next month to get ready for Captain America to come home. And I started to stress. There was SO much to do. And just for today too. Eme had piano at 4. And I wanted to bring Joe to see if I could slide him in too. Kari was taking her kids to the downtown public library for craft time, and I REALLY wanted to go to that. Hmpf.

I had to prepare a Cub Scout den meeting for tonight. Eme had achievement days, and Tom and Jake both had Young Mens. I had to design 5 WordArt packs for tomorrow. Plus cleaning. Seriously? No wonder I was stressed!

I hold my stress in my shoulders and neck, and I could feel it creeping up to my head into a headache. I really could. So, the first thing to go was Cub Scouts. I texted around, and canceled. And made tentative plans to go to a free Art Museum on Saturday with the den families. Should be a good time.

I got the kids from the bus, and hurried to get Jim home (left him with Tom), and hurried off to Piano with Joe and Eme. And I checked, and piano for this month for this time slot was full. Drat. So we just sat and waited for Eme. They had Secret of Nhym (I can't figure out how to spell that...) playing, so there was something for him to watch, at least. It was cute, because he eventually fell asleep. And swore that he didn't afterwords. OK, Joe, so WHO drooled on my shirt, then? Not him, apparently...

We headed home, and that's when the headache reared it's ugly head. It was getting bad. And the kids were being loud. Not bad, but loud. I took a whole bunch of meds, and laid down with my neck massager. I needed to just stop stressing! And stop worrying! I'm not a worrier. I don't know where this is coming from!

I had Jake and Tom make Tuna sandwiches for Dinner, and they gave Boxer all the tuna juice on his food. Come to find out, he barfed it up under the end table. On my rug. And it was the exact same color as the rug. So I didn't notice it. I noticed something was smelling kinda funny (like wet dog food), but I couldn't find it. And i don't know when he did it, because I didn't find it until the next morning. But I digress...

I asked Kari if she'd take Jim to practice, and she said she would. I must have dozed off with the neck massager, because when I woke up, it was 7:30pm, and Jim was back home from practice. The kids were watching Good Luck Charlie on Netflix, and it was almost time for bed. I had Tom help the kids get to bed at 8pm, and i came out to supervise. The meds were starting to work, cause my head just felt fuzzy, not hurting. But I was feeling SUPER weak. And walking around made me feel like puking a little.

So I sat down a lot. Tom reminded me that I had to get photos from Walgreens for his project due tomorrow. Crap. Procrastination is NOT my friend.... Oh wait, it is my friend, that is the problem.... Love/hate relationship, I guess.

I taught him how to upload photos to Walgreens.com, and at least the order was ready. I texted Kim to see if she could drive me there, but she was having issues of her own. She was hurting, so took a ton of meds too. She was more "drugged" up than me. And she has good drugs, since she has a broken back. Ha! No driving for her!

I told Tom that I'd just go to bed right now, and that I'd wake up early and go to Walgreens and get the photos. Then, he could do it either before school, or I would drive him up there if he needed more time. Art was 1st hour, and he was OK with missing a little bit if needed. Sounded like a plan.

I made sure the kids were in bed, and even though I was feeling nasty, I picked up the living room. I'd spent SO much time cleaning it today, I wanted to maintain it. So I picked up the stuff, and swept, and cleared off the couches. It looked a lot better.

Then, I took one of Jakes Melatonin and headed to bed. I didn't wanna worry about not being able to sleep. And set my alarm for 6am. And hoped that everything would be better in the morning :)

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