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Friday, January 6, 2012


OK, so I didn't get to design this week. Craziness and all, and migraines galore, and stressing and such. BUT, I did get a KILLER sale for y'all! Think of it as a best of 2011. I've never had a sale like this before!

I went through the last 6 months of my new releases, and picked out one pack per week for this bundle! And made 2 bundles. 26 WordArt packs per bundle, 2 bundles, 52 WordArt packs in all! Each only $11 a piece, in honor of 2011!! Smart, huh? That SHOULD be $64 a piece. Something like 84% off. Oh yeah, it's WAY on sale!!!

Click HERE to go to my store QUICK before this sale is gone!!!

Morning, you guys! So, I had grand plans for today. Not sure if I accomplished any of them... Ha! I was gonna take Jake to seminary. Yeah, that didn't happen. Actually, I guess I wasn't, because of the migraine last night. That's right. I did set my alarm for 6am. And felt a lot better. Less pain. I was moving with care, though. Just in case.

I was to Walgreens and back to the house by 6:30am. And Tom had time to get his project finished and catch the bus by 7am. Thank goodness! I got the other kids up and ready for the bus too! I walked Eme and Joe and Jim to the bus. Isn't Eme SO stinkin' cute!!!

I was supposed to go hiking with Kiim and Kari and Liz today. But, since I wasn't sure if the headache was gonna return or not (I could feel it trying to...), I decided to skip. Kari and Liz were still gonna go. Kim texted and said that she was SO sick and was staying in bed all day. Poor thing. And here I was just complaining about a stupid headache...

Captain America was online, and we chatted for a few minutes, then decided to meet on Skype in about an hour. He had to go and eat dinner, and I needed to blog. Plus I wanted to get some designing done.

Well, I did get the blogging done, but the designing? Not so much. It was taking too much brain power. ha! I tried. I got 2 WordArts done. I decided to just have a SUPER duper sale. That works, right???

Then, Captain America and I talked for like 3 hours!!! So much for cleaning my house. I had such grand plans, too... There's still time. It's not like he comes home tomorrow... Maybe it'll clean itself if I leave it long enough... ROLF!

We had a really good chat, and I even painted my nails while we talked. hehe. Too bad things don't dry well here, and they ended up smudging really bad before the day was over...
We were finished up talking around 1:30... or was it 12:30 (can't remember now), and I did get some cleaning done in my room. I had a few boxes of Christmas stuff that never got put away. And all of the Christmas stuff in the trunk of the Saturn. I brought it in, and I put away the stuff that needed boxed up, and "wrapped" 2nd Christmas. We sound like Hobbits, huh? hehe.

Doesn't it look festive! I wanna put them under the tree, but I'm afraid the kids will look inside/unwrap them! I don't trust them at all! ha!
I made sure that the living room stayed clean, and organized in my room a bit more. It was starting to look pretty good!

And then I realized that we were out of bread. Well, I remembered Jake yelling at me last night, saying "Why don't we have any bread. Don't you love us enough to buy us things like Bread and apples?" Freakin' kids. Whatever. I totally shouldn't have bought any, just to spite him... sigh.

So, I decided to go to the Dollar Tree. But as I headed off post, decided that bread at Big Lots is only $0.30 more expensive. And it's SO much closer. And it's Big Lots. I like it more.

I walked around forever. Because I didn't wanna go home and clean. Or design. Or do anything that I was supposed to do. I wanted to just aimlessly wander the store. hehe. I found some brooms, and some big gift bags, and a few other things that we "needed". And the bread. Then paid, and headed back home.

And my Miche came!!! I'd earned a Hostess shell, AND ordered the Vault collection!!! And they were both on my doorstep! I rushed inside, and opened it up! I was SO excited!!! Here's what I got!

This one was the only Big bag "Prima" shell offered for the Hostess reward. I thought there was a brown one, but I was mistaken. I really do like it, though!
And these 3 were in the Vault. For $25, I got all 3. I didn't get to pick them, they were randomly choosen. I've had my eye on this one for a while. Light cream color with black, and it's an ostrich pattern (and bumpy)

This one is a pinky salmon color with black accents, and has a flap over top. LOVE it!
This one is super cool, but I totally already have the gray one! And it looks SO similar... I was a little bummed about it. There were no exchanges or refunds... So I wasn't sure what to do...
I went to get the kids from the bus, and Kari and I decided to take the kids ice skating. It was Military kid "learn to skate" night. Joe rode with Kari, and I took Tom and Eme and Jim.

Check out Tom pointing and the Gum on the Rhino's buttocks outside the ice rink... Nice...

We got inside, and the dudes informed us that it's NEXT week that it starts. Oops. Not this week. Oh well. We drove home.

And I decided that I wanted to try and exchange my Miche shell for a different one at the PX. Outside of it, there's a vendor that sells Miche. I've bought from her in the past. It was worth a shot to see if she'd do a straight up exchange. What would it hurt, right?

So I left Tom in charge, and headed over. She was like, Um, where did you get this one? I said it was from the Vault promotion, and that I'd JUST got it in the mail today. That it was brand new, never before used or opened. She traded it with me. I REALLY liked this one that I picked. She didn't have much selection, though. I had more than 1/2 of what she had. hehe.
I got home, and it was almost time to send Eme to basketball. I texted Rebecca, and asked if Em could mooch a ride. Thank goodness we know the coach! hehe :)

Jake and I worked on organizing my purses. And I discovered that we were gonna need more shelves.... ha! They weren't all gonna fit! I'd gotten the racks from Big Lots. Dang, I'd just been there! Luckily, it's close to the house :)

The kids had done chores, and were playing PS2. Jake decided that he wanted to earn money to buy his own PS2. And, since Game Stop is gonna "retire" them from their store in Feb/Mar timeframe of this year, they are WAY on sale. Like $32. I told him that he could do some jobs to earn it.

And then I made a list of all of the ICKY jobs that I didn't wanna do to get ready for Captain America to come home (trucks, cars, sheds, garage, etc), and assigned money to each one. Oh yeah! He's highly motivated. And now I don't have to do it! I'm gonna go and pre-buy the system tomorrow while he's at school to make sure it doesn't get bought out from under him. That's SO something that would happen to that poor kid. He's electronically jinxed. ROFL!

Tom and Joe were playing a game on the PS2, and Jim was on the Wii. Eme was at practice. Which left Jake the odd man out. I had him come with me to Big Lots to get the extra rack :) He was happy about it. And he helped me come up with the list.

We grabbed them, hurried home, and he helped me put them up. What do you think?

Still cheaper than Captain America's guitar and car addiction! LOL :) Anyway, soon it was time for Tom to go to Basketball practice. So I drove him up there, and then Eme came home from practice.

I cooked up one of those Bear Creek soup mixes of Minestrone soup, and discovered that the kids LOVED it. I don't know if they liked it this much last time I made it, but they all LOVED it this time. And I made some Grands biscuits. They were the SUPER big ones. Oh yeah, SUPER big hit. Jake asked if we could have it for dinner every night. hehe.

I started working on my bundle (which took FOREVER), and the kids played. And then it was time to go and get Tom. Time was zooming by. I got Tom, and at 8pm, I worked to get the kids to bed. But it seemed to take forever.

And I spent the next few hours working on my bundle. 26 WordArt Packs per bundle. Yeah, there's usually not quite so many per pack! And for only $11 a pack? I'm practically giving them away! Better pick them up fast, because I'm either gonna raise the price, or I'm just gonna disable it... But I wanted it to be $11 for 2011. Maybe I'll raise it to $20 next....

Anyway, it's 11:20. The only thing on the plan for tomorrow is lunch with the kids. And more cleaning. Cause that's what you get when you don't clean for a year - hehe. You have to clean the whole month before your spouse comes home. ROFL! Especially if you only clean for 2 hours a day :) I oughta be done by Feb 1st at this rate...

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Jan. 06, 2012. Thanks again.

Heather said...

Thanks for the fun word art! I am excited to use all of the dates! You do amazing WA's

Browntigger said...

I love the number thingies but I really honestly can´t find `third`. Thanks for all the goodies !

Lainie said...

I just love these number things! Not sure what I'm going to do with them, but they are awesome!!! Thanks so much.

Shelly said...

Eme takes after her mom - so beautiful! I love her new hair cut.

You may not have gotten your cleaning done, but you accomplished a lot of other good things in your day. I like your plan for "hiring" Jake to do the things you dreaded doing. Good way to take some of the stress off of you and help him earn what he wants.

Thank you for the wonderful word art. Hugs!!!

Crystalnva said...